Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ironic Beauty of Energy Clearing

Significance of Energy Clearing:
Each one of us is born with pending karmic issues that we have to resolve in our current life. These pending  issues  manifests as problems in our life, ill health in our bodies, and blockages in our growth, etc.
Methods of Energy Clearing helps us to resolve the deadlock of these pending karmic issues, and create space for growth and evolution.
The process of Energy Clearing involves working with pending energy issues buried within us. Working with these pending issues causes them to surface into our conscious reality before their energy can be released. Hence compared to more short term, surface level healing techniques Energy Clearing isn't that popular. But is definitely appreciated and followed for it's long term effects.
The karmic process by which Energy Clearing transforms pending energies possesses an ironic beauty, as I illustrate with my own personal experience below.

Personal experience of Energy Clearing:
In my astrological birth chart, I have got a karmic Ketu and dormant Mangal Dosha which indicates various  underlying high voltage issues waiting to unfold. 
However any normal human tendency would be to avoid the underlying reality of these high voltage issues and continue with an illusory state of apparent tranquility. Dreaming on, until the catastrophic event explodes in one's face.
But the uniqueness of Energy Clearing process enables this deadlock to be overcome and these issues to be converted into a more acceptable and manageable approach...

Let's say a magnitude of 10,00,000 Volts of dormant underlying energy is awaiting to explode in  my life in 20 outbursts or events of 50,000 Volts each. Each event of 50,000 volts would create a shock value that would completely rupture all equilibrium for a long time period.
Energy Clearing enables this magnitude to be converted into a much more manageable, optimum instalments of smaller outbursts..
100 outbursts of 10,000 Volts each
1000 outbursts of 1000 Volts each
2000 outbursts of 500 volts each..

The last option.. 2000 outbursts of 500 volts each, a higher occurrence of outbursts, but of more manageable intensity of shocks would suit my  lethargic energy type far better.
In fact,  a further division of 4000 catastrophic events of 250 volts each would be more suitable for me.
For a person of a different energy type, the option of 100 outbursts of 10,000 Volts each would be preferred. 
Options, which the process of Energy Clearing makes available to us, according to our specific body energy type.

Since, I have begun the process of Energy Clearing I've experienced the increased frequency of catastrophic issues..
But,  by the virtue of  their very INCREASE of occurrence.. their individual impact/ shock value has DECREASED.

Such is the ironic beauty of Energy Clearing, which can be only understood by experience. I offer my gratitude to the Divine, ironic beauty of Energy Clearing..

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Log 14: Mathematics of Energy Clearing

Each one of us is born with pending karmic issues. Issues that we are poised to resolve and in our current life.
These pending issues are indicated by  the unique planetary positions in our astrological birthchart. Methods of Energy Clearing helps us to resolve and Transform these unique pending issues into unique opportunities.
Energy Clearing often accelerates our growth opportunities by increasing the frequency of the jolts, shocks, and detriments. What?? How???
Let me illustrate...

Energy Transformation process:
In my astrological birth chart,  I have got a very debilitated and uniquelychallenging Ketu position. This Ketu Dosha offers me the choice of haphazard, rhizomatic growth through jolts and turbulence or to remain collosally frozen in great stagnation of tranquil, ordered structures.
This Ketu position indicates that I have to experience growth only after experiencing the potential dormant 10,000 units of pending jolts, and shocks.
This 10,000 units of HIGH Voltage can manifest in different formats..
10 installments of 1000 units,
100 installments of 100 units, or..
1000 installments of 10 units.
Personally, being of a hypersensitive constitution, I would personally always choose the last option..
1000 installments of 10 units.
A higher frequency of jolts, but with a much more manageable reduced potential of each singular jolt.
IN FACT, given a choice, I would choose 2000 installments of 5 units each, or even 3000 instalments of 3.3 units. If given a Choice!! BUT that choice HAS been available through the process of Energy Clearing..
Since, I have begun the process of Energy Clearing I've often noticed about the increased frequency of knocking, shaking, rattling jolts.
But,  because of their very INCREASE of frequency, their individual impact/ voltage/ shock value has considerably DECREASED.
They come, rattle me, tattle me, shock me, but they SOON pass.
In case of health, I am having increased frequencies of afflictions but of more transient, afflictions.
And, the more I'm able to avoid the glamorous allure of authoritative prestige, bronzed cowboy "solidness", more the rhizomatic opportunities arise on their own.
Parallely, Energy Clearing also create windows of opportunity for me to service other people who are are suffering in those areas. And earn karmic blessings.
Often, a lot of out of the way turbulence gets thrown your way, but they further the mathematical process of Energy Clearing...
Cheers and Gratitude to the Divine!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Log 13: Nightmares and Dreamscapes

