Thursday, March 21, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 29- Sun Saturn

Day 29, Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 18th Mar, Monday
After the previous post, I had quite some encouraging feedback. Asking me to write fiction along horror, suspense, psycho, lines. But problem is, I can't write fiction. Whenever, I attempt fiction, (and I've been constantly trying since 2008),  it rapidly crashes. BUT, ever since, i took the advice of friends and begun writing about my own experiences, observations. Especially in a casual, flimsy  "Yo" style! That's when some content comes ACROSS to you, gentle reader. And the occasional effective blood curdling chill, like the previous post. But, completely unplanned. Call it chance/ providence. Call it the will of the universe. Or call it, what I call it... Shanidev. Hence, today also, like most other days, I'm just RANDOMLY typing. If Shanidev WANTS/ Desires.. Some event, something, will come up. Which will get written about. By me.. the spaced out... chronicler/ narrator.  ;)

Todays, now, Wednesday night. Feel so drained since yesterday. sleepless, counselling some friends , first evening over the phone. And since it WAS a fellow saturnine friend,it was long drawn. Very long drawn. exhausting. who can blame him, saturn ruled are like this durin Retro times. And later at late night, at home, another old Saturn ruled friend came over. And it was a major, elaborate, epical yalk. till about 2:30 am. Somehow, I struggled to keep awake. But his topic was so intense. I was dozing off, but somehow kept alive. Meanwhile I was SEVERELY falling behind blogging. many days and topic behind. PERFECT SATURN Retro! Slept SO late. So much to be written. But forgot all of it. Something about Sun-Saturn split during saturn Retrograde. Sun's all about position, hierarchy, structure, organisation, order. And vedic Saturn's abot movement, momentum, inertia and motion. Hence during saturn retro, sun people: super-organisation, definition. classification. And saturn ruled: vacillation, stagnation, calcification, brooding, sleepless, zombie-fication. Like a Neptunian half-becoming. Neither here nor there. Man nor beast. an in-between zombie. Sun people are DISCRETE? QUANTUM. for long period, nothing much, but Suddenly, the wind-fall. The storm. The Goods! But with saturn ruled, it's one long winding, analogous Karmic process. Like the slow growth of a plant. Or a body that gathers slow momentum. Saturn Retro is a overally solar period. Hence good for Sun ruled, sour for Saturn ruled.

During Saturn Retro, we Saturn ruled people, get in touch with our darkest crevices. The inner folds of mind and emotion. I am getting drowned in meaningless insecurities. Ocean waves of apprehensions, regrets, insecurities. Like the pantheon of emotions clouding ones mind during a gloomy, sombre dusk. We Saturn ruled get to feel so called "saturnine" emotions ONLY when Saturn is regressed/ retrograde. It's the Sun which feels sombre/ gloomy/ heavy for us. Ghosts at NOON. Ironic but true. All classic literature says: as BRIGHt as the Sun. Darke, negative, malefic Saturn. What opinionated, medieval, conservative, tunnel headed bigotry!! Your malefic planets ARE the source of darkness/ sorrow. Be it Sun , Mercury, Mars, whatever. And NOT Saturn, as always universally blamed! Jai Shanidev!