Sunday, March 16, 2014

Log 28: saturn Retrograde 2014 energies

I was supposed to write this post in my other Saturnine blog. But here I am blogging in karmic unravelling. Why? maybe because the period of Saturn Retrograde is a period for karmic unravelling for me. Already, I wrote in detail about Saturn retrograde 2014, here: saturn retro post : schedule: 4th-mar-21st-july But like last year's 72 posts on Saturn retrograde 2013, on this very blog, (click link: search label /topic category= Saturn Retro 2013) I think I'll blog in this blog only. 

Check the graph above, the first sub phase, two weeks RED of, phase Yellow Coloured "increasing Retro" phase till 18th Feb, Tuesday is the most intense energy of Saturn retrograde, it's maximum change percentage wise, in  daily velocity increase. Hence the maximum acceleration. And hence maximum Force of retrograde energy experienced. The physics of astrological calculations. Hence for all Saturnine people it's time to introspect, retrospect, chill, muse. Drown as much possible in stillness, inertia, quietude. Here's the period for maximum Potential energy accumulation. So later when Saturn moves forward, we can go kinetic, and move forward too. 

This is when this blog got named too into Karmic Unraveling, two days back. Saturn retrograde is a highly karmic period for me, especially the first four weeks. A good time for pulling back as much as possible and most introspective karmic unraveling. "cheers" to that..

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Log 27: bizzare multilayered events

I had always wanted to blog fast. Put down thoughts without thinking much. And after the previous post, Log 26: Journey of Karmic Unraveling, I think I can begin to do that. Somehow after the previous post I feel that, the more rapidly, that I expunge pending latent Karmic thoughts, especially in this annual 4.5 month long Saturn retrograde 2014, from 4th march to 21st July, more freedom it might bring me later on, when Saturn turns directional later. The process happens while I note down my thoughts, unraveling my inner karmic thoughts, different strands of observations etc.

Today, my wife got a Google Nexus 5, phone. Her earlier blackberry was dying out after merely two years of us. I remember, my own complaining post "crawl 02: caveman in future shock" after purchasing the most basic model of on my Samsung Galaxy, Star Pro android phone. I was cribbing so much then, but now with these basic features are working quite great guns for me. Lot of technoiphobic karma burnt out, especially in the overlayered event yesternight.

Bizzare multilayered events/ synchroncities...
Yesternight,  I had my first counselling session over Whats app. My friend Nandini was counselling me OVER whats app from U.S, while i was counselling a tearful, drunk, friend back home over the phone over NOT to  return to his ex girfriend, while simultaneous messaging replies on facebook to my astro group Adima Astro Zoo. Talk about technological adaptation, progress, since my cribbing post, then. And friend Nandini's karmic counselling was highly potent, I could feel blocks getting removed within me, because immediately, strangely, on neighboring foreigner girl (for the lack of a better word) strayed into our compound at 1:10 am dead of night screaming shouting as her dog was being attacked by our neighborhood stray dogs. Her brother had come to rescue, but no avail. Ultimately, I went down to help, and escorted her home, saving the day, becoming a hero at dead night, while simultaneously talking to my friend on the phone, continuing to counsel him. And later reverted to my counselor, Nandini on Whats app. All this while, my wife was playing Mahjong full on , at late night. To understand our recent mahjong fever significance,  read this post: Karmic Unravelling compared to Mahjong! Nandini was too zapped by all these layers, and ended up calling me.
Such richness of events, alters, miraculous coincidences happening all at once. Today morning, when I saw the picture on Mishti's facebook page, as described in detail in the previous post, it kind of made wondrous sense, retroactively. "You think you know What youre looking for.." up and until it actually finds you/ happens to you. Somehow a lot karmic layers were getting unraveled all at once.  WHAT has CHANGED is that instead of trying to be OBJECTIVE/ STRUCTURAL in my blogging narrative, I've changed tracks into the process/ journey/ events/ experiences/ BECOMINGS of the karmic unravelling process and it's many serpentine, multi layered threads, fabrics, designs, etc etc. This contnuous blogging on the go, expresses the superconductivity karmic unravelling process, even though currently not android enabled, helps give a much better picture of karmic reality/ synchronicity  in action. A dynamic living video shot, instead of a well framed structural photograph representing / DEAD / fossilzed/ Harrumphing conceptual theoretical narrative. 

Cheers to the Karmic unravelling process. Have a great weekend!

Log 26: journey of Karmic unraveling

Today while on Facebook, I was invited by our friend Mishti's  to like page Inner Katha Interventions. While browsing through her page, I found this haunting picture below on her wall.

This picture brought to light an issue that I had been since long festering within my self. The inner conflict of Being v.s. Becoming, Object v.s. Process, within me. In all my blogs, writings, posts, it's deconstruction, processes of becoming, that I preach and harp about, BUT yet within myself I have this huge fetish for Objects/ Objectivity/ Things/ Banners/ Labels/ Logos/ Structures/ Hierarchies, inside me. Yet, all the stuff that's been worth sharing so far, have been always been all about Events/ happenings/ experiences, and residues, by-products of an ongoing processes of karmic unraveling.

This picture on Mishti's facebook page, suddenly seemed to provide the breakthrough. I have been on a journey, a process of unraveling self discovery since long I can remember. And as far as my estimate goes, will continue to be on this journey, this highway of unraveling self discovery. By virtue of my being on this karmic journey, experiences would happen to me, insights would come to me, Objects would find me, and NOT the other way around. Hence objectively trying to search "things", define an open ended process has always invited a lacking, a failure, an  irritating itchiness within. All I should do, is pray attention, tribute and acknowledgement to this ongoing process of slef unraveling, karmic unraveling. Rest would come on it's own, on their own steam.

