Thursday, February 28, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 15- Crossover Week Graph

Day 10- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 27th Feb, Wednesday. As I have REPEATED many times earlier, this year, this week from 25th Feb Monday- 4 Mar Monday, is CROSSOVER WEEK, the most IMPORTANT KEY FACTOR of entire Saturn Retrograde of 4.5 months! Since I take a lot of feedback from my core astro group, and readers of this blog, I am illustrating this week with two examples to make it clear for the more gentler and somewhat simple minded readers.


For Sun ruled people, you guys ARE the Rocket taking OFF! This is WHEN, YOU overcome the threshold of gravity, boundaries and Cross Over. CROSS over from a stationary Earth-bound object and BECOMING a Flying object. This is WHEN you exercise MAXIMMUM Will power to INITIATE as much as possible. SUSPEND ALL negative thoughst, drawbacks for this week. DONT allow yourself to be HELD BACK. INITITATE as much PROGRESSIVE ACTIVITY as POSSIBLE! 
For Saturn ruled people, you are the LAUNCHING PAD, the foundation to ENDURE the heat, fire, exhaust gases of the Rocket's Take off. You will experience MAXIMMUM DOWNWARD PRESSURE. Maximmum blasting Combustive Heat! DO NOT resist. Just Accept. Just bury yourself Mindlessly as much as possible.DON'T resist the negativity, or try to Supress Negatiuve thoughts. Its CATHARTIC, its a Karmic Purification process taking place. Just ACCEPT/ RELENT.

For Sun ruled people, you guys ARE the baby bird, formerly inside the egg. Breaking OUT of your Egg Shells. What are these Eggshells? Made of Calcium deposits ruled by Saturn, these eggshells are protective structures, boundaries, shells around you. All this while, these eggshells served an important purpose of protecting you. Giving you a contained, secure, insulated environment for you to Hatch. Develop from a deliacte embryo into a fully developed bird. BUT NOW, that the development/ hatching is over, its TIME to BREAK this COSY, PROTECTIVE Eggshell and STEP OUT into the Real WORLD. The NEXT level! It's time for your technical BIRTH! In th Annual Cycle of things!!!
For Saturn ruled people, bad news is, it's OUR  eggshells, that are to be broken. Saturn rules, bones, structures, and eggshells are a wonderful testimony to the egg/ego of Saturnine creation. Based on ideal principles of symmetery, geometry, design, optimization, etc. All this while our perfectly designed eggshells provided protection, insulation, structure, to the baby birf hatching inside, yes. But NOW, it's time for these very Eggshells to be borken. A Neccesary step in the path of evolution. So we have to accept the FRAGILE EGO of our eggshells to be broken in this phase. So that later when Saturn finally goes direction, and the baby bird has matured into a fully a flying creature. We can enjoy the bone creating process to create the most aerodynamically designed bone structures, enabling birds to fly in air!! But for now, it's our egg/ego shells to be broken..! :P

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 14- Crossover 'PLUTO' week

Annual Saturn Retro, 2013, Day Nine. The Crossover effects described in detail in the previous Post has begun from Sunday itself. I relate the energies, qualities of this phase to Pluto: volcanic CORE, extreme energy, High Gravity, like the energy at the core of the earth, or even that of the Sun. A burning vortex of Gravity and energy. I feel like a passenger in a rocket ship sitting next to the HIGH energy of the ENGINES CORE. Being Saturn ruled, These last three days my brains on hold/ pause. I'm taking all the WRONG decisions and doing all the wrong things. Brains absent minded and Far away. A regression to my earlier state of diffused, attention deficient absent minded ness. Consciousness is blurred, behaviour all hodge, podge. At my worst. For Sun ruled people this should be a extraordinary phase of self actualization, focus, identity, foundation. They should utilize this weeks energy to Cross OVER..

Monday, February 25, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 13- Twilight Saga of Retro

25th Feb,Monday, Day 8 of Annual saturn Retro, 2013. Exactly one week over of Rising Saturn Retro. In the ABOVE DETAILED GRAPH have put down the deatiled 'schedule' of Phase-1: 1st GEAR of Rising Retro. Below are Details of Prologue Phase and 1st Gear Phase of Saturn Retro. The beginning, commencement of the long 4.5 month long odyssey... 


4 Feb, Monday, TWILIGHT: Two weeks before official Saturn Retro commences, as saturn slows down considerably in it's forward motion relative to Earth, the first 'Twilight' effects of retrograde commence. Depending on which house, saturn is currently transiting in your horoscope, the effects can be felt. Also note that, Saturn aspects the 3rd, 7th (directly opposite), and 10th sign from the sign which it's poistioned. So in summation FOUR house are affected by Saturn: the House/sign it's transiting, the 3rd sign/ house, the 7th sign/ house (directly opposite), the 10th sign/ house. The topics and subjects governed by these Four houses/ signs can be seen to REVERSE in some way for Saturn ruled people. And Progress in some way for Sun ruled people.  

11 Feb, Monday, BREAKING DAWN: The first cognizable effects of imminent Saturn Retrograde can be DISTINCTLY felt ONE WEEK BEFORE actual/ official retrograde begins. Anywhere between 11 Feb Monday- 18 Feb Monday, everyone undergoes a distinct, PREVIEW of WHAT's to come ahead. The first signs of announcement of incoming retrograde season. I experienced volatile eruption, uprooting, turbulence, during this period.

