Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 65- Dark Unravellings..

25th May, Saturday. Annual  Saturn Retrograde, 2013, Day.. Wowwww!!! This has been one @#$%&^&*! LONG, WINDING HORRIFYING & KARMIC Saturn Retrograde season! AND, Boosted, amplified, to an acute level by the current ng Chaotic & Karmic planetary Transit in Aries – Libra. Check link: Because of this Transit,  SO MUCH pent up Karmic issues getting released all around. Explosions, combustions all around. Especially, from 11th April onwards.  For me, this has been my most utterly flop hometown visit EVER!! I feel considerably distraught at the wasteland/ catastrophe of my hometown sojourn. (Check earlier posts). But, it’s all written. Karmically designed before hand! But,  AT LEAST, I could fulfill my Long pending Tara Pooja at Kamakhya. 

Yesterday, I finally got to see the finished version of  my friend Baba’s short film “Chapter 3”. Check youtube link:  The film PERFECTLY spelt out the current mood of this prevailing planetary transit! Disturbing, dark, subdued violence. Canned Heat! About to explode. LONG PENDING KARMIC ISSUES, finally ABOUT  to explode. In your face. An uneasy knotting in your stomach. Of highly malefic terror, lurking in the backdrop. A PERFECT representation of the current explosive Ketu + Mars conjunction in Aries opposing the dark Lords Retrograde Saturn and Rahu in Libra. The character of the protagonist in the film reflects the Ketu approach.  Vengeance personified, cool, chilled, detached, the perfect assassin.  Before watching the pic, I was feeling this nameless terror/ horror of this phase. But after watching it, I could understand what I am going through.  Of pure Ketu terror!! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 64- Dark Odyssey

22nd May, Wednesday, 94th Day, Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013. Since the last post, so much horror has unfolded, it’s simply unimaginable. That too, in my own home ground Guwahati. In addition to health problems, chaos, disruptions, that I have entailed before, this Sunday I was hexed, cast a spell upon, by some people, whom I had visited. They slipped me something in the food, and I was suddenly in a trance. Because I have some anti- hex stuff in my body because of some prior bad experiences, so in case of such stunts the spell doesn’t work, BUT the mind- body goes haywire. Cognition, perception, coherence, clarity, continuity goes for a toss. I become like a limpid zombie for days, weeks. The brains Hard Disk crashes. And you have to reboot all over again. Meanwhile, crawling through an unimaginable state of zombiehood. Enduring fogginess, blurred perception, nervous spasms, a constant ringing in the head and ears, panic attacks, shaking hands, sudden spells of fear, spasms, sudden trachycardia, sudden spasmodic INCREASE in heartbeat/ pulse rate, sudden palpitation, blurred vision, blurred, fragmented memory, fragmented perception, amnesiac forgetfulness, impaired eyesight: stuff appears in fragmented, shaky collages. You are in stoned hell. The world is constantly spinning around you. And you can’t get a hold of it. You cannot focus on any object, vision is fragmented. Everything’s constantly spinning around. Basically, an unimaginable and utter hell.

BUT THIS is a direct CONSEQUENCE of Ketu Mars in Aries DIRECTLY aspecting this year current (Rahu conjunct) Saturn Retrograde in Libra. I was lucky to find this amazing article beforehand, explaining the horror of this phase since 11th April. The REASON BEHIND this current phase being SO HORRIFIC! Check Link: Surgery, stomach trouble, heart attack, chaos, scandal, disruption, horror, being the keywords for this phase. ESPECIALLY for Libra ascendants like me. The whole nightmarish transit IS happening INSIDE our ascendant sign Libra, ruling our body, mind, soul, identity, ego, etc. NO WONDER then, the horror of this phase!! MANY of my friends, close circle is going through unimaginable horror right now. Such is the Karmic, redemptive, function of this phase. The clearance/ Karmic purification potential of this phase, this extended journey of the usual annual Saturn Retrograde, is tremendous! The amount of horror, and hence the resultant Karmic purification you can undergo in such a phase is Not a joke! This is my 4th day in this hallucinogenic hell, it simply feels like an eternity/ yet sometimes unbelievably fast. I’ve lost track of days/ time days ago. There’s NO WAY OUT but through, like the Alanis Morisette song.

