Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 35- North West Peepal tree

Day 37, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 27th Mar, Wednesday. As repeated n times before, Saturn Retrograde is a time of progress, and breakthrough for Sun ruled people. And regression,  retrospection, pullback for Saturn ruled people.

This Sunday, I got a random call from Chandrashekhar, who was colony president of our former Vasant Kunj residence Sec A, pocket B and C. The road was being widened and he need some architectural inputs regarding the position of the new gate, parking etc. so, me and my friend reached the place yesterday, Tuesday, the 26th Mar. the whole place was in a mess, PWD construction, widening road connecting Mahipalpur to MG road. I had had a heavy meal before and was drowsy and burnt out in the hot Delhi Sun. the colony president was disussing details with my friend, and my eyes set upon the truck near the gate. On it was inscribed the name of my wifes friend who helped us find our former house. Parked right in front of her own house at the entrance. Coicnicidence layered, one upon the otjher, in case my drowsy eyes miss it. Later I went to the field adjoining our former house. Rubble, construction material strewn across the field. And in the centre, the Peepal tree, that I used to regularly worship, while there.

The first house we moved, there was a lot of plumbing problems. And I roamed around the area,parying to the Peepal tree, tio bring us to this house next to it.I promised I would pray to it everyday, if it blessed us to move close to it, to a far better house. But the odds were impossible, cause it was two week sof our moving and to MOVE again was an impossible task. Let alone, a new deal be made with the new landlady, whom we had overlooked once, even taking back our deposit money. But every evening I used to walk from our former house to this new field and pray to the peepal tree. Finally one thing led to another, in an unimaginable serpentine series of coincidences, but which finally found us shifting into this new house next to the peepal tree. I began praying to it every day from our balcony and pourwaterat its roots in gratitude. The WEIRDEST coincidence was our former place was C -452 and new place C-1452. within the Same colony with completely identical address. A single “1” between 452 and 1452, was the changing factor. So much that when I had to shift gas again, and the official papers were unavailable, I just pointed out to the gas agency about the “mistake’of the missing/misplaced “1”between C 452 and C 1452, as a technical mistake and all our formalities were completely fulfilled. I pursued this missing “1” mistake for other official documents also. Everything completed without the slightest hassle. STRANGE!!

Later, our maid from home used to regularly water the peepal tree, observing me. But soon on the pretext of going to the field to offer water to the tree, she started wandering all over the place. So for safety’s sake I told her not go to the tree unaccompanied. But the maid being her restless self used to go down to it, nonetheless. It was like trying to stop a restless wind. Soon, I began observing small yet gently chilling coincidences following her ritualistic offering of water to the peepal tree. Like for instance, rainfall was inevitable on a day, that she slipped by and managed to water the tree. Later, I had gone home for a long time, leaving my wife with the maid behind. When I returned from home,I found the maid completely changed. Somedays, she would sit watching Tv in the dark.If I called out to her, she would be lost in her own world. Small but Chilling incidents, not unlike the movies I watched on TV regularly. Almost as if she was possessed In that large house.  Finally we shifted out of the place. And thanked the peepal tree for protection it had provided during our stay there. Some days of floating heaven.

So when I vsisted it now, I prayed to the North western Peepal tree again in gratitude, for seeing us through a difficult and tempestuous time. And like last year Saturn Retro, 2012, when we had moved into the house for our stay, this Saturn Retro 2013, sees me moving back to the place following a random phone call out of the blue. And offering a tribute to the magical Peepal tree at the NW of our house. Seeking the blessings of the Pitras.

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