Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chronicle 05: Prayers to Pitamah Bhishma

21st Feb, Tuesday.  Yesterday was Shivratri, I was praying in a peripheral Shiva temple next to the crematorium between Nehru Place and Kalkaji mandir. Two serpent gods adorn both sides of the entrance door. It was the ideal location for homage to Pitras. After offering the customary offerings to shiva, i moved to a section dedicated to Pitamah Bhisma. Today being Shivaratri, people thronged around Shiva and I could sit peacefully in front of Pitamah Bhisma and meditate. On the battlefield of Kurukshetra Pitamah Bhishma laid on a bed of arrows. From Arjunas bow. And lord Krishna blessing him with salvation (moksh). It was an analogy to those of  us suffering from Pitra Dosh. On a bed of arrows we lay, until the Lord blessed us with slavation. The timeless drama repeated over and over again.

By evening a childhood friend of mine, who had not been in touch for donkeys years, called me out of the blue. His name is one of the synonyms for Lord Bhishma. I had always bitched about him not keeping in touch. But few hours after prayers to Pitamah Bhisma, he called after a gap of years!! Ultimately it's OUR OWN Karma which blocks us. No point bitching about others. Once absolved, it automatically removes barriers and blocks. And that's what I experienced yesterday. Practically.
Om pitra-ganay vidamahe, jagat dharinaye dhimahi, tanno Pitra prachodyat.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Chronicle 04: Processing Karmic Quotas

In the earlier post, I narrated my expreience with house shifting Karma. And today, after long, exhausting house shifting process, I can actually feel a lot of pending Karma reduce. You can see the symptoms of reduced Karmic quotas in the environment around you. Things that were previously blocked will gently start to open up. Only you would understand the difference. All of us have our own quotas of pending karmic  to be processed. We can accelerate the process by service, forbearnce, wisdom, compassion, helping people, vedic rituals, offerings to the almighty. Also by choosing to undergo certain fasts, voluntary sufferings. Main thing is to be aware of pending karma. And beging processing.