Thursday, March 14, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 26- Feedbacks from YOU

Day 25- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 14th Mar, Thursday. What's this blog without interaction, feedback from you gentle reader. Nothing! Just a one directional monologue. So it is with much satisfaction that i put forward some inetractions that happened with you, my fellow travellers in astrology. Firstly, I was talking with friend NKP, who finally came to a realisation that indeed, she is Saturn ruled. And that this period is a opprtunity to purge/ clean herself of LOT of negative poending Karma, by following this blog, direction. All around the year I see her besetted with various, HEAVY problems, but this year, at least there is this long window to shed/ subtract a LOT of her Saturnine issues. Like my own self, till quite recently she has been going in the opposite direction during Saturn Retrograde, hence the obvious effects, when Saturn later turns directional for next 8.5 months. But thi yearshe's on track, running alongside with me..  :)

Later I met my young supertalented musician friend "Ra". He has got such an amazing crewativity, force, maturity, etc, etc. But because of Saturnine effects has suffered from a lot of physical, emotional, and personal ailments. I took him to the forest and refreshed him about Sun- saturn energiesd during Saturn Retro. Talking to him felt like guiding a young Luke Skywalker, or a underconfident Peter Parker, unaware of his destiny to become a Jedi, a mutant superhero. Soi much talent, yet so much lacking in self confidence. I smiled to myself. He was exactly opposite of myself in college days. I thought of myself to the 'Moon'. and hence crashlanded down into the gutter. I remember the film, Moon In THe Gutter, a film by Roman Polanski. And this young musician "Ra", supertalented, but unaware of his own potential/ self worth. And i trying to reverse things. reverse the Karmic cycles. GOING BACKWARDS IN TIME TO TEACH/ GUIDE A YOUNGER VERSION OF MY OWN SELF TO DO THE RIGHT THING. How sci-fi, awesome it felt, at the end of a crazy, heavy, depressing day. When i did Nadi astrology, it said i was a valiant/ strong Kshatriya warrior in my past life, mis-using my powers to no end. and in this life, hence trying to recompense, repay back the pending Karmic debts. especially during saturn Retrograde. Cheers Ra! Cheers NKP! Learn from my follies, my endless years of Saturnine mistakes.. and NKP, do the RIGHT thing. And "RA" do your OWN thing! Cheers!