Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Log 06: Method of Energy Reorientation

Dear friends, currently, I'm writing a series of posts about my ongoing Saturn retrograde in my second house of Scorpio in my Jupiter and Saturn blog under (click):  topic category/ label: SaturnRetro 2015. As I keep on repeating, in astrology, negative planetary transits are windows for us to clear our pending karmic debts and issues, Only by clearing which we can progress ahead and evolve. And there are a number of astrological remedies which help us keep the effects of such a phase, manageable. Many such healing, crystal remedies also similarly exist in the practice of energy healing. However, under the guidance of my energy healing guide, Dipankar Roy Karmakar, this Saturn retrograde,  I have had the opportunity to experience a unique method of astrological healing which i would like to share with you. The method is called Energy Reorientation.

Dipankar often repeats this on our healing journey.. "One can't do healing work in an a/c room. One has to experience rattling/ shaking in order to grow/ evolve". I can completely correlate this with my own astrological perspective. Because, only when we fulfill the karmic obligations of our negative planets, can we progress and move ahead. The healing method of Energy Reorientation helps us cope with the challenges of our negative planetary transits. In such a way, that we can handle it on a humanely manageable way. And yet, which makes a lot of sense from the karmic perspective.

Energy Reorientation helps to redistribute/ reorient the energy cleansing process. Like for example, the current Saturn retrograde transit in my second house of Scorpio, brings challenges with all issues connected with the second house. The second house indicates close relations, friends, kith and kin. hence, this transit indicates turbulence from close relations, people I'm close with. However with the method of Energy Reorientation, instead of one whopper of a betrayal/ let down, there is a manifestation of a series of continual minor let downs and disappointments. Which makes it much more manageable, cope able and recoverable on a human level. The obligatory/ mandatory karmic debt is fulfilled, yet I also land up in one piece, at the end of the process.
Secondly like Dipankar divined/ predicted 4 months back itself, this current Saturn transit through Scorpio, indicates physical issues around my throat Chakra area. For the past three weeks I have experienced a series of throat infections, shoulder and neck sprain, which have been coming off and on. If it was ONE single affliction, instead of the spread out, installments of issues around my throat Chakra area, ... WHAM and knock out! But with this spread out, or karmic energy redistribution, I have had an window for a more manageable repayment plan for my pending karmic entanglements. Cheers to energy healing method of Energy Reorientation! Gratitude!