18 Feb, Monday, OFFICIAL BEGINNING OF SATURN RETRO: The buildup of the prior two weeks now fully blossom, begin manifesting from the First day through the entire week. Like, I explained: Its like a Rocket is taking off! For Both Sun and Saturn groups experience, between 18th Feb Monday- 24th Feb Sunday,  the first actual influence/ effects of the change. In form of high pressure, gravity, churning, inner wrestling. Sun ruled people are LIKE the rocket ship who's trying to TAKE OFF overcoming sheer gravitational pulldown. A great moment of individual overcoming on all levels. For them its ASCENT/EMERGENCE/ WILL TO POWER despite all resistance. And Saturn ruled people is like a Submarine sinking down due to high pounding G-Force from above. Like a mountain descending upon them. For Saturnines, it's SELF SURRENDERING to HIGH GRavity and resultant DESCENT/IMMERSION/ sinking Down into Depths.

25th Feb Monday, CROSSOVER: This one week from 25th Feb - 4 Mar is most IMPORTANT as it Seals/ Confirms the Process of entire Saturn Retrograde! This phase sums up the process/ activity of the prior phases of Rising Retro. This is when we Crossover from Intent into Confirmation. We align ourselves with the shift/flow of the astrolgical current. For Sun ruled people, one should exercise as much Individual WillPpower as possible. Remember phil Collins song: AGAINST ALL ODDS. flex your muscles, your inner conviction , force, individuality, the stampof your personae. If you can cross this phase, symbolizing the YOUR PERSONAL ROCKET CROSSING the atmospheric resistance and Highest pullback gravity. This is when you CROSSOVER from a Earth/Gravity bound object into a Stellar object. PUSH ON! DON'T RELENT.  For Saturn ruled people also a very CRUCIAL WEEK. DO NOT resist the force of Gravity making you descent into the Depths.No voluntary dramatic action,no sudden flashes of rebellion. Just ALLOW yourself to Descend. Hang On, be still, Let GO. DONT PUSH BACK. RELENT This week is when you CROSSOVER from being a Surface Object to becoming a Dweller of the Depths. aperfect crossover into essential hibernation, regression Mode of Saturn Retrograde.

Personally from yesterday, 24th Feb, sunday I could feel distinctly the sheer conflict between Individual will and Garvity coming to logger heads. My conscious intelligence was telling me something and my instinctive/inertial/ gut feeling saying the opposite. But today, evening while writing this Post, I can understand the crucial importance of the Crossover phase. The stamp of registration for the long retro saturney/odyssey ahead. Not easy at all, but, all we can do is TRY!!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 12- First Weekly Update

Day7, Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013. This is the first time I've given such a detailed graphical update of Saturn Retro (check above diagram: we're Mid Point thru 1st Gear, the BURNING, SOLAR, COMBUSTIVE stage. Just imagine a ROCKET TAKING OFF! Just imagine the force, power at Take OFF/ Blast Off of a rocket!! The power, full THRUST/ pressure in this phase! This G- Force will be equally felt by BOTH Sun and saturnine people!! The Thrust/force of Take off. I get my ears and nasal passage blocked, everytime when Im in a plane Taking off! So i can visualise the force of a ROCKET SHIP! Such is the Sun- Saturnsplit experienced. Last week many of you might have experienced combustions, pressure of some sort. Hope now, you ujnderstand. Asfor me, whole Sunday GRAVITATED at home. Simply COULDN"T Move out. for one reason or the other. In terms of Gravity=G, 1G, 2G, 3g.. 4G!!
If you notice todays post, is a graphical, fenzied, rambling compared to the elaborate comprehension of the earlier posts. Guess my Brains got fried by High gravity. Brains melting and trickling down my ears at MID POINT/Full thrust of 1st Gear!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 11- Retro and The Outer Planets

In my earlier post: Saturn Retro 2013: 09- Monstrous Scale of Saturn Retro , I had written about discovering the wide, undiscovered, underlying influence of Saturn Retro upon most of my  thoughts and perceptions. Today I want to continue unraveling this Saturnine/ Saturn Retro influence regarding another area. The Outer Planets of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. In between, I had dedicated a LOT of effort describing these western Outer Planets. Some of the changed names of this blog was : Outer planets, Neptune Logs etc. I had especially focused on Neptune, and focused on my being a Neptune archetype. And wrote many pieces under "Neptune Logs"(check topic category: Log 05- Log 09).  Some Outer Planet links still remain, in  Page header "Notable Links & Mentions" above. But now, in retrospective, I feel, my true understanding of outer planets can be expressed  only after taking the Saturn Retro factor into the equation. Since, I'd got a lot of information from Howard Sasportas magnificent book: (click link): Uranus, Neptune, Pluto: The Gods of Change ), today, I'm re-interpreting Sasportas perspectives on the Outer Planets from the viewpoint of Saturn Retrograde. IT WAS exhausting doing this, but then, it's Saturn Retrograde, a time for massive research/reflection for me.  Read below...

1. Uranus and Saturn: In Greek mythology Cronus symbolizing castrates Uranus. Classicaly, Uranus represents new actions and directions and Saturn represents resistance, stagnation, slowness. During Saturn Retrograde, Saturn regresses back to the old myth of  rivalry/ opposition with Uranus. Inhibiting, resisting every new form of change. Hence during Saturn Retrograde, Saturn and Uranus Clash creating chaos. Old and New meet, conflict, fight, creating disruptive, explosive, and problematic results. But once Saturn becomes directional, Saturn and Uranus becomes friends and NEW BRIDGES are created between conventional attitudes and original, new, untried approaches. We can keep the best of the Old but, but gradually, gently, make room for new ideas, beliefs, goal, objectives, people and interests.  For Sun ruled people, this doesnt apply and in fact Saturn Retro's a great time for implement new ideas, new things! Jai Shanidev! Jai Indra (Uranus)!

