Monday, March 4, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 19- Crossover Drama ends?

Day 15, Annual Saturn Retro, 2013, 4th Mar, Monday.Asusual, despite the hammering, came up with some painfully tedious yet satisfying visual drama. Above.
PROLOGUE: Basically, from 10 Feb itself,a week before actual Saturn Retro began the effects started. Everyone is still in their annual inertia, but the instinctive awareness of Saturn Retrograde rises within. Especially for those aware dudes/babes. Sun people FEEL distinctly something approaching, but are FORCED backwards, still being rooted in Blue saturnine inertia. Saturn people distinctly feel the SLOWDOWN but yet are forced FORWARDS by Solar energy inside them. PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS RESISTIVE TOWARDS CHANGE. INERTIA!!

CROSSOVER WEEK: Hammer Time!! Collision Time! Sun people Collide with Saturnine Inertia. Saturnine people struggle with burning solar combustion within. WRONG STUFF IN WRONG PEOPLE!! Confusion, struggle, and a "bit" of Chaos. Ha! But once Sun-Saturn energies collide, IRRESISTIBLE FORCE meet IMMOVABLE OBJECT. But finally, the energy is transferred. Though, not always in the most pleasant way! ;)! Finally Gravitas Is transferred to Saturnines, much needed for their LOONg Regression. And POWER/ENERGY is shifted to solar people for thier much needed Two Months of Action/Progress ahead..

TWO MONTHS of RISING RETRO: Once the collision/energy transfer of Crossover week is concluded. Saturnine people has got enough of Gravitas and began their Ritual regression. And, Sun ruled, have gained their much needed IMPETUS/IMPACT and continue to SOAR ahead/ progress. Acquire as much territory possible for the next two months. 

So after a "bit" of collision drama, both Sun ruled and saturn ruled commence on their respective courses for the next two months.. For myself, todays hopefully the last of this conflicting energies.Early morning walk for the FOURTH time, Car servicing. Transacting between nefarious driver and wily mechanic. Caught between the hammer and the anvil. Close people around me burning in characteristic chaos of the crosover phase! standing in heat, late night, drowsy, endless cofee. By evenin I collpased! Whew!!~~~~~~