Friday, March 22, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 31- Dark Unravelings

Day 33- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 22nd Mar, Friday  **DARK UNRAVELLINGS**
As repeated thousand times before, annual Saturn Retrograde is a time of progress, development, quantum leaps for Sun ruled people. And a time for regression, unravellings, for Saturn ruled people.
During my youthful days as an animator in FX Factory, when I was designing a ghastly, grotesque, texture for a 3D monster, one of my friends asked me: "what is your fascination with horror?". This question has perplexed me throughout the years. And, I have tried to
guess a wide spectrum of replies to that question. But today, as I cross the 33rd day of annual Saturn Retro of 4.5 months, I seem to have finally found the answer... Horror is redemptive, purgative. It enables us, especially the Saturn ruled ones, to puke our guts out off the toxic residues of Karma. To inflict horror/ fear upon someone is the quickest way to earn black Karma. And to experience horror oneself, is the quickest way to PURGE/ CLEANSE ourselves of pending Karma. Clear our black karma. Purgation is the main AIM of the Dark unravelings that we experience during saturn retro. These dark unravellings make us question our value systems, revamp our ego structure. And it's these very Dark unravellings, that I have been personally experiencing these past few Retro days..

I was watching the new film "Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster, Part-2". What a tale of serpentine treachery and betrayal. A royal clan coming to it's dark undoing. Suddenly it dawned on me, that, my friend with whom I was watching, was from a similar royal lineage, experiencing his own un-becoming, darkness, decay. Suddenly reel life became real life. And I was witness to it. The movie seemed to reflect the darkness, treachery, unreliability I have been experiencing on all fronts around. Especially these past few days. Perfect Saturn retro season.

Then meeting my journo friend and her pal. At their dark "House of usher" mentioned in post 27. Whether it was the houses ambience, or my own gloomy disposition, suddenly there was a floodtide of dark unravellings. A spontaneous combustion of dark tales. Urban myths. My
favourite icon actor having 60 ailments in his body, kept alive, pumping, happy for the camera by thousand daily medicines. Another one of my hollywood favourite under the grasp of a secret clan who chose even his his wives, girlfriends for him. His powerful, famous
personae was just a mask to hide his underlying dependency. A famous school built on vast acres of graveyeard land. A refugee den for the rich and the spoilt. Breeding future leaders shaped, structured on the worst value systems of greed, avarice, treachery, betrayal. the harbringers of kali-yuga. A hawan/yagya (sacred fire) was organised EVERYDAY in its vast campus, to keep demonic energy at bay. And a hundred other stories. And endless others.

Burgeoining under the weight of darkness, I turned to my favourite comic series, Alan Moore's revolutionary 'Saga Of The Swamp Thing', which altered comics history forever. In issue # 47, burgeoining under the weight of American Darkness, the Swamp thing seeks counsel
from the Parliament of Trees. this is what they have to say about evil: cyclicity. neccesity. Check pic below:
 And, in the final conclusive issue no. 50, the conclusion to the long sprawling American Gothic storyline, The Swamp thing meets the Great Darkness, the Primordial Shadow. the infinite blackness from which light creation emerged. The Swamp Shing discusses about the validity of evil..

And in the final frame, the Swamp things muses: "Perhaps Evil is the Humus formed by Virtue's Decay. Perhaps, it's from that dark, sinister, Loam.. that virtue grows strongest..".  To think my friend DAVID KACHARI gifted this comic when I was in class 10, in 1990. Cheers!! Like my fav film-maker David Lynch says "More darkness we experience, more light/ joy can we contain.." At least hopefully, for us Saturnines, once Saturn turnsdirectional. Cheers Alan Moore! visionary/ seer.