2. Neptune and Saturn: Astrologically,  Neptune leans towards mystical, spiritual things, imagination, dreams, visions. and saturn stands for concreteness, practicality and common sense. During Saturn Retrograde, Saturn and Neptune come into great conflict and Saturnine subjects influence great struggle with social rules, orders, familial expectations. Our private, uncomfortable feelings, insecurities, weaknesses are brought into focus. Our egos take a battering and parts of ourselves, we repress or deny, emerge to the surface. Ideal time for regression! But once Saturn becomes directional, Saturn and Neptune becomes friends and the process begins, where we can, begin to translate creative expression into some sort of creative expression. New skills, techniques can be acquired, to overcome blocks. The scale of grand dreams are scaled down to human levels, becoming manageable endevours, achievable projects. The gap between extreme imagination/ fantasy and restrictive material reality is BRIDGED. And manageable, executable, acceptable projects commence! Gradually, inner thought gets outer expression and validity.  For Sun ruled people, this doesnt apply and, Saturn Retro's the ideal time to bridge the GAP between fantasy and reality. And BEGIN manageable projects!! Jai Shanidev! Jai Varun (Neptune)!

3. Pluto and Saturn: Vedically,  Pluto has been conferred the title of Raudra. And Raudra, the terrible avatar of Shiva's enraged form symbolizes revolutions, upheavals, breakdowns, Scorpionic emotions, visceral raw layers. During Saturn Retrograde, Saturnine and Plutonine tendencies come into great conflict!!Saturnine subjects masks, support structures, are ripped away and Saturnine's raw, vulnerable sides are exposed. The subjects inadequacies and lackings are acutely exposed. False ego structures are simply broken down, and defenses collapse! Buried, and suppressed emotions explode to the surface, and havoc ensues. Pure Catharsis of pending inner Karma! But once Saturn becomes directional, Saturn and Pluto becomes harmonious and one can focus on more broader, objective realities. There is a reunion with the public sphere in some manner. One can overlook ones personal, narrow, idiosyncrasies and conjoin the broader, greater existing structure of public, material domain. One naturally flows into a wider, larger, socio-economic structure. For Sun ruled people, the exact Opposite, and Saturn Retro's the ideal time to come out of your private wounds, vulnerabilities, complexes and join a larger existing structure of public, material, administrative domain. Emerge! Jai Shanidev! Jai  Raudra (Pluto)!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 10- Homage to Masjid Moth Dargah

22nd Feb, Friday, Day 5, Annual Saturn Retro, 2013. I was just check Google analytics. Last few days, visits to each post of this blog has really bloomed. Much more than any previous posts of mine. Seems like I'm doing Something right by this LIVE update of Annual Saturn Retro, 2013. A period when Sun ruled people will blossom, bloom and Saturn ruled, like myself would regress, hibernate, go backwards.

Yesterday my friend Aftab had come over and we had gone to nearby Dargah located in the middle of Syed Jalalludin Chisti to pray. I always cross the Dargah to go to the weekly Tuesday ' Mangalbar Bazaar' across the BRT, at Shekh Sarai. While returning, hauling a bag full of weekly vegetables and munching on some boiled channa, I always take a moment to bow and give a mark of respect towards the Dargah. Sometimes, rarely, I drop in and offer my prayers. While we're hastily shifting to Vasant Kunj last year, I prayed to the Dargah. I said "After a long stay of  SEVEN years, we're being hastily deported out of 'Masjid' Moth' area because of circumstances. Out of your protective terrain. I could never pay proper tribute to you. Alas". Such were my exact words

Six months later AFTER having shifted to Vasant Kunj, through a strange, serpentine turn of events we had to RETURN to our EXACT same place at GK II. And I had to return to my EXACT same Tuesday routine of  procuring vegetables from the Mangalbar market. And exact same routine of  hauling a bagful of groceries from Mangal Bazaar. And while returning homewards, my customary nod, and bow of Tribute, as I crossed the Dargah.  So when my friend Aftab came, a devout follower of Islamic faith, I thought it befitting to visit the Dargah with him. And for the first time in SEVEN years, I offered incense sticks, flowers, offerings to the Dargah. I buried my head UNDER the shroud covering the Kabar and whispered my strange prayers. I always walk past it, EVERY WEEK  for the Last SEVEN YEARS and It's NOW, in the company of Aftab that I manage to cross the 20 feet of DISTANCE/ separation and Cross Over to the INSIDE of the Dargah. And where I could offer the proper prayers.It's in the stillness, pause of breath of Saturn Retrograde, that I managed to do this. In Deconstruction there is a postulate that states: familiar things by being familiar by nature are never examined, and hence never well known.". The perfect case for one's neighbours in the urban megapolis, whom we see everyday, but by virtue of familiarity, ignore or cross over. I am THANKFUL for the slowdown of my usual breathless urban bustle during this Saturn Retro period. And grant me the pace/ space to PAUSE and to pay PENDING tribute and heritage to the ever familair YET overtly important things in my immediate environment. Thanks to slow pace of Sturn Retrograde I could find time to pay homage to Masjid Moth, Syed Jalaluddin Chisti Awliyah Dragah. Jai Shanidev.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 09- Monstrous Scale of Saturn Retro