Moreover, I had to go to the dentist TWICE sop far for my stone/ plaque removal process. It normally takes a single session, but my infected gums bled SO Much, dentist had to extended the process to another session(s). and this procedure HAD been pending for years and years. In fact, when in 2007, I went to the dentist with my wife, he warned me of my infected, swollen, gums, and extreme stone/ plaque collection in my dentures. SIX LONG YEARS later, I get my mouth corrected through a process overextended by many visits, prolonged weeks. SO ACUTE was the condition. I think the state of my mouth/ dentures totally spell out/ reflect my Karmic situation: LOOONG PENDING DUES!

Hence this witchcraft/ poisoning upon me , is merely a Karmic fallout of prior lives. In one of my previous lives, I definitely was a occultist gone bad, a evil Tantric. And the horrific harvest I’m reaping currently is merely a manifestation of those prior seeds/ sowings. Such IS the Law of Karma. So there was NO use screaming, shouting, raising the alarm, hitting the panic button (despite the constant panic attacks  ). I was merely undergoing the nightmarish harvest of my former incarnation. AND IN THE MOST Acute planetary phase!! Ketu + Mars in 7th house/ Aries directly aspecting/ OPPOSING the current Saturn Retrograde conjunct Rahu IN my Ascendant/ Body/ self, 1st House/ Libra!! Any other planetary period, I would have thought about this horror. BUT during such an acute phase, it was obvious!! Maybe, NOT the exact incident, but the magnitude of torment/ trauma/ purgative cleansing was scheduled! Yes, EVEN such a horrific, sudden, unexpected, disruptive EVENT was scheduled under this years ESPECIALLY acute and horrifying Annual Saturn retrograde, 2013!

I have already OVERtaxed my overstressed, and currently tangled nerves, strained dentures, faltering consciousness, way too much for you, gentle reader. So I shall sign off abruptly, before collapsing under the current prevailing condition. G’ nite!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 63- Law of Interval

12th May, Sunday evening, 84th day of Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013. As described in the earlier post, events happen in cyclic loops, spirals of becoming. Repeating patterns. When we work with Karma, Karmic reversion, we’ve to work with such roundabout serpentine loops. There are no straight cut roads. And it was ideal that, in the past week, however unpleasant, I could experience the roundabout, layered workings of Karmic processes. The drama, deviation that happened due to my last Saturday, 4th of May, breaking of the usual Saturday abstinence from alcohol/ non veg, commenced exactly from the evening of Sunday, 5th May. The pattern is such: week long effect/ residue of violation occurring on Saturday evening, commences gently from Sunday evening. It’s amazing that such weekly patterns DO EXIST. And, that’s the veracity of weekly fasts, weekly cycles. Interesting to note, that I found a copy of Mechanics Of God by Thomas Easley. Wherein, he talks about, amongst other things, about the Law of Seven. Comparing the evolution, transition of humans to the progression of Seven Notes of music, and the Secen colours of the Rainbow. IN SHORT, what I could make out, EVERY WEEK, is our, weekly progression, wherein, if we appropriate the energies of specific days, we can use the energy for progression, evolution. Fasting on specific dates are crucial to this weekly cycle. Such days, where we take a gap or INTERVAL from the usual flow of things. Easley, in his book describes the Law of Seven, also called the Interval Law..

