Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 28- Exchange Programmes

Day 28- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 17th Mar, Sunday
As we conclude the fourth week of Annual saturn retro on this 28th day, 17th march, Sunday, I see Sun ruled people around me slowly emerge into the forefront/ centre/ stormfront. In my private astro facebook group, a friend was narrating his trip to Cambridge. Basking in the historical Sun. In the legacy of great minds, creators of modern civilisation. In the cradle of Greatness. the centre of the earth, as far I was considered. how spectacularly, solar! And Saturn ruled dudes like myself relapse into the background/ backwaters/ backyard. Am actually falling behind, schedule, time, here. Todays Day 28th, and my arcticle/ post 27. I'm Behind by one day. Relapsing into the scheduled backwaters, scheduled regression of Saturn retrograde.

Yesterday I had gone for a official meeting for an office renovation. Though I have completely changed over to Vaastu now fulltime, but fate/ destiny still finds me in circumstances where I get the gravitational pullbacks, from my former catastrophic career of architecture/ interiors. Especially during high gravitas of saturn retro. NOW, I never get involved in any project without at least 25% vastu considerations. SO, i complied by visiting, and trying to push my Vastu services, instead. But, alas, they already had some family known, traditional, Jupiteran, bearded guy for a zillion years. And, just wanted some interior advice for their renovation. Relenting not to the similar tempation of years 2008, 2009, 2010, namely biting more than one can chew, I completely palm off their "deal" to my other fellow colleagues and set off.

Dropped in at my family friends place who were soon to shift from their current residence. After a cup of tea, and hearing to long, detailed, narrations of awry happenings, odd feelings, odd sounds in their place, I had a look around at their place. The next building adjacent to their wall was a completely dilaptated, abandoned ruin. Odd, lookin' the high value of the estate value of their prime South Delhi location. And the feeling I had was not imcomparable to the Usher house from my ever favourite, endlessly quoted story "The Fall Of The House Of Usher" of my beloved Edgar Allan Poe. Moving to their back terrace, i saw a vast tree, reach out leavy, thorny, wild braches, like  tentacular, organism with many hands raechin' out and "embracing" the ruined house. Not ulnike some old/ dead lovers in forver embrace. My dear family friends, the spaced out career girls, had obviously, not inkling of the same, except the occasional desire to sleep all day through. For days and endless days.  I prayed, meditated to the saturnine "atmosphere", (for the lack of a better sounding politically correct word, ;) ) to instead "take residence"/"temporary accomodation" in me, especially, in these Saturn Retro times. So that the Solar kids would thrive now, minus the gloomy "atmosphere". And the "gloomy atmosphere" would also thrive better without these  zesty, partying, rocking Solar kids. Much better would be instead, my gloomy, saturnine lethargic mood. Especially in these rising saturn retro times. And Lo! just a humble prayer harbouring on the edge of neurosis, I felt considerably heavier, and the Kids, obviously lighter and brighter.
I returned with a copy of Milton's "Paradise Lost". Had a bath, refreshed, all set to go for Delhi Jazz fest. But somehow, all the plans, bungled up, and I remained, staying at home. Went for a walk and quiet dinner out with wife. Landed, in a neighborhood restaurant. Cosy, nondescript, yet with fresh, tasty, simple, food. Chillin out in the Warm, cosy, serpentine, shade/ succour of the backwaters. In contrast to the 'happening' forefronts. Especially, specifically for one so Saturnine as myself. In these saturn retro times..