Thursday, March 21, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 30- Symmetric Inversion

Day 32- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 21th Mar, Thursday
Todays going to be a great/ heavy/ overloaded post. A topic which I was wanting to talk about since MANY years of saturn retro study/ research. But never could do so before getting the hang of powerpoint graphs/ tools. The simplest tools is oft the means to liberation for me. Also, I want to thank my friend MMadhuka who boosted, urged me to write/ continue the blog because he was waiting to read it. In Assamese he said an old saying "jopona loi baat sai thoka". In early assam, the village used to have a bamboo gate 'jopona", often people would look expectantly at it for arrival of guests, excitement, something new. So hence this article..

As explained 1000 times/ posts/ articles before, Saturn Retrograde is a time of Progression for the Sun ruled people and regression for Saturn ruled people. See the graph BELOW, the Solar/ Sun ruled  graph is the symmetrical INVERSE of the Saturn ruled graph. That's easily understood. BUT to what degree?? To what magnitude. NOW, that's the fascinating part....

In my research and observation I have found that sometimes on a daily basis the INVERSION occurs. Meaning? Check the above graph: say on Day 2, for a Sun ruled person, an event B occurs. Then on the lower graph, for the Saturn person, the EXACT INVERSE event B" occurs. Sun B- Saturn B". And this corresponding symmetrical inversion between Sun- Saturn, whenever it occurs, is FASCINATING!!
Often it occurs between Sun ruled and saturn ruled people BUT also it can occur in events, things, commodities. The MOST fascinating personal discovery of mine is THAT: for me, this symmetric corresponding inversion has occured between my own life events. I.e, in 2008 and 2009, I was behaving completely like the SUN ruled person. and the after effects of which I bore the brunt of  for many years. When I compared my journals of 2009, with Saturn Retro 2012, I found that ALMOST every Day of Saturn Retro in 2009, was the inverse of it's corresponding Saturn Retro Day of 2012. Almost EVERY day! To be any coincidence!!
Say for example on day 23, retro 2009, Saw me arriving at the Airport from somewhere. THEN, on day 23, retro 2012, saw me going to the airport to pick someone up. And this two events: the airport flight/ thingy is an uncommon event for me. Say on Day 24, Retro 2009, one friend Priya had ditched me, for some scheduled Vaastu appointment. creating disappointment. Then on 24, retro 2012, SAW that same Priya land up in Delhi, after a gap of 1 year, on that SAME  24th  day of retro, and somehow end giving relief, joy, transcendence. This COINCIDENCE is hallmarked by its sheer "coincidence", and Not mundane inversions between regular events. My journals of 2011 and 2012 have DAY-to-DAY accounts of this Inversion on a daily, and sometimes even on a half daily, quarterly basis. YES, to THAT degree. SO MUCH for free will! Especially, us Saturn ruled ruled people are marionnetes, dancing to invisible threads during Saturn retrograde!!
But I've seen that this unbelievable grid/ on the dot/ on the graph determinism/ predictability lasts ONLY my observations/ comparisons within and during Saturn Retrograde. Once Saturn turns directional, no more such predictability, usual, normal course follows.. Thankfully!!!!