1.     Law of Seven/ Interval Law: common to both material and immaterial realities.
2.     Uses the 7 notes, musical scale, VIBGYOR colours scale, 7 weekdays, to give it definition
3.     Indian: Sa- re- Ga- (Interval)- Ma- Pa- Dha- Ni- (interval)- Sa makes one series
4.     Hence, in the law of Seven,  TWO INTERVALS are mandatory for completion of the SEVEN series. Hence every week, we have Weekends (Two days holiday)
5.     Intervals are absolute/ mandatory, necessary life force, which gives the Seven sequence it’s meaning.
6.     There is an element of choice/ possibility in this Interval!! An awareness of possibilities, which helps us recognize its potential and possibility!
7.     The Interval is profound, awesome. Creation, evolution could not have happened without it.
8.     Realization of choice, and the sense to choose wisely, these INTERVALS are two blessings bestowed upon human nature.
9.     The Intervals in a Seven series, represent a deviation, gap, necessary, diversion from the usual, vibrational interval. HOW we use these two Intervals, is Upto us!
10. From the WEEKLY, astrological, religious viewpoint, Two Intervals, i.e, Two days of Fast/abstinence in a week can help us maintain, enjoy, our usual routine. But mostly, it’s also the necessary, mandatory gap, enabling us to make the weekly JUMP/ growth!
11. Since only two weeks, I have begun the weekly fasts on Thursday and Saturday. And this book finds itself into my hand. Thomas Elseys thoughts are of the Gurdjeff/ Ouspensky school of thought. But very congruous to our astrological, evolutionary, Karmic viewpoint!

Also, it's this Law of Interval/ Gap which helped me find the Value/ validity of the weekly fast..

Saturn Retro 2013, 62- An exquisite nightmare

12th May, Sunday, 84th day of Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013. As discussed in earlier posts, the effects of Falling Retro which should have begun from 2nd May itself, has been extended, magnified, amplified until the current date, due to the complicated 7 planet opposition in Libra and Aries. Libra is where the current Saturn Retrograde is going on. I want to talk about the week that was, 5th May, Sunday till today.

