Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Log 02: Comprehending Lord Varuna

(Rahu transit thru Scorpio : 6 jun 2011- 22nd Dec 2012. )
For me, Neptune reflects the UNDERLYING PICTURE, the visceral, emotional , psychological, subjective reflection of the planetary Transit I am currently going through. The current Rahu transit thru Scorpio is happening in the my 2nd house.. where Neptune is himself placed in my Natal/ Birth chart. This VERY current Rahu + Natal Neptune conjunction has led to the re-creation, renaming of this blog to Neptune Notes. What I thought was a voluntary/ objective/ wilful act of creation turned out to be merely a consequence/ reflection/ effect/ side effect of this current Rahu + Natal Neptune transit!!

Rahu exits Scorpio on 23rd Dec, another 4 weeks approx. The current 18 months have been strangely vicious, as my Neptune ruled persona, my Neptunian INADEQUACIES (impractical, mystical dreamer, non material, ungrounded, wastrel etc, etc) came into Strong Focus of sweet near and dear ones. And I came under heavy criticism from all quarters.  But it's this SAME painful transit that ended in the creation of this blog dedicated to narration of the Neptunian experience. And shedding invaluable light on Lord Varuna! I had been  worshipping The Vedic deity Varuna since long,  thinking him to be the Vedic astrology counterpart of Neptune. But in this very transit the TRUE Underlying picture of Lord Varuna's energies were revealed to me. He is a combination OF Neptune WITH Rahu energies. Lord Varuna is the perfect reflection of Rahu + Natal Neptune in my birthchart, in Rahu's current transit thru Scorpio. Each transitory planetary combination seems to have its specific deity!! And for me this current Rahu + Natal Neptune transit in my 2nd house, Scorpio was completely RULED by Lord Varuna!!!
Hence though this current 18 month Rahu transit thru my 2nd house has been catastrophic in terms of  finance, cash flow,  friendships, close people, harsh criticisms, etc(2nd house ruling topics), but ultimately it is this very  Rahu + Natal Neptune combination that revealed the true nature of Lord Varuna. As a mixture of Rahu and Neptune energies. And about the Role of Lord Varuna in my life: BOTH as a Severe Karmic taskmaster AND as a teacher of underwater/ underlying secrets. And also this transit also began this subjective, personal, Neptunian blog. 
Om Vam Varunai Namah!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Log 01: Neptune journey begins

Only after having renamed this blog (for the nth, 34th time), this time to Neptune Logs, am I having this indistinct feeling inside, that a I have finally done a true and honest thing. Under which, I can begin to testify, narrate, share, analyse my personal/ visceral/ astrological/ mystical/ Karmic experiences of things. Under the banner of Neptune, all the complex, half breed, half formed, hazy, cloudy, dissolved, diffused, nebulous, fringe, complex, intangible, layered EXPERIENCES that I often, usually, and frequently undergo, will finally find some platform of expression. For each one of us is primarily related to a specific Planetary Archetype. And after 10+ years of astrological research, occult studies, I conclude that I AM the Neptune archetype. Neptune IS the backwater of my mind, the Swamp of my soul, the layered haven of my spirit, the nature of my character, the quality of my disposition. Neptune archetype is who I am!! After a LIFETIME  of DENIAL and half a million short lived/ shoddy attempts to cover my INNER NATURE under more agreeable, practical, competent, respectable, flattering MASKS, I finally conclude the truth... of my being the complete Neptune archetype. Thus, at 39 years, 2 months, on this Saturday night of 24th November, 2012, I take off my other objective masks, phallocentric, ideological EXCUSES, and BEGIN this Neptunian narration, commence this Neptunian voyage, embark on this Neptunian journey of self discovery, contemplations, and revelations..