Day 4, Saturn Retro 2013, Thursday, 21st Feb. And my 4th continuing daily visit of my friend operated on very Day 1 of Saturn Retro, on Monday. From day 1 of  this Retro, I've continuously been visiting him, almost staying the whole day. Sitting in silence, watching TV on mute, as its ENT operation he went thru. Quiet, sullen, a daily routine has emerged out of nowhere, completely in sync with Retro Saturn 2013. Time seems so elongated when you're with patients. And I've accompanied quite a number of them in my lifetime. Been in hospital uncountable number of times. And the same silent, quiet, healing space. A time when time stretches. You listen to the sound of your breathing. And the quiet tap, tapping on the touch screen tablet. A virtual programmed noise, not mechanical. For Sun ruled people, NOW must be the heart of the action, battle at the FORE-front. While we Saturnines are pushed back into the far backwaters, backyards of  super-slowness. At least this year I'm beginning in complete SYNC with Saturn Retro. Last three days seem like a complete REPEAT/RE- TAKE of the same scene. Me sitting in the silence of my friends home at Sukhdev Bihar. Watching TV in mute. Sitting in utter and complete silence. Time seems to have completely Frozen. And in this frozen STILNESS, I find time to DISCOVER/COMPREHEND  something that has constantly been chewing me at the back of my mind, and NOW I find the comprehension to finally put it Down in Words. Comprehension regarding the VAST scope of Saturn Retrograde in/on/upon my life. Especially in my blogging, writing process...

ALL MY PREVIOUS uncountable, different Blog Titles and name changes which were to describe One and the other things, I find now, to have been completely influenced, DEPICTIVE of Saturn Retrograde!!  My first blog ever: 'At the Fringes, edges, margins', and whatever I was attempting to write in that, WAS all about dynamics, phenomenology, inherent in Saturn Retrograde. Then later uncountable terms, trying to describe my Ketu blog:  Crawls Pace, At Crawling pace, Serpent Tails, Erratic Tails, Long tails. Then the other blogs, groups titles: Frozen Time, Architecture of Frozen Time, Pending Karma, Fringes, Edges, Margins, Serpentine Trails, Spirals, Backwaters, Far backwaters. Then the creation of my 'Neptune' blog and the terms of its description: diffused boundaries, blurry edges, slippery margins, hazy nebulous diffusion,  it was all terms and underlying descriptions of ... Saturn Retrograde! Aloha!! Makes me wonder about the importance, underlying significance of Saturn Retrograde upon/ ON my life. On my perceptions, on my thoughts. Saturn Retrograde feels like H.P. Lovecrafts Ch'thulhu monsters. Primitive alien race underlying our very human history. Us, we, the human race were mere broiler chicken like feeds, per animals raised by them. TODAY, Saturn Retrograde feels like that. The Sheer underlying  monstrous Scale of it!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 08- The Castalia of JNU Campus

Wednesday, 20th Feb. Day 3, Annual saturn Retro, 2013. Had been reading Herman Hesse's novel, Magister Ludi or The Glass Bead Game since quite some time now. saturn Retro is the ideal time to finish this Retrograde book. In this story, they describe Castalia, a order of Higher learning where they practice the Glass Bead Game, a symbolic art aesthetic 'game' represnting all the sciences, arts,philosophies, practices etc. Castalia is a haven for the scholars, academicians, philosophers, removed from the vestiges of normal life, self surrendered to the pursuit of higher learning. Monks isolated from the rigours of real world in the path of highest learning, wisdom and knowledge. Knecht the Hero of the novel is a guardian representing the magical Castalia, whilst his friend Designori, is a practical man of the world, representing the world with it's material imperfections and realities. Two worlds: One extremely Theoretical and one extremely
Practical. Like the two prevailing orders DURING Saturn retrograde: extremely real, tangible, practical world of the Solar/ sun energies. And extremely theoretical, abstract, contemplative Saturnine order.

I would compare Castalia with my favourite place in Delhi- J.N.U. Campus. A place where I have always ESCAPED to regularly for the past seven years of life in New Delhi, a city I took SO MUCH time to adapt. EVERYTIME, EACH DAY of the Past seven years,  that I have 
entered the J.N.U. campus to meet my friends scholar, now teacher priyam Barooah, and scholar, now teacher Chiranjib Sahoo, I found the campus, a HEAVENLY contrast, from the rigors of Delhi. Herman Hesse's Castalia in all it's makings. Like one of Castalia's monks, engaged in the most theoretical engagements. Like Castalia, scholars, Students, academics, in J.N.U, are suspended in their own parallel reality. A WORLD  removed from the outside urban megapolis of Delhi. A world in pursuit of the most conceptual, theretical pursuits which ultimately transform the world we live/ exist in. A world where policy, theory, normative concepts, guidelines take shape. which finally transform governance, administration. Especially in J.N.U., which produces the HIGHEST number of IAS officers, who finally create shape the future of the country. A scholar/ student in J.N.U., is perfectly symbolic of Saturn Retrograde, a embryo in utero, brooding, absorbing. Finally later when Saturn turns directional, these very theoreticians take the most practical mantles of administration of responsibilty. and shape our daily, administrative, MATERIAL reailty of our Country!

In this saturn Reto, 2013, as a Saturn ruled dude, I would officially practice the Castalian 'Glass Bead Game'. engaged in the thesis, theoritical exercises of a JNU scholar. Engage in constructs of the most virtual, abstract, theoretical, mathematical, conceptual nature.
Cheers to Hesse's Castalia. cheers to J.N.U campus. It's spirit of theoretical philosophy would rule this Annual saturn Retro, 2013 of 4.5 months.
Cheers to my friend Priyam Barooah who involved me actively in the theoretical aspect of her History thesis. Cheers to our endlessly long walks, rhetorics, engaging, endless discussions, conversation endlessly sprawling across all seasons, days, weeks, months and endless years. And which,helped me hone my academic disposition SO vital and neccesary to adress the meta-dynamics of Saturn Retro functions. Cheers!