On Saturday, 4th May, oblivious of the complicated planetary transit ahead, urged by friends, I violated my usual Saturday abstinence from alcohol or non vegetarian food. This gross indiscretion had perfect timing. For I got rammed by the full force of the prevailing Sun- Saturn opposition, directly IN my ascendant sign, ruling my body. The whole week was a long serpentine, trail of food poisoning, gas, acidity, breathlessness, etc. An old horrifying stomach ailment I had suffered from childhood, and had considerably crossed over, had resurrected in FULL BLOOM!! And yet, in such an acute situation , i couldn't  rest and recover at home at all!! Every night I was out, late nights, guests, movements, acutely, horrifyingly magnified my week into a nightmarish crescendo!! The Pink Floyd song from their album "Momentary Lapse of Reason", the Song lyrics to "One Slip" goes.. "... One slip, and down the Hall, you go.."! How true! IF I had NOT violated my usual, decade long Saturday abstinence, the week wouldn't have been SO BAD, or SO HORRIFYING! Bereft of the usual protection of my Saturnine blessings, the Saturnine protective shield, I got RAMMED full force, by the 7 planet opposition directly IN my Ascendant Sign of Libra!! The old health nightmare of yesteryears was resurrected in full bloom. 
Moreover, the personage who urged me to break my fast was also horrifyingly affected by it. With equivalent professional mishaps in the the course of the passed week. 
Most of the week, I trudged, along, in severe acidity, gas, breathlessness, like a pure Zombie!! Most of the time, silent, drowning in ole nightmares of yore. As if, fate had designed me to experience the Full redemptive/ purgative impact of this complicated planetary transit. MINUS, the usual protective DISCOUNT of my Saturnine shield. MOREOVER, Aries, the opposite counterpart, of Libra, governing my partner, wife was also acutely affected.
 I distinctly recall, that the effects of Saturday evening violation of 4th may, began gently began to creep up from Sunday evening, 5th May. Gently, slowly, a elaborately designed disastrous epic unfolded. A week long exquisite nightmare. Of infinite detail and horror! Gently unfolding, scene by scene. Layer by layer. Event by event. Each event in itself, nothing much. But the overall buildup/ crescendo...  such horrific, and acute proportions, that literally left you breathless. My Asthalin spray, normally lying unused for months and years, almost got finished in the past week!! Yesterday and today, i have been watching Japanese films in a festival organized by friends at IIT , gwhy. And this made me , more aware, of the elaborate detail of nightmarish horror, of the past week. The screenplay details. The craft of horror. Especially, when you yourself are playing out the role! According to my predictions, the horrific effects should gently ease out from today, being Sunday evening. Another interesting synchronicity is that Saturday evening violation, has coincided with the APEX/ peak of the complicated, entangled, horrific, planetary transit currently going on in Libra and Aries. The week that was, was something else altogether. 
Amongst other events, I had begun to watch Project X, an unbelievably wild movie from the makers of the Hangover series, on Wednesday. But, I could only finish the movie today, Sunday evening!! Such, cue in, cue out points are the best clues to prevailing planetary transits, in our lives. Symmetric, analogous, geometric patterns, help us understand astrological phenomenon, natural cycles. It's this very observation of stars, cycles in all fields that have led to the evolution of mankind,be it in sciences, agriculture, arts, astrology. 
Today, so deeply immersed in the gloom of a Sunday evening. Only the sound of my fingers crawling, hammering over the keyboard. And the glow of my face in the light of this monitor, in this gloomy Sunday dusk. The random mosquito hovering near my ears. Their humming drone. The stillness, gravitas, palpable gloom of this still, void, Sunday evening. I lift my T shirt, and rub my belly, still a bit swollen from all that gas and acidity. the calcification of the past week has been unimaginable. Like stalagmites, in an deep old cave.  I couldn't even update much, this entire elaborate nightmarish week. But now, that I sit back, and retrospect, on hindsight, I see WHAT I have crossed. I was poring over and old, tattered journal from 2007. I had violated my saturday abstinence, on a normal day. and by Sunday evening, the phone call came. Of a dark and unbearable content. Of undigestible matter. And this past week, was literally undigestible. Everything I ate, I couldn't digest!! Stuck between the living and the dead. Gasping for breath. But yo, this nightmare was COMPLETELY my own making! Otherwise, however bad the prevailing planetary transit, i DO get my Saturnine discount. And somehow, slip and slide by. Like an escaped eel. But this week, cos of my indiscretion, I got stuck. In a exquisitely woven nightmarish net. Of pure thorns. So much for an evening of partying. That too, for a creature, who's almost partying every other night! I hope my next post is of relief, and NOt indescribable horror....

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 61- Swamped!!

80th day, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 8th May, Wednesday. Day before yesternight, Monday, bad beer, late night dinner, and terrible stomach upset. Whole night couldn't sleep due to breathlessness, old acid reflux problem up again. Was holed up in a friends office/ apartment, rasping, wheezing, without medicine. And no water supply till morning. A walk through hell!! And also, smashed my left feet index toe, on a door jamb. This time, this hometown visit at the wrong planetary  timing, has found me bogged with one after the other mishap!! Currently, even though Venus moved out of Aries on 4th May, ending the 7 planet opposition between Aries and Libra, but still SIX planets are still in opposition: Sun, Mars, Ketu, Mercury in Aries OPPOSING Saturn, Rahu in Libra!! And there is still time for this deadlock to end!! Relief is slowly coming, BUT not without the occasional disaster, this planetary mix up is creating. All in all, a very prolonged and ACUTE Saturn Retro experience!!

