Monday, March 11, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 23- Aint Anybody Fooling Nobody

Day 22- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 11th Mar, Monday.
The current position of Planets in Aquarius, a sign totally ruled by Saturn is making this Saturn Retro energies, somewhat confusing. Currently the Sun, and his commander-in-chief, Mars, is sitting debilitated in Aquarius. Moreover Venus and retrograde Mercury is also sitting there. FOUR planets in chaos, sitting in Aquarius (Saturn's sign) opposing Leo (sun's sign)!! Mercury is the prince planet having great relations with both Sun and Saturn. Mercury is like the wily, shrewd, Narada muni, with a sitar in his hand chanting "narayan, narayan" as shown in all the mythological serials. Since Mercury is the common connecting network of communication between Sun and Saturn and is currently in retrograde, hence the entire Sun- saturn polarisation of saturn retrograde is becoming even more chaotic,
hodge-podge, jar-var, kheli-meli! Sun in Aquarius is considered the darkest point for the Sun, coz' Aquarius (Kumbh) is ruled by Saturn. And, in this darkest hour, Lord Shiva, the Dark Lord signfying the blackness, Mahakal himself is worshipped: Shivratri! Next week onwards this mix up is getting over, cos Sun and Mars is moving into Pisces, a sign ruled by Jupiter. Ending the long brewing topsy turvy of past one month. Four planets sitting in Saturnine Aquarius- opposing Solar Leo, creating an unneccesary conflict, chaos. IMPORTANT: 10th Mar Sunday, 11th Mar Monday, 12th Mar Tuesday, sees the MOON ALSO CROSSING Aquarius. THIS FIFTH planet Moon, in Aquarius for these three days ADDS to the complication, skewyness, odd deviant energies of the current state. THIS IS A VERY KARMIC PERIOD,  Just after Shanid Pradosh and Shivaratri. Sun ruled people have to fight much harder and Saturn ruled people have to be excessively Laid-back, these three days!!

Sun ruled people, everybody is always impressed with the hard work, thoroughness, PASSION, dedication, sincerity you bring to the table. But you ain't fooling me, in prior times, you were laidback, lazy, inertial, lethargic, servile. So payback now, with extra duracell fighting power and agressiveness!!  
Saturn ruled people, everybody says that we're laidback, chilled out, lazy, inertial, lethargic, servile. But we shouldn't fool ourselves, in prior times, we were overzealous, domineering, egocentric, Martian, agressive, hot blooded, proud creatures. So we HAVE to payback now, with extra service, docility, regression, back seat, and regression!

SUCH is The KARMIC LAW! Aint Anybody foolin' Nobody!!