The title of today's post has been inspired by one of my favourite Stephen King books, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, an anthology of short stories, very different from his usual horror novels. In this book, there are both horrific stories and quite a number of fantasy stories with positive endings. And the apt title of the book expresses a vital aspect of the process of energy clearing, healing.

One cannot reach one's ideal Dreamscapes, without crawling through the mandatory Nightmarish expurgation of one's pending karmic issues. This is a crucial aspect of the Energy Clearing process, that most completely fail to mention. No clearing, healing process can progress without us having to crawl through the nightmare-scapes of our inner demons, and our preloaded karmic mines within ourselves. And that, without wading through our Nightmares, we can never reach for our Dreamscapes. 

I am reminded of my favourite movie Shawshank Redemption, in which Tim Robbins, a prisoner escapes from prison, and crawls through many football field lengths of wastage latrine pipes to reach his freedom, a Dreamscape of a turquoise blue seaside. It vividly expresses the  journey of Energy Clearing, where, one cannot reach one's turquoise blue seaside Dreamscape, without crawling through the Mandatory football field lengths of pending karmic issues and ghoulish Nightmares.
As we purge, we progress...

Friday, August 7, 2015

Log 12: Underlying Energy Patterns

After 9 months down this unfolding journey of Energy Clearing, under the guidance of my healing guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar, today I want to discuss about underlying Energy Patterns within ourselves. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, the journey of Energy Clearing has two aspects to it: the first aspect is dealing with various Doshas (Energy imbalances) in our body, to reorient and repair them, and
restore balance and relief within ourselves. And, the second aspect is that of Energy Patterns, within ourselves. But the aspect of negative patterns of energy clearing, is a far more subtle, deep, yet powerful and long reaching, aspect of Energy lying inside of us.

Energy imbalances, i.e, Doshas are more visible, dynamic, and, on the surface. But, Energy Patterns are almost invisible, and is detected only after in-depth analysis, by an experienced energy healer. Hidden Energy Patterns within ourselves, have the capability of swallowing, and superseding all other minor energy events, energy dynamics, into it's vast and oceanic grasp. As mentioned many times before, both Doshas, and Energy patterns occur in ourselves due to various karmic entanglements of this life and before. But whereas the imbalances of Doshas can be more easily dealt with, the effects of negative Energy Patterns require a far more subtle, and in depth approach.

In my parallel journey of Vedic astrology, I have been more than familiar with various patterns, and cycles arising due to various planetary combinations in one's horoscope. And, have effectively used various strategies to deal with them. Like, in those cases with Mars related Doshas, which bring major accidents, can be effectively regulated by therapies which convert the imbalance into
installments of frequently occurring minor accidents, cuts, bruises, instead of one singular devastating and debilitating, mega catastrophe. In hte case of Saturn related Doshas, the energy imbalance can be be be regulated by empowering the Sun, and donations and offerings related to Shanidev. Jupiter issues can be dealt with by empowering Venus, or Mercury more, etc. However, from the aspect of Energy Clearing, negative energy patterns are far more deep sated, and arise due to a complicated sum total of the many planetary combinations, existent in our horoscope. And the calculations, are not only lengthy, complicated, and humongous in scale, but also, the dynamics often run contrary to the usual principles of astrology. Such deep seated energy patterns, can however be, uncovered by the intuition of those, who have the blessings of divine clairvoyance. And see our energy state for what it is.

 In this Indian subcontinent, many people are familiar with encounters with saints, clairvoyants, seers, sages, spiritual people blessed with divine grace ( the genuine ones, and not the charlatans, false god men, crooks), who, without any horoscope, or knowledge, can divine truths about the person. And, if followed earnestly, give long lasting effects throughout the lifespan of the person. Such in-depth divination, come as a blessing of universal grace, and from the divine ability and insight to detect, and comprehend the hidden worlds of Energy Patterns lying within each person. The dynamics and laws of designs, hidden machinery upon which our lives revolve and run upon.

