Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 22- Value of Regression

Yesterday was the first day that I didn't post, since Saturn Retro began. Because of obvious Saturn retro effects. Being entangled, and mired in issues and dramas. But IT IS a part of the purgative, redemptive process for Saturn ruled people. Necessary regression, going backwards instead of mindlessly moving forwards despite everything. The latter strategy is ideal for Sun ruled. Many of whom are moving ahead despite heavy obstacles. No one said progress is easy! But in the end progress is WORTH IT! Understand THIS fact my dear fellow enquirers. Once and for ALL! Yesterday was quite a day indeed. But I had voluntarily done something stupid. By changing colour, deity of this blog. And ALL hell broke loose. It's only at LATE night when I returned/ RGERESSED to my earlier deity Pitra/ Brahma/ Brihaspati, that things returned to a sembelance of normaility. This IS a time for volunatry mistakes, stupid errors FOR ME, being heavily Saturn ruled. Just imagine so much CONSEQUENCE in changing blog DEITY and colour. I shudder to think about the magnitude of consequences that I'm still bearing for the major projects that I undertook with valor and GRANDEUR. Blog mistake took few hours to correct. But those actions take YEARS to undo!!! My Late astrot GURU, T.N. Sarma, who taught me IN DEPTH about Saturn Retro, often cited the example of Napoleon, who was massively Saturn ruled. Before the perilious battle of Waterloo, Lord Saturn showed him a Day 20- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 9th Mar, Saturday. 
dream, NOT to pursue ahead with his INVASION strategy. But he ignored it, and his armies were mired in mud, muck in Waterloo. END of his great reign/ empire. ALL Saturn ruled people have their pwn Waterloos to narrate. But the scale is of essence here. The attitude/ approach. Yesterday I was with a friend, a young musician, highly SUN ruled. Helped him out in his technical stuff, in all the best way I could. He was making so much progress during these last few days of Saturn Retrograde, it was very amazing and validating for me. BUT I took the back seat, being the charioteer, the back seat passenger, in his Chariot of Fire! I checked my google analytics, hits to this blog have massively dropped in the last two days. Even tho, from EGO point it's sickening, but from RETRO point, its scheduled! So okay! who am I to complain.. about the VALUE of REGRESSION.. (my guess is, without the fun/attractive illustrations and hi-funda theory, this post will be more or less unread/ missed.) But guess I have to do, what I have to do.. in this Rising Saturn retrograde.. Cheers!.. gloomily, lazily, brrodingly, yours saturnine writer! Have a gud weekend!