Saturn Retro 2013: 07- Reviewing older Falls

Day 3. Since yesterday I've been here to visit my friend who got operated on Monday. Yesterday was here whole day at Sukhdev Vihar at his place. And night, went back to compile the comprehensive Annual Saturn Retro graph with detailed color coding. Today morning re-edited it before coming here. Feel like I'm moving backwards in Time! Today drowning in endless movies, especially John Carter of Mars. Concept is like Avataar and Last Sction Hero. Heroes belonging in a more exciting Realm somehow trapped in our lesser exciting mundane reality by circumstance. You can feel heaviness, gravity, after watching such movies. What Edgar Allan Poe calls the 'Lifting Of the veil' in his tale, House of Usher. The after effects, return to reality after the effects of colorful delusion has worn off! Bleak, empty, desolate, desert of the real. Perfect realm to be dwelling in this 3rd day of Annual Saturn Retro, 2013. I recall Saturn Retro 2009 when during Retro peak I accompanied my wife on her office trip to Paris. EVEN after my late guru, Astro T.N. Sarma had expired merely a few days earlier. I said YES, when I should have said NO. THE CLASSIC SATURN RETRO FATAL ERROR! Hundreds of websites on Saturn Retro say this over and over again, Just google it. I was in the Louvre museum on Wednesday, in the highest/ MOST ACUTE PHASE, I.e, Ultra Retro 2009. AND WHEN Saturn Directional later it was ONE LONG DOWNGOING journey for me! A long, deep, eternal Down-FALL. The word 'Fall' repeatedly thrust in my face thru two works: The Fall, a novel by Albert Camus, and The Fall by Tarsem Singh, an unimaginably Retrograde movie, by the maker of the Epically movie 'The Cell' starring Jennifer Lopez.
Informally, here and now I have begun the process of REVIEW/ REDEMPTION/ REGRESSION by talking/ reviewing about Retro 2009, the Paris Trip during Ultra Retro. Right now while I'm writing this out on my friends Tablet, movie Constantine stg Keanu Reeves is playing in front of me. A tale of demons, angels, heaven, hell. From this point onwards I'll merely narrate, without much formulation and explanation. Commence full force with the process of  REVIEW/ REDEMPTION/ REGRESSION. Identify former Saturn Retro seasons. And where I went wrong and what I had to undergo when later Saturn went Directional. Today, a client/ friend of my mine called up. She's the owner of one of the biggest Art Galleries in Delhi. But I was obviously lukewarm, blank, spaced, and NOT my usual peppy, energetic, enthusiastic self. At the end of our conversation, she was almost laughing at me. Here I am, trying to REVERSE the mistakes of prior Retro Seasons. And I think later from prior births also, heh, heh. After all, Nadi astrology did 'predict' my former life sins as a Kshatriyas warrior and my birth Nkashatra is Krittika, the first Solar constellation! Retrograde is the ONLY zone of purgation, purification, of former Solar mistakes. Regressing if only to clear out JUNK. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 06- Day 1

The previous post described my state well into the morning, the first breaking dawn, of the first day, 18th Feb, of Annual Saturn Retro, 2013. Later, sleepless, i groggily set out for Hospital, where my friend was having an ENT operation. On the way, i had to speed post an important Legal document back home. First, the post office computers were down, and I would have to wait hours to send 'speed post'. Second post office I went, didnt have speed post service. Finally excasperated I went to the hospital, and after he was taken in for operation, I found a courier nearby and finally send the "speed post". Dude, no speed for me, especially on the very first day of Saturn Retrograde, I shoulda' known. Check out my fav : I Should Have Known Better- Jim Diamond. Number of 'I-I-I-I-I"'s he repeats in the chorus truly feels like a retrograde repetition. I drove Bublee G mad with his song in her last Gwhy visit, by simply repeating it over and over again.!
Rambling around, came to NFC market and crawled into Gallery Espace. Thought of meeting the owner whom I had met before thru my friend whom they had curated. But nope, NOT on this first day of saturn retrograde! Just saw Kalam Patua's funny, iconic works. Traditional, formal, Bengal style but depicting funniest, sarcastic ironies of life: woman delicately hammering husband with a broom. Sleazy, sexy audience gathered to exhibit themselves on a art show "Group Show". Ha ha, I was laughing to myself on the refreshing works. Thank God, i was alone on a noon, in this solitary art gallery. Enjoying myself, gratifying, no sexy body to display, no high cerebral bullshit to exhibit. Nobody to impress, but devour some gratifying art. Kalam Patua's work had hit the nail on the head! laughing to myself, I quietly slipped out. Very, very, refreshing on this brain fried, dehydrated Saturn retrograde day.
 Anyways, whole day nodding off to sleep in  waiting chairs of Holy Family Hospital. Trying to read Bertrand Russel's Autobography; Middle Years, 1914- 1944. What a timing to do so!! Eating junk food, bread sandwiches of the Hospi canteen. Dehydrated, sleepless, drowsy, conked, heavy. First overloaded day of saturn Retrograde had commenced. Evening, battery conked off, was disconnected from planet earth. Returned back home thru extremely congested traffic.
Had some corn khichidi made by wife earlier at noon. Found it so comforting, as in comfort food, in the harsh gravity of retrograde. Retro encourages us to take solace in plainness, simplicity. Wotta day! Completelyzombified out! Need sleep!!