I cannot believe, that it's me writing, isolated, far away, quietly on this gloomy cloudy, noon. Far away from the maddening crowd, at a friends place, recovering, from the horrific stomach mishap! What a strange, estranged, chaotic, mixed up, hometown visit, this has been. Simply unbelievable!! But then, that's the scheduled program, of this years Annual Saturn Retro, 2013. On that saw the 7 planet opposition in Aries and Libra, ADDING/ multiplying its complication! So, be it. Last Saturday, I even foolishly violated by usual Saturday fast/ abstinence, of refrain from alcohol and non veg. So, this week has been even more acutely terrible, with stomach collapse, poisoning, breakdown, horror. But strangely, still I'm understanding the underlying funda: BEST not to THRIVE in such a complex, conflicting, planetary phase! SIX planets, in opposition, has made the usual fare of Saturn Retrograde, a far more complicated affair! And not to forget, that my journey itself, began from the very commencement of the & planet opposition from 29th April. So this drama, was bound to happen!! Dear gentle reader, if your'e finding yourself in great conflict since 29th April, it's perfectly normal. It's merely a Karmic effect of this complicated transit in Aries and Libra!! But, only when I sit down to write/ update in my blog, do I comprehend the underlying astrological significance of these past few days. Otherwise, even I'm like you, directly, personally, viscerally, undergoing the visceral un-becoming!! Becoming undone at the seams! Landing up, in the far backwaters, in the visceral, muddy, swampland of complex emotions and Karmic residues. 
This years Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, has become a LONg, winding, serpentine odyssey. Physically, very horrifying at times, but Karmically, the best ideal time. To crawl through the mud of complex, visceral, Karmic residues. NOT a time to be sweet, simple, flying high. On Monday night, when I woke up at my friends office/ apartment from severe, gas, acid, breathlessness, and without the emergency Asthalin at my side, I was suddenly transported to the bad old days. When for almost two decades, this was the usual scenario, in my life. A scenario, that I overcame after years of Ayurvedic therapy, treatment, health precautions, etc. The path of Saturn is a long winding serpentine trail. A trail of unravelling, that slowly reveals underlying layers, one by one. Hence, this "coincident" 7 planet opposition, directly occurring IN the house of saturn Retrograde, Libra, during the PEAK of Saturn Retro Velocity, is definitely, and extended Karmic schedule of this very journey. Something, like EXTRA Coaching!! Additional classes, to address a big entrance exam, ahead!! Yup, exactly something like that!
A scenario, that finds me, completely bogged down, in my own home turf, own home ground, int the worst possible chaotic manner. But yet, understanding it, on some other level.
A scenario, that finds me... Swamped!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 60- Stings in the Tail

77th day, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 5th May, Sunday. Early morning, was suddenly woken up by call from wife: wasps had stung her yet again!! My phone had been switched off, and I woke up blurred, groggy, by my sister. Like my ever favourite nightmare awakening scene from the movie Basic Instinct. In the scene, detective Nick (Michael Douglas) lays asleep in front of the  TV. On its screen, a nightmarish monster movie plays on. Suddenly, the phone rings. Groggily waking up, Nick answers it. Bad news! Nick crawls out and reaches a scene of crime. Cops, detectives, all around. A fellow detective, with whom he had a public brawl, lies leaning on the steering wheel of his car. A bullet hole in his head. Nick is the prime suspect. Nightmarish awakenings…

After talking to me, and updating the latest horror, my wife handed the phone to our landlord, Sunil, who’s an gifted astrologer, amongst other things. He intuitively enquired about the current prevailing transits, even as I updated him about the current Sun, Mars, Ketu in Aries opposing Saturn, Rahu in Libra. (check earlier post). Later, I pored over the ephemeris again. And, on second examination, the tunnel ran far deeper..
Since 29th of April- 4th May, Seven planets out of Nine, in Vedic astrology were in direct Opposition! Sun, Mars, Ketu, Venus, Mercury in Aries was opposing Saturn, Rahu in Libra. Needless to say, that coz of this, the drama of Saturn Retrograde has been acutely magnified!! Even though, reducing Retrograde velocity had commence from 2nd May itself. But, as usual, being severely Saturn + Ketu influenced, I get to know about current/ ongoing transits, always in the FAG END, at the TAIL END of things!! Always in retrospection and in hindsight!! 24 hrs, I keep on writing, updating about astrology, but always am blind to prevailing Transits, until they hit me on the head with their stings!!

