Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 24- Karmic processes

Day 23, Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 12th Mar, Tuesday. Obviously being Saturn ruled, the heaviness of Saturn Retrograde has commenced. Delayed plans, regression, remembrance, dissemination a.k.a. scatterring, dispersion as I had projected. Am a friends place, in electricity gone gloom of evening. I thought it appropriate to write on occasion of this gloomy, forbearing dusk. Today morning, I commenced donations to Mars, not feeling a bit lighter.

Day 24, 13th Mar, Wednesday, 2013. Yesterday and today have gone by in such volatile eruption. State of gravity feels compounded many times over. Was reading other peoples articles on Saturn Retrograde. Liked this one: click link: http://astrologyking.com/saturn-retrograde/ , this one seemed to lay it's finger on what I was currently experiencing. The power of the Law of Karma. It's force, and strength. I quote..

"This means that all the karma accrued over many lifetimes has reached such a volatile state that it must be dealt with once and for all.  This is to relieve the incredible tension that is keeping us from functioning in a stable and safe manner. There is a specific task to be completed, which we have no choice about. Fated events will occur to lead us in the right direction. We may not always like where this energy takes us, but we have to surrender to the higher power. If we resist, things can get most unpleasant.." At the moment of writing this post, my friend R_ from Goa, called to ask about a topic that was fully expressive of the above pargraph. A lot of us Saturn ruled creatures ARE feeling the heat of this purifying, karmic process. Just an hour ago, I was feeling so inexorably down, but after reading the above website/ passage, and synchronous phone call from my friend R_, I could understand the designs of Karmic workings. About the aspects of planets. I will further process the information I gathered from the above website in my usual Sun- Saturn format:
 For Sun Ruled people: Quote: "..The aim of this whole Saturn Retrograde 2013 exercise is stand on our own two feet as individual souls. We must define our mission in this life and reform ourselves so that we can complete the mission. The are two things that must be done to achieve this. First, we have to working out our responsibilities. Who and what are we responsible for and to what degree? Then, we have to commit to fulfill our obligations. Second, we must determine if other people or things in our lives are weighing us down. Are they really our responsibility? Are they expecting us to care for them but they are not supporting us? Do we need them to do what we came here to do? If they are sucking our energy and distracting us from our karmic mission, then Saturn retrograde demands we cut them loose...".

For Saturn ruled people:Quote"..The wisdom and reforming power of Saturn and Pluto are focused on the Moon. So we are going to feel this Saturn retrograde at a very personal and emotional level. The karmic issues will revolve around our home, family, and our most intimate of relationships. Moon conjunct Jupiter will amplify our emotional sensitivity and make it near-impossible to control or hide our emotional reactions to any events. The Moon is on the major fixed star Aldebaran. This brings into the spotlight how we depend on our loved ones for emotional and physical satisfaction. The relentless, soul-evolving power of Saturn sextile Pluto will bring to the surface our inner-most “subconscious urges and emotional needs“. We will be forced to face the reality of the situation. We will have to ask how responsible and realistic we have been when having our most fundamental primal urges satisfied by another soul. And after we see ourselves in this light we may feel insecure, alone, and afraid. The karmic issues for Saturn Retrograde 2013 may also apply to the physical home. Are we taking good care of our family, our parents, our children? Some change in direction is needed in love relationships and with money. Events which force this change may be unpleasant. It all comes back to how responsible we have been in managing our obligations..." Good insight Jamie!!
The above mentioned Pluto aspects give a tremendous edge to Saturn Retrograde. Pluto is considered as Rudra in Vedic astrology. An extremely burning, hot, severe, terrifying planet. Indicating Karmic redemption and retribution etc. No wonder, two days back my friend H_ having a Pluto ascendant was telling us to perform Rudra Abhishek Puja. How intutive. When your mind/ souls ready, all the signs, guidelines, manifest/ appear themselves. Main thing for Saturn ruled people IS: time for purification by burning fire. So that, later, when Saturn turns Directional, we may be free of pending Karma, and GET ON with the business of our lives. But right now, we have no option but to face this  Rudra form of Saturn Retrograde!! 

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