Saturn Retro 2013: 05- Beginning

Sunday, 17th Feb. From tomorrow 18th Feb, Monday, the Annual Saturn Retro 2013, of 4.5 months begin. I could already feel it's acute effects from Friday noon itself,when,  suddenly I found myself engulfed by rupture, eruption, and uproar. But then, of course, what to expect during such a enormously Karmic phase such as Saturn Retrograde. I know that even as I write this today, I'll actually be able to uploade it to my/this blog, much later. I left my USB connect in the other/ office room where the landlords household help comes to sleep. And tomorrow early morning have to go to hospital for a firends surgery. A distinct sensation of heaviness, a brooding gloomy stillness has already begun descending upon my countenance. The effects of saturn retrograde has begun!! Even in my writing style, language, an archival, calcifying, literary heaviness has begun creeping in. I, who worked so hard to develop a simple, lucid, clear cut format of writing, have once more but retrogressed into an archival, historical, overtly- literary style of expression. Going round and around with my serpentine elaborations and narrations. Ugh! The inevitable influences and effects of Annual Saturn retrograde has commenced upon me.
Entering the week/ ten day period, what they astrologically term as 'Station' i.e, a forward moving planet slowly grinding to a halt before commencing with its retrograde motion (obviously relative to earth's orbitral motion). In this case, Station was of Lord saturn or shanidev, the  Lord of heaviness incarnate has come grinding to a halt. Before beginning his retrogressing journey across our earthly heavens, our mortal skies. Even as Saturn's grinding/ halting Station motion began, for me, a wild season of carnivalesque activity suddenly seemed to rapidly fade away to reveal an empty, barren, desolate terrain beneath. It's what my favourite Edgar Allan Poe, describes in his story 'House Of Usher', as, the lifting of the Veil, the return of the Opium user to reality after the effects of intoxication has worn off. A return to dry, drab, mundane, juice-less,  reality. 
Gravity itself has felt like increased all around. Manifolds. A pallor of gloom, an inky black fluid seems to have entered my previously excited bloodstream. Ensnaring it in cold, deathly rigor morgis. Ugh/alas, i cannot help but mimic words and literary style of my favourite author,the master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe. I seem acutely possessed by his literary language. But, in saturn Retrograde all saturn ruled people can do is but.. repeat, repeat, repeat, rewind, over and over again.....

But all around I see the exact reverse happening to the Sun ruled people, They are but moving into action all around. Gearing up for war and action. As I have (obviously) repeated myself many times over, in the previous posts: For Sun ruled people, THIS is the time for ACTION! Especially this 2.5 month of Retro Rise enrgies, i.e, saturn would be MOVING BACKWARDS FASTER  (relative to earth). Ensuring a disruption in the normal balance of Sun and Saturn energies, usually in balance throughout the normal year. Saturn Retrograde is a unusual period of excess, increased Solar/ Sun energies and a debilitation, withdrawal of Saturn energies. Hence the opposite effects in sun and saturn ruled people!!!

You can say that during Saturn Retrograde, Sun ruled people experience IMPETUS and Saturn ruled People experience GRAVITAS. IMPETUS meaning the desire to PROGRESS, Desire to go forward, adrenalin, UP-BEAT, tachycardia, RUSH!! GRAVITAS means the propensity to lethargy, heaviness, stillness, ponderin, brooding, tendency to REGRESS and REPEAT, Down Beat, Bradycardia. a time of hibernation, contemplation.

In this very room, at this late hour, 12;13 am, on the other end, my wife, Sun ruled prepares a crucial architectural presentation for a meeting tomorrow. And, in this end, I, Saturn ruled dude, unravel, a long winding serpentine tail, a winmeandering narration of Saturn Retrograde effects and energies. What a contrast!! What a perfect contrast of diametrically opposite Sun - saturn energies. A contrast characteristic  of this Annual saturn Retrograde period.
1:06 a.m. Since my wife's still working hardon her design presentation, I feel compelled to accompany her by staying awake. Even if it means drowning in the feverish, serpentine narration of H.P. Lovecraft's bizarre tales. Especially, the one I'm reading now: 'Dreams in The Witch House'. Which narrate a mathematician exploring strange geometries that enable one to cross across space. Or is in his own words, I quote:

" Possibly Gilman ought not to have studied so hard. Non-Euclidean calculus and quantum physics are enough to stretch any brain, and when one mixes them with folklore, and tries to trace a strange background of multi-dimensional reality behind the ghoulish hints of the Gothic tales and the wild whispers of the chimney-corner, one can hardly expect to be wholly free from mental tension.."

The feverish pitch of Lovecraft's tales are perfect material to be read during Saturn Retrograde. As Saturn being my Fourth and Fifth Lord, and located in the Ninth house, is a Yogakaraka planet for me. And the Sun, being the Lord of my 11th, Malefic, is doubly damaging by being in the 12th house. Thus in this period of Retrograde Saturn, a period of acutely amplified Sun energies and debiliated Saturnine energies, it makes obvious sense is to abstain from great logic fundas of reason etc, and instead, make foray into wild, nebulous, murky, swamps of wayward imaginings, neptunean half worlds, and diffused concepts. Hence drowning in the worlds and concepts of H.P. Lovecraft.

1:40 am. I find the parallel/ Contrasting fascinating:- At one end of the room, my wife making a presentation of architecture design. Referring reason, sense,sensibility into the proposed design. with relevance to function, backdrop, culture, everything. Creating FORM, FUNCTION, REASON, ORDER, BALANCE. And at the other end, I'm dabbling, drowning into the strange tale of occult geometry, bizzare architecture of an oddly shaped room, in H.P. Lovecrafts above mentioned tale. Where the mathematician Gilman goes mad in the oblong shaped room where formerly a witch used to reside. Who used the strange, odd, oblong, architectural geometry of the room to access other realms/dimensions. Drowning into a celebration of MADNESS, CHAOS, FANTASTIQUE, ERRATIC, ECCENCTRICITY. Each one doing his/her dharma in this phase. The ultimate Sun- saturn opposition/ contrast between my Sun ruled wife and Saturn ruled myself, during this Dawn of Annual saturn retrograde 2013!!