So strange that in my home ground, hometown, feeling so estranged, disconnected from my Home Turf! But this high drama of 7 planet opposition between Aries and Libra has definitely contributed to this experience. One of my friends had a massive fallout with his family during these last few days, and is staying out. Another friend has relapsed deeply into his hangover from a broken relationship, regressing into bygone times. Another friend is down with backache, slipped disc. Our very prominent Education minister Hemanta Biswa Sarma was quoted by local Assamese papers to say that times were not alright until 15th May! As usual, the press makes fun of anyone pertaining to astrological beliefs. Then, go on ahead to publish the weekly Zodiac horoscopes!! Anyways, though I’m getting fried in complex, and unusual ways during these last few days, I can at least feel the SATISFACTION of considerable Karmic purgation, cleansing during these past 7 days. And dilly, dallying, in whimsical dispersions. And NOT investing any great energy/ investment during this unlikely/ artificial phase.. on steroids!!
To surmise, this year 2013, the peak Max 100 %  Saturn Retrograde was acutely aggravated, multiplied, DISTORTED, skewed, magnified, by the SEVEN PLANET OPPOSITION in Aries and Libra!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 59- Layers n Layers

76th day, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 4th May, Saturday. Even though, Falling Retro finally began from 2nd May, Thursday itself, we’re still very much WITHIN an extremely catastrophic/ stagnating phase. Because, currently Saturn + Rahu in Libra is being directly opposed by Sun, Mars, Ketu, and temporarily even Venus, in Aries!! This drama of Retrograde Saturn being directly OPPOSED by Sun in Aries, has begun from 13th April itself. Already, Saturn in it’s PEAK Retrograde motion is weak, debilitated, and now being DIRECTLY opposed by the strongest SUN!! (Sun is exalted in Aries). Three fiery planets Sun, Mars, Ketu, also ruling the Pitta humour, fiery acidic, flaming qualities opposing the shadow lords Saturn and Rahu, in their strong position in Libra! Cosmic drama. Only twist in the tale is, Saturn is currently in Retrograde, SO the sun is far more stronger in Aries!! The imbalanced edge!! In the Sun’s exalted, empowered, energised, powerful transit thru Aries ( 13th April – 13th May), the highest opposition drama is  from 25th April- 4th May, when the Sun is travelling thru 10 degree- 190th degree of  Aries. In it’s peak Solar force. As it falls beyond 20 degrees, the planetary force of the sun diminishes. In fact, I felt slight changes from yester night itself, when I could feel the FIRST cracks in the long winding solar pressure since eternity. First was long 2.5 month Rising Retro phase of Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, then the 2nd layer from the commencement of Chaitra Basant Navaratra, a highly Rajasic Solar Phase, since 11th  April, and 3rd  layer of  Mars transiting into Aries on 12th April, its own sign, directly opposing Saturn. Then the 4th layer of Sun itself transiting into Aries from 13th April!! All in all, this year 2013, the peak Max 100 %  Saturn Retrograde was vastly empowered, boosted, aggravated, multiplied, magnified On steroids by 4 ADDITIONAL transit layers!! Solar Drama to the power Four!!

