Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Log 14: Mathematics of Energy Clearing

Each one of us is born with pending karmic issues. Issues that we are poised to resolve and in our current life.
These pending issues are indicated by  the unique planetary positions in our astrological birthchart. Methods of Energy Clearing helps us to resolve and Transform these unique pending issues into unique opportunities.
Energy Clearing often accelerates our growth opportunities by increasing the frequency of the jolts, shocks, and detriments. What?? How???
Let me illustrate...

Energy Transformation process:
In my astrological birth chart,  I have got a very debilitated and uniquelychallenging Ketu position. This Ketu Dosha offers me the choice of haphazard, rhizomatic growth through jolts and turbulence or to remain collosally frozen in great stagnation of tranquil, ordered structures.
This Ketu position indicates that I have to experience growth only after experiencing the potential dormant 10,000 units of pending jolts, and shocks.
This 10,000 units of HIGH Voltage can manifest in different formats..
10 installments of 1000 units,
100 installments of 100 units, or..
1000 installments of 10 units.
Personally, being of a hypersensitive constitution, I would personally always choose the last option..
1000 installments of 10 units.
A higher frequency of jolts, but with a much more manageable reduced potential of each singular jolt.
IN FACT, given a choice, I would choose 2000 installments of 5 units each, or even 3000 instalments of 3.3 units. If given a Choice!! BUT that choice HAS been available through the process of Energy Clearing..
Since, I have begun the process of Energy Clearing I've often noticed about the increased frequency of knocking, shaking, rattling jolts.
But,  because of their very INCREASE of frequency, their individual impact/ voltage/ shock value has considerably DECREASED.
They come, rattle me, tattle me, shock me, but they SOON pass.
In case of health, I am having increased frequencies of afflictions but of more transient, afflictions.
And, the more I'm able to avoid the glamorous allure of authoritative prestige, bronzed cowboy "solidness", more the rhizomatic opportunities arise on their own.
Parallely, Energy Clearing also create windows of opportunity for me to service other people who are are suffering in those areas. And earn karmic blessings.
Often, a lot of out of the way turbulence gets thrown your way, but they further the mathematical process of Energy Clearing...
Cheers and Gratitude to the Divine!