Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 20- The Gita from Saturn viewpoint

Day 16- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 5th Mar, Tuesday. Today returning from a meeting, I landed up at my friend Vibha's place. It was her birthday. She had been gifted a copy of The Bhagavat Gita last night. Coincidentally, yesternight I had been browsing for images of Pitamah Bhishma, to put on my blogs Pitra logo. Today, i was tired, dehydrated, sleepless. I was giving fundas, "bhaasan" to Vibha and her hubby Rahul. About Sun/ Saturn, Retrograde etc. Told them, during next two months of Rising Retro, Sun people have to pursue Shakti, forge with Will Power and forge onwards, on the road to progress. Will To Power. And, Saturn people have to lay back, chill a while like a spaced out Lord Shiva, or the reclining Lord Vishnu on Sheshnaag. Floating on the tranquil oceans of time/space. A time for contemplation and surrender, philosophical, enquiry. Later, I began randomly browsing through The Gita. I had always earlier ignored, overlooked it. But I remembered that the the greatest devotee of Lord Krishna was Shanidev. His excessive devotion to Lord krishna landed
him in getting a curse from his own wife. So today, reading The Gita from the Saturn Retrograde viewpoint made a LOT of sense. In terms of Saturnine regression/ retrograde. I now Re-read and reinterpret it from the Saturnine viewpoint...

TEXT 4.21: "Abandoning all attachment to the results of his activities.. he performs No fruitive action, although engaged in all kinds of undertakings..". During Saturn Retro, Saturnine people should do things, detachedly, mechanically. Detach all activities from ones EGO/ identity. They should perform Akarma: Actions WITHOUT fruitive
actions. The attitude,feeling, is one of self-surrender. "..it is as though, he were not doing anything...".

TEXT 4.24: "A person is sure to attain the spiritual kingdom, because of his conribution to spiritual activities..". During Saturn Retro, Saturnine people should act like in a yajna, or undertake activities/ sacrifices simply meant for the satisfaction of Shanidev. More the
acitivities are performed in Saturnine consciousness, or dedicated in name of Shanidev, more the atmosphere becomes spiritualized by complete absorption. Thats what I told my friends last few days, that THIS entire Retrograde blogging endeavour has ONE objective: the
pleasure, staisfaction of Shanidev.

TEXT 4.28: " Having accepted strict vows.. enlightened by sacrifices.. performing austerities.. practicing Yoga of Mysticism.. studying Vedas.." The purport paragraph below this verse entails in detail, the different paths of Yogi, the different yajans/ yogas, processes ON the path of transcendental knowledge. Details of the caturmasya vow. When, from July to October, the candidate does not eat certain foods, does not eat twice in a day, does not shave for four months, does not leave home. Such sacrifice of comforts of life is called tapomaya- yajna. Others, who engage themselves in studies of Vedic literature, Upnaishads, Vedanta Sutras, Sankhya philosophy. Yet others who take
pilgrimages. I was surprised to find, a whole SYLLABUS/or PROGRAMME  for Saturnines seeking to follow Saturn Retrograde for the next two months. Some kind of abstinence, austerity in ones own terms.

And this blogging process is my participating in this very endeavour.

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