 In my own healing journey, my guide Dipankar, helped me uncover a deep seated, hidden negative Energy pattern within myself, whose powerful effects superseded all my Doshas, Gunas, vices and virtues. A negative Energy pattern, which has prevailed, and flourished throughout my entire life. But, completely overlooked and undetected, because of it's very familiarity and obviousness. Exactly like the hidden letter in the story, The Purloined Letter, by my favourite writer Edgar Allan Poe. Wherein, the much sought for Purloined letter is kept in the most obvious place, but because of it's obviousness, remained completely undetected by all.

This highly negative pattern of mine, is somehow mysteriously connected with hidden Manglik Dosh, and partial Kalsarp Dosh. It manifest itself in the most bizarre manner. Where it sees me free fall into a cocoon of cosy, sluggish, complacency. A default setting of the mind, where at the drop of a hat, it rapidly sinks into a stupor of sluggish, frozen, fossilization. A bizarre Comfort Zone of fossilized inertia, in the most weirdest of circumstances, the most unlikely of scenarios. A wave of vast lethargy and comatose coziness, rapidly spreads through my bloodstream and I rapidly freeze into a fossilized rock, suspended in time. And this highly negative pattern of mine is accelerated by my own primal attraction, primal lust, primal desire, craving and longing for the cosy, Comfort Zone of stagnation.  My ultimate honey trap, my secret lust, my deepest forbidden desire.  The irresistible lure of stagnation and complacecny is my  personal karmic curse and  my most destructive hidden, underlying, Energy pattern!!

And, facilitated by my by guide Dipankar, I have gradually begun to understand the equivalent Reverse pattern of this underlying negative energy. The only way to counterbalance this negative pattern of cosy, comfortable, stagnation, is NOT by forceful, artificial movement (which anyways rapidly fades away), BUT, by the process of turbulence, knocking, shaking, turbulence, upheaval, voltage fluctuation, jaw shaking rattling. High voltage energy, to shake me, out of my frozen stupor, uproot me out of my fosslizing inertia. ONLY this voltage fluctuation, this turbulence, has the power to shatter the stranglehold of entanglement and entrapment, and break down the bondage of fossilized energies, and release the energies required for movement, development, and progress.

Thanks to this journey of Energy Clearing, I have begun to perceive strangulating force of this negative Energy pattern inside of me. And, instead of shunning the reverse , equivalent pattern, necessary for my release, have begun to repeatedly remind myself, that these turbulent waves of knocking, shaking, rattling and voltage fluctuation coming my way, are actually the agents of change, the harbingers of karmic release, relief, movement, and progress.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Log 11: Window of clearing till 15th May

This post is a continuation from my post on Saturn Retro 2015 in my Saturnine blog: Saturn Retro-2015-18: Suns-transit-thru-Aries-part 2, wherein I was talking about the Sun's monthly transit through Aries amplifying the current ongoing Solar energies of Saturn Retrograde by at least 200%. However, the additional mention from my energy healing guide Dipankar-Roy-Karmakar announcing this period as a special window for energy clearing  for ALL people, whether they be Sun, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, etc, etc, especially  uptil the  15th of May. So I've decided to dedicate a separate post in this, my Energy Clearing blog, on this special period.
Broad widespread effects
Dipankar had earlier told me that the astrological quality year's Saturn Retrograde's was different from previous years. Because the Churning process usually experienced only by the Saturn ruled during this period, had universal implications for all people. He explained, it was because of the overall ongoing transition, upliftment of consciousness of the human race at large. Evolutionary changes and energy changes that were going to affect the consciousness and attitude of humanity as a whole. And, that this period until 15th May, was like a window for last minute induction, commencement of a long pending spiritual journey for many.

