Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Log 30: Values of Karmic Clearing

Recently i have somewhat digressed from my astrological observations and have been focussing more and more upon Karmic Clearing. Why? More regularly that you pursue the process of Karmic Clearing, more room is created within for movement, and energy within. And we create more space within ourselves to receive the gifts of the universe. In my experience the highest and most efficient Karmic Cleansing occurs from our state of mind. I list below some mental insights that can help you accelerate the process of Karmic Clearing..

One of the easiest ways to absolve pending negative Karma is by expressing and acknowledging thanks and gratitude for the gifts that we receive and often take for granted all around us.
Secondly, is through Karmic awareness, realising and understanding the Truth, that our current state of existence is the result of our own past karmas. We are bearing the fruits of our own known/ unknown actions.
Thirdly, make a conscious effort to avoid emotions like Envy, Jealousy, Cribbing, Arrogance and Pride in our lives. Once we replace these five demons with inner karmic awareness and gratitude, the process of Karmic cleaning accelerates. the universe understand our faith in the divine Karmic Law, and it helps us in mysterious ways and means to speed up our Karmic cleansing process and our inner evolution.
Fourthly, any kind of regular meditation can help relax ourselves, and remove Karmic Toxins from within us.

Cheers and thanx for reading! May the universe show you the way!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Log 29: Karmic clearing creates space for gifts

Today, after a long period of Karmic Clearing for past two weeks, as described in the previous post, I'm feeling a lot lighter. Suddenly, I modified the title and name for the nth time. So the importance of process of Karmic Clearing is stated. Even for reaching clarity, talking about the divine process, Karmic Clearing has to occur. From the lowest microbe to the highest being of light, it's the process of Karmic Clearing connecting one and all. Clear your karmic garbage, create space within, move on...