2:10 am. How will I make it to hospital duty tomorrow morning? Wife still burning the midnight oil. and me, left Lovecraft's mad tale, and hurriedly drowning in electro master musician of 70's-80's, funky, disco, electronic genius of Giorgio Moroder. He's the ultimate conceptor of electronica in a fun, groovy, awesome, disco- pop way. Current track: I wanna rock you. I'm tarvelling in eccentric, meandering pathways. On the desk , a copy of Bertarnd Russels autobiography: "The Middle Years: 1914- 1944", which i borrowed from my cousin. I was reading it earleir, his feelings during world war II, when his beloved England was finally joining the war. Though, a severe patriot, I found him Saturnine, desisting from the patriotic wave of solar sentiments that churned the citizens of the entire country to join the War against Germany. His interesting interaction with D.H Lawrence is almost depictive of Sun- saturn opposition/ contrast characteristic during Saturn Retrograde. D.H.Lawrence writes inflamed with solar energies, to Russel. Lawrence discusses his conception of "blood", a very solar idea. I quote (The first War, page 11) :
" There is another seat of consciousness than the brain and the nerves. there is a blood-consciousness which exists in us independently of the ordianry mental consciousness. One lives, knows and has one's beingin the blood, without any references to nerves and brain. This is one half of life belonging to the darkness. when I take a woman, then the blood-percept is supreme. My blood-knowing is overwhelming. we should realize that we have a blood-being, a blood-consciousness, a blood-soul complete and apart from a mental and nerve consciousness". To this statement Blood/ sun/ solar statement of D.H. Lawrence, a (possibly) Saturnine Bertrand Russel responds: "This seemed to me frankly rubbish, and I rejected it vehemently, though i did not then know that it led straight to Auschwitz". Perfect Solar passion- saturnine skepticism prevalent during Saturn Retro phase. Jai Shanidev!

3:03 AM, I'M DAMNED! Sangeetas still on!! Midnight oil and a dozen!! as for me, supposed to sleep early at 11am for mroning Hospital duty, and now it's only 3!! Drowning in supermelifullous lead guitar of Eric Johnson. Just strectching, dragging  on and on and on.In a unending serpentine trail without reason/ logic. And the first day of 4.5 month long Saturn Retrograde hasn't begun, yet!! First dawn is yet to break, few hours later. Oh Lord! call it a day! This long, winding, exhausting, serpentine, trail~-~-~-~-!!!

18th Feb, Monday morning, 9:37 am, slept at 4am woke at 8:30, wife had international call to discuss her design.Acid high, sleepless, nightmares, now have to go to the hospital for my friends surgery. Welcome to the beginning of Saturn Retrograde, 2013..

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 04- FLASH SURGERY

Today, 13th Feb, me and my wife went to Sitaram Bhartia hospital for her ear check up. A growth in her ear had blocked the tunnel since months. She had been advised to have it removed in the future. The process of check up, ear wax removal, consulting surgeon, admission, was due for us. A long winding mountain ahead.  But I forgot that it was Saturn Retrograde and that my wife's Sun ruled. A time for lightning fast movement.

As soon as we reached the hospital, the ENT consultant called in a surgeon, who said he can remove whenever possible. Wife said NOW, and she was put immediately into the procedure room. So rushed was it, that we had forgotten the basic Hospital card. While outside I waited and dwelled upon the  long processes and fundas of Saturn Retrograde, her surgery was over. Painkillers, medicines, later we're back in home. And I updated the humongous, comprehensive page:- Saturn Retro Theory. Please read it, cos I went IN and OUT of the Hospital to complete it So I experienced the first evidences of Sun- Saturn opposition of Saturn Retro 2013: Ultra Fast Flash motion for the Sun ruled. FLASH OPERATION of my wife. And Super Slow, ultra heavy, archival pace for us, Saturn ruled. Writing the Long winding, pending, heavy, humongous Saturn Retro Theory. --Jai Shanidev--

Saturn Retro 2013: 03- Retro Strategies

As discussed in the previous posts, Saturn Retrograde, is a window of opportunity which sees regression of Saturn's effects upon us. So, for Sun Ruled people, or those with Saturn obstacles in their horoscope, this period is ideal for progression, breakthrough, forward movement, initiative etc. For Saturn ruled people, those with Benefic Saturn in their birthcharts, this period is one of mandatory hibernation, regression, heaviness, stillness, retrospection, research etc. 
Being Saturn ruled myslef, I have begun the process of voluntary slowdown, review, initiating archival heaviness, i.e, initiating the archival/ review process of Saturn Retro, 2013. And this initiative on my part has given me some breathing space.
Because, like a submarine having to descend 10 miles and reach rock bottom in 2.5 months, its better if we sink gradually, few feet everyday, rather than sudden descent and total collapse. Similarly for Sun ruled, Saturn opposed people, they should begin by initiating breakthrough, rupture, action, in small doses everyday, so that at the end of 2 months when Saturn Retro velocity is at maximum, they can obtain maximum benefits. Since Saturn is a SLOW planet, hence strategies to utilise the energies of Saturn Retrograde is better done in a gradual/ daily installment level. And then the effects would be LASTING!
In this Saturn Retro period, Saturnine people like myself have no option but to guide, assist, serve, help Sun ruled/ Saturn opposed people, and help them achieve/ reach their rightful Ruler ship. So that, once Saturn Retro period is over, we can reap the benefits of our mandatory sacrifice, and benefit from the benefits of their ruler ship. As a part of this strategy, for today I'm desisting from arguing with my wife. Let her have her say today, let her rule, Sun ruled shakti.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 02- Archival Reviews

