Friday, March 15, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 27- Chewing the CUD

Day 26- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 15th Mar, Friday
I actually began this post yesterday, but because of the obviousness sluggishness of Saturn Retro, am again continuing it today. Yesterday, was talking with my friend AAA, the brilliant cancer surgeon, now gone on his own trip. Since a year I have been constantly reminding, reprimanding him about his neglected responsibilities as a doctor in service of humanity. I mean, his talent, skill helps him to relieve the pain, heal the wounds of fellow human beings. Just imagine the blessings/ Good Karma he can earn IN a SINGLE day in duty and
service of humankind. And MORE SO, since he is completely in intention of serving mankind/ fellow human beings in their moments of suffering. So I went on and on, in these last few months. But today, he came astonishingly bright, motivated and charged up. seems that, amongst the many hospitals he visited, one famous govt hospital was pulling a LOT of weight, showing too much attitude. And in his anger, I saw the old zeal of my friend. His PASSION rekindled, to serve humanity. Further the cause of medical research. Focus on his key
strengths. His Saturnine hangover was getting removed in this increasingly Solar times.

Later i was reflecting upon my own self. All these seven years in Delhi, I had never entered a structured grid. Meandering between random freelance engagements. Which, at the end of the day, doesn't ammount/ accrude to any finacial stability. And the effects of which I have borne these past seven years in Delhi. Mulling over past journals, accounts, I saw that I had BEGUN my journey in New delhi, after marriage, IN SATURN RETROGRADE, 2005- 2006! The most important, transition point in life, shifting base, everything happening DURING the entire two months stretch of pure, unadulterated, solar..Rising retrograde!! No wonder, ever since, I have always travelled between Delhi and my hometown Guwahati. Neither settling permanently and completely in either.

Also looking back at 2012, we shifted house during Saturn Retrograde. Well, first house we shifted was narrowly before the beginning of saturn retrograde. Anyways, the first house shifting was completely conducted by the initiative, know how of wifes friend and her mum, highly Sun ruled people, who have their own properties in Vasant Kunj, and lived in the same pocket, and had a complete understanding of vasant Kunj, it's unique water issues etc. The  first house didnt have good finshing, etc. But it had abundant water supply and a large, wide kitchen. And, we just had managed to shift in, coincidentally, mere 2-3 days, before Saturn retro, and I, the most Saturnine dude should have quietly stayed put. Sitting on my  belly, chewing my cud, like the typical buffalo in the mud. But no, "Gaand me Kira"
(translates to: restless, itching in ones ass), was too high. I was discontent that the finishing of our new house was a bit shoddy to suit our interior designer profile. Vanity, thy name is man. And, i forcefully resurrected an earlier bypassed deal with an previous landlady.  And in pure Rising Retrograde of March' 12, completely on MY initiative, we shifted to the second house , within the span of A SINGLE month. A major energy/ endeavour during the rising force of
Saturn Retrograde. No wonder that when saturn finally turned directional, for various reasons, we had to shift out this house, YET AGAIN! So much for my revolutionary outburst, SOLAR/ WILL TO POWER initiative during Saturn Retrograde!! Haha!! In fact, looking back, most of my important landmark INITIATIVES/ events have all happened during the highly solar period of Saturn Retrograde.  And the effects of which I bore till endless years. Hence, this time, I'm going SUPER-regressive, and trying my best to resist the  many sweet, golden
temptations of revolutionary eruptions/ rupture sent mine way. For us, Saturn ruled, NOW, is the time to lay low, Hibernate, chill! Just be! Listen quietly and to chew the cud!! 

And chewing the cud, i am, by my regular updates/ confessions/ regressions/ reviews.. almost daily.. on this Saturnine blog.