Same like, how this picture randomly.. found me!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Log 25: Experimenting with Names/ avatars

Like I described in a prior previous post, "Log 17: Returning to Karmic Purging", that changing the blog to something else invites an accelerated backlash from my pending Karmic issues. For this blogging process itself is an personal process for Karmic Clearing/ catharsis for me. Today, when I changed the blog title once again to Karmic Clearing, from it's previous avatar of  "Karmic Planets" which focussed on a highly astrological aspect of the Karmic process, I found an immediate response/ indication from the universe... ..

For the past quite a few days I have been having a lot of non vegetarian, oily, spicy, food, alcohol uninterruptedly, which is actually quite unusual for me. And as mentioned in the earlier post, I had to visit my Ayurvedic Doctor at Chandiwala ayurvedic dispensary for consultation, and her subsequent advice, medicines to control my usual ailment of stomach problems, heat, indigestion, etc. Even after, her treatment and techniques, somehow I was indulging full on, by circumstance and friendly invitations, still binging  on non vegetarian food and alcohol. Up and until yesternight, when I was invited unplanned to my friend Susmit's house for dinner, and binged on his divine Gumbo chicken and rum. While at his place, we watched Imtiaz Ali's earlier movie, Rockstar, on his laptop, and later played windows MahJong. It involved clearing out pairs of similar tokens, layer by layers. It always reminded me of Karmic Clearings. We were hooked ionto the game for hours. It was surely a sign for me, remidning me of the name Karmic Clearing..

Today, as soon as I uploaded the blog name / avatar changes to Karmic Clearing, a plate of overtly healthy, fibrous vegetables, full of anti oxidants, etc, was put before me. As my wife puts it, lot of veggies had piled up over the past few days, and had to be utilised before getting spoiled.  Eating this meal, felt immediately relaxing, and I could feel my stomach muscles, forehead, relax, after for a long time. The system was finding some relief from it's piling up overindulgence.  Updating this blog to Karmic Clearing found definitely me in the process of Clearing my piled up, pending stomach issues for now... ;)
Cheers to Karmic Clearing!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Log 24: Karmic Planets and therapies

Since last two days, I've been having fever, body heat, temperature, nose bleeds etc. My ayurvedic doctor who sits at Banarasidas Chandiwala estate, told me that, as usual, it was my increased body heat. As per her instructions, along with her medicines, I have mad a suji out of ghee and besan, which I'm mixing it with milk for reducing body heat. For my nose bleeds, she asked me to put raw coriander juice (kaccha dhaniya ras) through my nostrils. Also, I had kaccha haldi (raw tumeric) with milk for probable internal wounds, bleeding. Over the years, visiting her with my numerous ailments help me slowly improve without going to the hospital, doctor, unless for critical issues. Other than that, I always elect to suffer the inconveniences and manageable traumas of the body as a method to clear out pending Karmic debts.

I'm Libran ascendant, Tula Lagna, the Sun, my lord of the 11th house signifying Karmic credits/ gain sitting in my 12th house, signifying Karmic debts/ loss, indicates many widespread diseases and obstacles in the first half of my life. But as the Karmic debts are paid off, gradually, brings relief and improvement. Gradually, over time, as my lifetime of health and indigestion has begun improving, I have begun developing a demonic craving for all non vegetarian food, and alcohol. This is quite strange as generally people have such cravings in their hot blooded youth, and which,  due to an aging body, gradually diminish over time. For me, this reverse pattern has arisen because of debilitated Rahu in my 3rd house, of desire, expression, siblings. As we know, any malefic planet in Upachaya houses, (3rd, 6th, 10th, 11th houses from ascendant) gives gradual improvement and strengthening of that planets qualities over time. Rahu, as is known is the master of craving, desire, tamsic foods, alocholic beverages, sexuality, libido, consumerism, etc. Hence this symptom that I am experiencing. Now when I look back, the last 14 years, the very prime of my youth has been spent almost like a monk, an recluse, in pursuit of astrology, worship, prayers, solving problems, grappling with existence itself. Only now,  recently over time, Rahu in my 3rd house, has slowly begun coming alive.
 But like my ayurvedic doctor told, I should not overdo it, because of my newfound improved deigestion, and follow a balanced middle math, to go with the flow! cheers!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Log 23: Significance of Negative Planets

By this time, I'm having a bet on/ with myself, how long this current blog name, and description lasts. But since quite time now, I'm stopped backtracking and changing traces of my vacillating changes. Let these changes in the previous posts, remain a open testimony of my super restless / Khujli personae. Hmm, why I changed this time around to Negative Planets, is because suddenly I realized, that people experience highly visible results by undertaking therapies and remedies pertaining to the negative, debilitated, malefic planets in one's birth-chart. The blessings of the positive planets, are usually taken for granted, while the drawbacks, deficiencies, and challenges, of the Negative/ Malefic planets teach us karmic awareness, brings us redemption,  resolution and relief from our long pending Karmic Debts. In fact, I would go as far to say that knowing about the Karmic significance of the Negative/ Malefic planets is the highest goal and objective of Astrology. It is why, we have incarnated in this lifetime, in this particular birth.
In my own birth chart, comparisons between the Lagna Kundli and Navamsa chart, show that in past life I was a corrupt Guru/ priest/ God man. And in this life, have to make many am,ends in that direction to eliminate a lot of my Karmic curses. And this situation/ insight is easily divulged by comparing the position of Jupiter in both my Lagna Chart, and Navamsa. And it is , earlier ignore practice of remedies to debilitated/ malefic Jupiter that has brought me unforeseen positive signs and effects.