Personally, I have been experiencing this unbelievable phase at an obviously catastrophic phase. The usual, normal purgative, redemptive process of Saturn Retrograde has been magnified and amplified to a great magnitude. But, as usual, being severely Saturn + Ketu influenced, I always get to know about current, prevailing transits in the FAG END, the extreme TAIL END of events!! Always in retrospection and in hindsight!! Have been feeling so UNIMAGINABLY groggy, weighed down, burdened, for no apparent reason. EVEN, in the my own hometown Guwahati, where it’s always like the Moon for me, a place of reduced gravity!! The Sun, Mars, and “kujavat” Ketu (Mars/ kuja like Ketu) opposing Saturn and Shanivat Rahu (Saturn/ Shini like Rahu) has created an unusual cosmic drama from 11th April onwards! A drama greatly amplified by the prevailing Solar/ Rajasic Basant Navartra. So many coinciding layers/ transits, coming together to create this phase. This uniquely, forceful, purgative , Karmic phase for those Saturn ruled. And a super powerful boost for those ruled by Rajasic Sun, Mars, etc. Personally, being a highly Saturnine dude, I felt these changes in a very constrictive stranglehold of old, prevailing, pending issues and conflicts. Magnified to an acute degree! But since the onset of Retrograde Saturn effects from early Feb, I have been prepared, and have been On this journey. This winding, serpentine trail with it’s cosmic climax!! It’s supernova eruption!! From yesterday itself, when the Sun entered the 19th degree of Aries, (peak strength being from 11th- 18th degree), I felt a subtle fall/ change in the surrounding environment. But very subtle. Later as afternoon came, I felt another subsequent change.
BUT  yesterday Noon was horrific!! I was with mychildhood  friend since kindergarten days, Sanjit Narayan, opposite his place, Beltola Rani Bagan, sipping tea in a ghumti (tea shack), almost over a drain. And I saw someone from my past, a significant and tumultuous era, “Thorn Bird” ( by a novel of the same name), stroll by past us, to collect her kids from a children’s centre. Needless to say, she was highly Sun, Mars ruled, and empowered by Ketu, a planet ruling the past. It was like Sighting a Ghost AT noon! I deliberated with friend Sanjit, and after sometime, simply cowered to a side, escaping, retreating, running away, before the “ghost” made her return!! On any other day, it would have been an a slightly awkward yet graceful intersection. But, NOT yesterday!! Today, when I’m writing this, and elaborating the planetary transits on hindsight, I thank myself, for my reluctance. Such was the layers and layers of these days… 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 58- "morning glory"

73rd day, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 1st May, Wednesday. Today’s day 7 of 7 days of 100 %, Max, (4’ 33”), Saturn Retro velocity of 2013. From tomorrow,  Saturn Retro velocity diminishes throughout the month of May,  the Falling Retro phase. Today, its full on Retro Max Velocity of Saturn, and as like in many earlier posts, I’m smack in the middle of a Retrograde phenomenon.. The Void of the morning. Especially Wednesday morning
Since I am  very much Saturn ruled, obviously the word “morning glory” brings a completely different meaning to me. What goes through me during morning times, is what most Sun ruled people feel during evenings/ dusk, a time ruled by Saturn. A sombre, gloomy, feeling, heaviness, weight, void. Mornings are completely heavy times of void and Gravitas for me. Gravitas is the opposite of Impetus. And especially SUNDAY & WEDNESDAY MORNINGS!!  Coz, both the Sun and Mercury, are in my 12th house.  Especially in the house of Virgo, ruled by Mercury/ Budhbar. Hence, the “Wednesday Morning Glory, Budhbar Pratyush”! Give me Saturday dusk, anyday!! And today, I’ve woken up at Lueits place at morning. The weather is so utterly gloomy, cloudy, giving the PERFECT hue, texture, I FEEL during the “brightness/ optimism “ during mornings. HOW a SATURNINE/ Saturn ruled dude, FEELS during morning time! The true underlying meaning of “morning glory”!!
As I write this, Lueit practices his songs for his evening performance tonight. Singing and strumming songs on his guitar. He's the full sun ruled person! His wife Neha, and daughter Vana are  away in Jammu. Like described in the earlier post, the house is feeling so empty, quiet, silent, void, foreboding. Far removed from it’s usual hustle, bustle. Having  not yet recovered from my long train journey,  still feeling highly disoriented, I feel completely  unplugged from my own hometown.  From my own home ground!! The effects and feel Saturn’s Retro Max holds with FULL effects! I just am pondering the layers of Today: Day 7 of 7 days of 100% Max retro Velocity, 2013 PLUS Wednesday morning, in an empty house. The perfect choreography of Lord Saturn..