Thursday, March 7, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 21- Karmic Redemption of Gravitas

Day 18- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 7th Mar, Thursday.
Rising Retro phase of Annual saturn Retro 2013, has commenced from this Monday, 4 March. A great time for Sun ruled people. During these two months: March, April of Rising Retro, with Saturnuine energies on the regress, it's time for them to BLOOM, make HAY while the SUN
SHINES!! These next two months March and April, 2013..! All around me I see Sun ruled/ Solar people suddenly becoming lighter, brighter, clearer. This IS their time to maximize the Solar abundance. Charge their solar cells,maximise, optimize, the abundant solar energies! And for Saturnines, a time for regression, hibernation, review.  I have already taken the resolution to Serve, assist all solar/ Sun ruled people  throughout the entire Rising Retro months of March and April. This way, BOTH sides benefit fruitfully and amicably.
In my own experience, it's NOT always easy to determine and discern whether someone belongs to Saturn group or Sun group BUT ONE LITMUS TEST always proves out. Direct physical evidence, emotional experience during ONSET of saturn Retrograde. ESPECIALLY NOW, if you can RELATE to my desert of reality funda, gravitas, sinking, crashdown
descriptions given below, THEN most likely whoever you are, this season you are transmutig into a Saturn rued creature. You have come of that age, when Saturn is being finally activated in your horoscope, i.e, youre 38+ years of age, and you are an interesting mutation, this Saturn Retro 2013. And being heavily Saturn ruled myself, from today itself, my post has become so weighted, heavy, winding, serpentine, archival, and redemptive. My earlier posts were so illustrative, cartoonish,comical, but now with the onset of Saturn Retro gravitas, this is inevitable. But from this article onwards, I will try to follow the format.. overview, summary "Head", like this paragraph. Followed by long, comprehensive tails. I had planned this format for my earlier 'Rahu Ketu 'blog, now become 'Outer Planets'. But seems like, everything was under the scope and requirement of Saturn Retro. ALL MY blogging endeavours, etc was but a sub-set of preparation for descriptions for Saturn Retrograde!! Amazing..

I was going through my deatiled journals of 2009, so much written about the fall. The crashdown. The feeling of heaviness/ gravitas. the Greek word 'Gravitas'. Pertaining to Gravity. A flying object, now becomes grounded. a flying aircraft, now grounded, into the hangar. Time for repair, renovation and rehabilitation. In Retro 2009, a classic example, on the very end of Saturn Retro season, I had this SAME feeling as today. Horrifying crashdown into the desert reality. TODAY, my wifes laptops Hard Disk has actually crashed!! We're right now in the long arduous process of caling customer carecell,taking phone advice, memory test , etc. Very physical manifestation of saturn Retro. But whereas in 2009, this Crashdown happened ON the onset of Saturnine energies, this year it's happening on the onset of SOLAR
energies, i.e, a withdrawl of saturnine energies. this year, my crashdown/ suffering is happening on the RIGHT side of Saturn Retrograde. A scheduled failure. a scheduled catastrophe. A scheduled, annual, fixed time of purgation and redemption. My Pitra Karma is
to shed myself completely of my Solar residue. To shed, expunge, purge the tremendous solar influence in my birthchart. The damaging effects of 12th house Sun. And embrace the Saturnine energies completely. Dissolve, become one with benefic saturn. To purge the
residues of past life solar excess. The sins incurred by a previous solar incarnation. This was amazingly testified by Naadi palm leaf readings in Kerala, South India. Awesome, it was!! So Saturn Retrograde IS the period of my purging, my Karmic redemption. My surrendering to gravitas. completely and utterly. Voluntary crashdown. Crashdown into reality. From this date only, crashdown into the desert of reality.

In 2009, whence, when I returned from Paris, the crashdown happened. That was when Saturn finally turned directional and this time, it has begun from pure Saturn retrograde. What Poe calls, the lifting of the Veil, in his story The House of Usher. Makes me understand that when Saturn IS directional and functional how much protection he provides me, how much shelter from the harsh deserts of the real! Now that Lord saturn has gone Retrograde in respect to us, and his influences have  regressed/ withdrawn, how much barren, harsh, my underlying Karmic reality is. I understand how barren/ withered my underlying Karmic reality is WITHOUT the blessings, protective shield of Lord Saturn. Without the umbrella of Lord Saturn I get hammered by the full proto thrust of my 12th house malefic Sun. Solar hammering with its metaphorical Ultra Violet radiation significant of Rahu. It's NO COINCIDENCE that in my horoscope, Sun- Saturn are in direct opposition. WITHDRAWAL/ REGRESSION of one leads to the PROGRESSION of the other. And since, Rahu IS in constant anticlockwise movement
throughout, it's Saturn Retrograde that creates a prolific ABUNDANCE/ SPIKE of Rahu energies. Just imagine the Earth without the benevolence and protective energies of our watery, cloudy, atmospheric envelop. HAMMERED and COMBUSTED by Solar energy, and hardcore Ultraviolet radiation. Life on Earth as we know would be wiped out, and the biodiverse ecosystem, burn away into a barren, baked, rocky desert. Yes, this is the exact symbolism of the Desert of Reality. Everyone talks so prolifically about Saturn as a negative planet, malefic, cruel, lord BUT look at me WITHOUT the protection, support Saturn's benevolent, dusky, shaded energy. 
And not to forget my regular offerings to Brihaspati/ Brahma/ Pitra which is helping me to keeping these turbulent Saturn Retrotimes at few notches above madness. And enabling me to .. just about breathe.. ~~~~~