Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 18- The Great Morning Walks..

Day 16, Annual Saturn Retro, 2013, 3rd Mar, Sunday. Today was the 3rd and hopefully final day of my great Morning walks attempted during Rising Retro phase. See, the above diagram, see my great "progress". Morning walks in our neighbouring Jahapanah forest have become the heralding event of this Annual saturn Retro, 2013. Check my earlier post: which on 10 Feb, Sunday, 10 days before retro actually began, the effects of the Rising Retro announced itself!! And this weekend, both yesterday, Saturday morning, and today Sunday morning was Day 2 and 3 of my great morning walks at Jahapanah Forest, near our home. Each day i became more tired, exasperated instead of the usual opposite. Today especially after yesternights late party, going to the morning walk was like entering a death camp, torture routine. Noteworthy, that first half of the day ruled by Sun/mercury, both my malefics. And second half, especially after dusk ruled by Saturn, my great benefic. I didnt plan it, but the Grand flopshow, of the Great Morning walks heralding saturn Retro phase, has expressed pure, pure REGRESSION/ REGRESS of this 3 week phase, for us Saturnines. The Opposite of progress!! 
Todays the last day of Crossover week, described in earlier posts ( 24 Feb Sun- 4 Mar, Mon). And after the 'sweet' morning walk, i spent my noon sleeping at home, something which i Loathe!! These three morning walks have perfectly and graphically described/ inscribed the arc of saturn Retrograde/ regression. The effects of which began from 10 Feb, Sunday itself, as saturn began massively slowing down in its forward motion relative to Earth. And today, the (hopefully) last and worst Morning walk was today. The last day of crossover week, an acute period of saturn retro effects. If it wasn't for "coincidental" event of these horrible morning walks, I could have missed the exact/ accurate graph happening in my own life! Jai Sahnidev
Later, we went to  friends place and saw a old 80's classic 'Footloose. He had made puri/bhaji for us. we call it 'Luchi/bhaji' a compulsory food to be served for all guests at 80's Assamese homes. Suddenly, I regressed back in time, to that time in our growing years. And whole day spent in ruminating about times, crossed, generations traveresed, vast length of time cycles. a catstrophic event on 4th Feb, 1993. Just now, crossed exactly twenty years from that unfortunate juncture.

But groggy from my 'sweet' morning walk, luchi bhaji lunch, Sunday noon sleep, and images of 'Footloose', I'm virtually, THERE in Feb-Mar, 1993..
On youtube, now, Amy Grant's Hit song from 80's I Will Remember You.. playing.... hmmm/???

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