Sunday, August 23, 2015

Log 13: Nightmares and Dreamscapes

The title of today's post has been inspired by one of my favourite Stephen King books, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, an anthology of short stories, very different from his usual horror novels. In this book, there are both horrific stories and quite a number of fantasy stories with positive endings. And the apt title of the book expresses a vital aspect of the process of energy clearing, healing.

One cannot reach one's ideal Dreamscapes, without crawling through the mandatory Nightmarish expurgation of one's pending karmic issues. This is a crucial aspect of the Energy Clearing process, that most completely fail to mention. No clearing, healing process can progress without us having to crawl through the nightmare-scapes of our inner demons, and our preloaded karmic mines within ourselves. And that, without wading through our Nightmares, we can never reach for our Dreamscapes. 

I am reminded of my favourite movie Shawshank Redemption, in which Tim Robbins, a prisoner escapes from prison, and crawls through many football field lengths of wastage latrine pipes to reach his freedom, a Dreamscape of a turquoise blue seaside. It vividly expresses the  journey of Energy Clearing, where, one cannot reach one's turquoise blue seaside Dreamscape, without crawling through the Mandatory football field lengths of pending karmic issues and ghoulish Nightmares.
As we purge, we progress...

Friday, August 7, 2015

Log 12: Underlying Energy Patterns

After 9 months down this unfolding journey of Energy Clearing, under the guidance of my healing guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar, today I want to discuss about underlying Energy Patterns within ourselves. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, the journey of Energy Clearing has two aspects to it: the first aspect is dealing with various Doshas (Energy imbalances) in our body, to reorient and repair them, and
restore balance and relief within ourselves. And, the second aspect is that of Energy Patterns, within ourselves. But the aspect of negative patterns of energy clearing, is a far more subtle, deep, yet powerful and long reaching, aspect of Energy lying inside of us.

Energy imbalances, i.e, Doshas are more visible, dynamic, and, on the surface. But, Energy Patterns are almost invisible, and is detected only after in-depth analysis, by an experienced energy healer. Hidden Energy Patterns within ourselves, have the capability of swallowing, and superseding all other minor energy events, energy dynamics, into it's vast and oceanic grasp. As mentioned many times before, both Doshas, and Energy patterns occur in ourselves due to various karmic entanglements of this life and before. But whereas the imbalances of Doshas can be more easily dealt with, the effects of negative Energy Patterns require a far more subtle, and in depth approach.

In my parallel journey of Vedic astrology, I have been more than familiar with various patterns, and cycles arising due to various planetary combinations in one's horoscope. And, have effectively used various strategies to deal with them. Like, in those cases with Mars related Doshas, which bring major accidents, can be effectively regulated by therapies which convert the imbalance into
installments of frequently occurring minor accidents, cuts, bruises, instead of one singular devastating and debilitating, mega catastrophe. In hte case of Saturn related Doshas, the energy imbalance can be be be regulated by empowering the Sun, and donations and offerings related to Shanidev. Jupiter issues can be dealt with by empowering Venus, or Mercury more, etc. However, from the aspect of Energy Clearing, negative energy patterns are far more deep sated, and arise due to a complicated sum total of the many planetary combinations, existent in our horoscope. And the calculations, are not only lengthy, complicated, and humongous in scale, but also, the dynamics often run contrary to the usual principles of astrology. Such deep seated energy patterns, can however be, uncovered by the intuition of those, who have the blessings of divine clairvoyance. And see our energy state for what it is.

 In this Indian subcontinent, many people are familiar with encounters with saints, clairvoyants, seers, sages, spiritual people blessed with divine grace ( the genuine ones, and not the charlatans, false god men, crooks), who, without any horoscope, or knowledge, can divine truths about the person. And, if followed earnestly, give long lasting effects throughout the lifespan of the person. Such in-depth divination, come as a blessing of universal grace, and from the divine ability and insight to detect, and comprehend the hidden worlds of Energy Patterns lying within each person. The dynamics and laws of designs, hidden machinery upon which our lives revolve and run upon.

 In my own healing journey, my guide Dipankar, helped me uncover a deep seated, hidden negative Energy pattern within myself, whose powerful effects superseded all my Doshas, Gunas, vices and virtues. A negative Energy pattern, which has prevailed, and flourished throughout my entire life. But, completely overlooked and undetected, because of it's very familiarity and obviousness. Exactly like the hidden letter in the story, The Purloined Letter, by my favourite writer Edgar Allan Poe. Wherein, the much sought for Purloined letter is kept in the most obvious place, but because of it's obviousness, remained completely undetected by all.

This highly negative pattern of mine, is somehow mysteriously connected with hidden Manglik Dosh, and partial Kalsarp Dosh. It manifest itself in the most bizarre manner. Where it sees me free fall into a cocoon of cosy, sluggish, complacency. A default setting of the mind, where at the drop of a hat, it rapidly sinks into a stupor of sluggish, frozen, fossilization. A bizarre Comfort Zone of fossilized inertia, in the most weirdest of circumstances, the most unlikely of scenarios. A wave of vast lethargy and comatose coziness, rapidly spreads through my bloodstream and I rapidly freeze into a fossilized rock, suspended in time. And this highly negative pattern of mine is accelerated by my own primal attraction, primal lust, primal desire, craving and longing for the cosy, Comfort Zone of stagnation.  My ultimate honey trap, my secret lust, my deepest forbidden desire.  The irresistible lure of stagnation and complacecny is my  personal karmic curse and  my most destructive hidden, underlying, Energy pattern!!

And, facilitated by my by guide Dipankar, I have gradually begun to understand the equivalent Reverse pattern of this underlying negative energy. The only way to counterbalance this negative pattern of cosy, comfortable, stagnation, is NOT by forceful, artificial movement (which anyways rapidly fades away), BUT, by the process of turbulence, knocking, shaking, turbulence, upheaval, voltage fluctuation, jaw shaking rattling. High voltage energy, to shake me, out of my frozen stupor, uproot me out of my fosslizing inertia. ONLY this voltage fluctuation, this turbulence, has the power to shatter the stranglehold of entanglement and entrapment, and break down the bondage of fossilized energies, and release the energies required for movement, development, and progress.

Thanks to this journey of Energy Clearing, I have begun to perceive strangulating force of this negative Energy pattern inside of me. And, instead of shunning the reverse , equivalent pattern, necessary for my release, have begun to repeatedly remind myself, that these turbulent waves of knocking, shaking, rattling and voltage fluctuation coming my way, are actually the agents of change, the harbingers of karmic release, relief, movement, and progress.