Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 32- Repeating Patterns

Day 35- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 24th Mar, Sunday  **REPEATING PATTERNS**
As repeated thousand times before, Saturn Retrograde is a time of progress, linear development, breakthrough for Sun ruled people. And a time for regression, repetition, repeating events/ patterns for Saturn ruled people.

On 9th March, the day before Shivratri, in daytime had done Pradosh Vrat. Later evening to dispose of two semi spoiled cabbages I walked far serarching for cows in the unlikeliest ultra-urban south Delhi neighborhood. And after a long serpentine , rambling walk, landed up
in Dakshinpuri, and finally found a great number of resting cows in a field in front of abandoned, rundown Virat cinema. That was that.

Yesterday a friend's friend, film-maker Souveek landed up to discuss plans for some collaborative endeavours in the future. We had tried to meet up many times before, but either of us was tied up, and the meeting never happened. Yesterday, finally after work related topics, one thing led to other, and we ended up talkng about Karma, karmic debts etc. A guide had told Souveek to do at least 2 hrs of social service in a month. In a manner that didnt involve his professional skill-set. And yesterday Saturday morning in Hindustan Times weekend supplement, he had read a feature on DNIP palliative care. That helped cancer patients in all manners. And one of the services they provided was volunteers, who visited patients who had no access to family members, well wishers, etc. Someone to talk to, someone to make them feel, they mattered. I thought, since i do a lot of astro counselling/ vastu pro bono, WHY NOT, reach out to cancer patients. They suffer the MOST! Souveek fcalled up, followed up, and after a long winding serpentine trail, we landed up in front of Virat cinema, Dakshinpuri. somehow, I had had no food the entire day , and was feeling groggy and starved. Later, after stuffing some tea, bhajias, etc I looked around... it was the EXACT same field where I had come at night to do my Gau- Daan (Cow-feeding), exactly two Saturdays back. A series of "random", erratic, tangential events, an awry, long winding, serpentine trail had landed me up at the EXACT same spot!! We waited for a long time, and I tried to explain to Suveek the sheer coincidence of this. Later, the person from DNIP came, and we followed him to a nearby cancer patients house. I tried to give some Vaastu tips, in her sleeping directions etc. Gaytri ji's daughter stayed far away and only sometiomes could the daughter visit the ailing mother. Gave her a mantra to chant, whenver she couldnt make it to visit her mom. But one strange thing, the patient Gayatri ji looked so bright,and at peace. her daughters were married off. "Even if I pass away, my daughters ares settled". Maybe that gave her the inner peace, so evident on her face.

Like, my favourite character Swamp Thing is advised, by the Parliament of Trees: "In the Tree of Life, coincidence is the Pattern of the Bark..". Agree, especially for us Saturn ruled people, during Saturn Retrograde. As we rgress round and round in our serpentine trails...