Thursday, March 14, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 25- Inner Spaces..

Day 24- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 13th Mar, Wednesday  ***INNERSPACES***
As I promised, dear gentle reader, 24 days into Annual Saturn Retrograde, we've now crossed  the distinct borderline dividing the subconscious/ CONSCIOUS. For those of you, Sun ruled people, it's a gradual transition from indeterminate, chaos into a pattern of slowly emerging logic, order, reasoning in the unfolding of your daily events. Gradually, there seems a hidden, deeper, underlying order, emerging from the apparent/ surface chaos of things/ events. CLARITY is slowly emerging. about issues, things, events, things. Slowly you shallbegin to see more and more clearly. Powerful convictions/ Emotions, an individuality, that you buried DEEP WITHIN YOUR HEART is slowly emerging. The Emergence of Your TRUE inner soul. I dedicate to YOU Solar people, my ever favourite Michael Jackson song... BREAK OF DAWN! DO kindly listen to THIS song DURING THIS period! Access it from youtube.

For us, Saturn ruled dudes/mamas, the journey becomes increasingly serpentine, philosophical,and inward. A journey through a complex swampland of swampy mires and bogs. Our paths are becoming increasingly random, erratic, chaotic. We are passing through a swamp, wasteland, of our own complex inner emotions. Parts of our own SUBCONSCIOUS which are indefinite, incongruous abstract, and indeterminant. We shall obviously find it increasingly difficult to map the erratic movements in this period. But only one DOMINANT characteristic prevails: a movement of in-folding, regression towards the inner, defunct, decayed, corrupt areas of one's inner being. Made visible, in harsh, blunt, solar light. The blind spots within ones personal, private sides, suddenly exposed  cruelly. To what objective, we know not, for it's a mere painful awareness of them , that is occuring. Not the neccesary correction, follow up and repair. But a mere Erratic  expose'. But for us, Saturnines, only one question: if NOT NOW, then WHEN?? Things are at least happening ACCORDING to the purgative, redemptive schedule/process/programme of Saturn Retrograde.

For Saturn ruled people, each few days serpentine unfolding is at an odd/ tangent/ deviation from the earlier previous few days. An exact antithesis of a straight line. A word from Deconstruction theory comes to mind.. "Dissemination". Dissemination is the opposite of semination/ seeding. Dissemination is a seeding that bears NO fruit! It's only valid function is to DISSIPATE pending Karma.