Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Log 13: Negation of Negation begins

29th Jan, 2014, Wednesday, 5:04 pm. I feel queasy, uneasy, disoriented, and outside all comfort zones, after re-christening this name of blog to "Negation of Negation", because suddenly I'm outside of the defined structures of a particular, topical category. Like astrology, Karma, spirituality, art, whatever! NOW, I've no choice but to write about life itself under the great banner of Hegelian negation of Negation, the triadic, threefold dialectical movement of life. Now, this blog would fall in the category of ... er.. blogging! Blogging for the sake of  blogging. Unchained from the categorical restraint of fixed topics, like my other two blogs Serpentine and Saturnine, this third, blog, is about.. blogging itself! Hey, the paradoxical, contradictory phenomenon of Hegelian/ Zizekian Negation of Negation is already happening, here!! haha! Even, in my almost 20 years, albeit uninterrupted long practice of journal writing, I had a topic to write about: the DAILY events of life. What happened from morning to night under a particular date. After a while, it obviously bogged me down. The painstaking responsibility of it!! As I begin Negation on Negation, however, I don't know, WHAT I'm writing about. Where, this haphazard,  rhizomatic random narrations would take me. For the first time, blogging has become better than even jotting down thoughts on paper. Don't have to think, write, format, edit. Just random hammering on the keyboard, and watch the words spell out. Since yesterday, dietary imbalance is giving me great headaches. I had a long leftover fish fry, which was freezing in the deep freeze, microwaved and had with.. tea of all things. Hope I don't get food poisoning, or digestive breakdown, which is a common occurrence with me. I feel some release happening, because of random thoughts spurting out and imprinting themselves on the white space of the monitor.. on their own. A kind of reflexive, retroactive motion. But one, which came after a long period of extremely volumnious and formal writing parctice. in fact, i just can discontinue this page, and continue later, simply changing the para, and simply underling the time of entry! whhopsa daisy! So, this is what blogging feels like.. ( I began "bloggin" in Jun, 2007)..