Tuesday, 12 Feb, from yesterday the effects of Saturn Retro began, even as 6 days still remain, for saturn to actually become retrograde. It's what they call Station, or a directional planet slowly grinding to a halt , check Link:

Entering the zone of Station, Saturn grinding to a halt feels like gravity suddenly increasing all around you. Everything feels slower, heavier, cumbersome, loaded. It's what Edgar Allan Poe, describes in his story 'House Of Usher', as, the lifting of the Veil, the hangover of the Opium user after the effects of intoxication wears off. The return to drab, mundane, dry  reality.
Till this very weekend I was partying  like nobody's business. A LOT of wild , whacky, large, social gathering at Gautams, Art Fair 2013, Comic Con 2013 in Dilli Haat which is already oozing with people,etc,etc. But SUDDENLY from yesterday, Monday morning, things have Crashed. After the long morning walk which surpisingly crashed my whole system. The long morning walk in the neighbouring forest that my wife suddenly began, after listening to friend Monindro's inspiring speech, and changed lifestyle. Surprise, cos i walk around all the time. But suddenly due to gas, indigestion, my system crashed. And the whole day went by a like a zombie, fog. Today i'm drinking a lot of water, slowly recovering. Hopefully, its not my "return" to the bad old days of ill health etc. Cause, Retro Saturn is happening in
Libra, my very Ascendant Sign, 1st house of physique/ body.

The idea is of Movement and Stillness. For Sun ruled people, this is the time for ACTION! A time for Dramatic Break thrus! No thinking much. JUST DO IT! Rock it! For Saturn ruled critters like myself, time to SLOW DOWN. To contemplate, brood, RETROspect, REturn, RE-VIEW! Follow this to avoid conflict/ confusion of Sun- Saturn energies

And that's what I intended to do, comprehensively use Saturnine process, this season 2013. To REVIEW acutely, update comprehensively, the mechanism, process, and journey of  Saturn Retrograde. Minutes of Raw, subjective, visceral data. This time, I've abandoned my last 8
years traditional, scrawly handwritten private journals, a lot of which gets lost. I've upgraded to a folder "saturn retro 2013" on my desktop. For sketches and narrations of this long annual 4.5 month odyssey. To be shared, reviewed, referenced and archived. Because
saturn Retro brings so much  heaviness, that it's vital to be consistently archived. To prevent a clogging of the auric, psychic senses. This being. Hence this archival process in this blog.  THIS is going to be my pilgrimage, my offering, in this long annual Saturn
Retrograde, season 2013. Jai Shanidev.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 01- Time to Wallow in the Mire

This year, the annual 4.5 months of Saturn Retrograde is from 18 Feb to 7 July. Saturn Retro is a time for Regression, retrospection, slowness for Saturn ruled people. And Progression, Projection and Affirmation for Sun ruled people. Generally every horoscope is  predominantly ruled either by Sun OR Saturn. Since I am ruled by Saturn, this period is ideal for me predominantly to wallow in backwaters, study, research, contemplation, thought, muse, brood, serve, follow, respond. Also the onset of the Chinese Snake Year, 2013, from yesterday itself, makes this particular Saturn Retro 2013, even more acutely ideal for the above mentioned brooding/ research activities. Hence Sun, Yang, Dragon ruled people should use this 4.5 months of Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013 to breakthrough, make progress SO that once Saturn Retro's over they may return to a more relaxed pace for the rest of the year. And Saturn ruled people should ESPECIALLY use this Retrograde period for some acute wallowing time, so once Retro's over they can move forward like a speedy snake. Hence this year's Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013 is especially a window of opportunity for all of us. Provided we use it according to our specific disposition/ nature. Cheers!

As for me, I'm already starting to feel the backwater wallowing, TODAY, exactly one week before, Saturn turns retrograde on next Monday, 18 feb. Today morning, my wife predominantly Sun ruled creature, began morning walks in our neighborhood forest park. Especially encouraged and excited by my friend Monindro, who's into big time walkathon, marathon, and what not. Normally I walk all over, while she's stationary in office, or in her car. BUT today she was rocketting ahead with super SOLAR force, while I due to gas, indigestion etc fell far behind. Huffing, puffing, panting like a bulky buffalo. Groaning, cursing, somehow dragging myself. Pretty uncharacteristic for a lanky dude like me, who walks all over, and pretty much relies on public transport to move over Delhi. Whole day, I was burnt out like a zombie, neither asleep nor awake. Drowning in pending, backwater files, old pending works. And I realized by afternoon, that the effects of Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, had commenced. And for me, it was an ideal time for some active wallowing, regression. Thus, Addressing pending Karmic obligations. And THIS year, I'm going to note all my observations, etc live on this blog. Unlike the previous years and endless scrawly handed thick, comprehensive journals, mostly a lot of which are LOST. Let the wallowing games begin...

Schedule of Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013: 18 Feb- 7 July
11 Feb- April end: (2.5 months): From one week before itself, as Saturn loses it's velocity rapidly and effects of Retrograde begins. Two & Half months of Rising/ Increasing Retrograde: Increasing wallowing/ regression for Saturn people, great PROGRESS for Sun people
May, entire month: Falling Retro: Month of Progress for Saturn people, a bit slow for Sun people
1st two weeks of June: SHARP Rise in retro: SUPER Break-Thru for Sun people and BREAK- down for Saturn people.
Mid June: Retrograde effects over by Mid June even though Saturn actually turns directional as late as 7th July. Because Force of effect= mass X accleration, and Saturn LOSES most of its retro velocity by Mid June itself.
I hereby declare, the Annual Saturn Retro 2013, open. My 8th year, since 2005. And the first year, on blog live. No journals, no ink. Only Net and Blog!!