He also said, that the churning of these current few days, was like the reaction, knocking shaking, one experiences when one is injected with a powerful antibody in one's system. In previous posts, I have repeated many times, that only through mandatory knocking, shaking, rattling, can the process of Energy Clearing/ evolution take place. Hence the extreme body heat, dehydration that I'm going through in this peak Delhi summer. The dehydration has completely knocked my brain off track. Moreover, tomorrow we go to Saket Court for appearing for the case of theft that had happened in our home/ office by our office boy. That too, in this dehydrated state. But, such is scheduled by the cosmos for me, now. Hence, nothing to do but flow along..
( to be contd...)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Log 10: Chain Reaction of Energy Clearing

This post I have to write twice, both here in Energy Clearing and Saturn and Jupiter blog.  Last few days because of my current challenging planetary transit of Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio I had been consulting my energy guide Dipankar for various challenges that i was facing. And especially about about some knocking, shaking that began from Thursday evening. Dipankar tolde me amongst other things, specifically about some dana karma related to Ketu and Saturn to be done on Saturday. But I expressed my reservations about that, as I have a long history of Ketu daan already, and also Saturn was beneficisl planet for me, so I feared doing any Dana karmas to lose his effects upon me. We left it that.  However, the events that followed after 24 hrs of my putting the question immediately showed me, that for some people who are adequately responsive, healing journeys are facilitated faster the speed of one's own slow moving lethargic perceptions and cognition...

Soon, after my conversation, situations developed, and I was knocked from Munirka, to SDA, and then finally landed up at my friend Kareem's bookstore at Nehru Place. His wife and son was there, and they were staying over at her dad's place. One thing led to another, and I found myself  setting forward to their residence at Tulip apartments, at Levan, Sonepat, Haryana . On the way I crossed a giant Sri Siddh Shani Mandir, on the GT Karnal Road., which I have crossed many times while going outside of Delhi on Holidays. But never found the time nor intersection to vsist it. When one crosses it from below on the car, it's like a towering temple that looms above you. It reminds of a giant temple hill which I have been seeing in my dreams since last 22 years.
After reaching Kareems place at Tulip Grand apartments, I tried to show him my film After Paris but the Pen drive didn't load on the usb socket of the DVD, so we decided to see DVD movies. And amongst his DVD's was the film Magus, which was based on John Fowles novel of the same name. In the movie, Michael Caine is a school teacher on a greek island whom a mysterious neighbor called Conchis, played by Anthony Quinn, pulls into a surreal and complex game. Much like another of my ever favourite movies The_Game_ starring Michael Douglas. In both the movies, the protagonist is drawn into a complex game that supersedes reality and at the end of which is unfolded by revelation and insight. In both the movies, the protagonists gets insights, understanding, wisdom but at the astronomical Cost/ Price of knowledge which is usually connected to the journey of energy healing and spiritual growth. And by cost/ price I don't mean dollars or Euros, but the high voltage turbulent and tumultuous  currency of knocking and shaking!!
Early morning, Kareem made tea at 5:30 am, and from his balcony I saw the looming, giant, goliathan flag of OP Jindal Global university. The owner Naveen Jindal was known for his giant flags in all his ventures, especially afetr his 7 year long court case with government resulting in the (Click Link): Naveen Jindal amended-flag-code. But this flag was something elses, especially shimmering in the grey haze of pre dawn. Like the wing of a massive flying reptile. Suddenly, it struck me that Flag is the symbol of Ketu. And always previously I could NEVER relate ketu with simple flags. But this Giant, goliathan, levaithan looming far above us, shimmering in the wind, looking like the wing of a giant wingspan, myabe of mythological Jatayu or Garuda. (Ketu was related with flying, aviation, and NOt Rahu as is usually mistaken for). The shaking/ tremoprs that I felt inspired great desire in me to fulfil all the daana karma previously suggested by Dipankar.

Later while returning, I went to the Giant looming, towering Sri Siddh Shani Mandir, and poured oil without any doubt. because his oil daan was one of reverence, awe, and deep mystification at this towering presence similar to my temple hill dreams of past 22 years or more. Later I fet handicapped people, beggars, children who were conveniently located around this lone, towering,  temple by the GT Karnal Highway.
I asked Kareem to drop me on the way at GK2, but he said to accompany him for tea at Nehru place. gfinally when I returned, I drooped by the Bhairav Temple, gave oil to Shanidev, and Sringar to Mahakali. Being Saturday today, there was a huge line ahead of me, but the oil pouring idol of Shanidev was separate, and because i had to give black clothe to Ketu (as is mostly practiced in North India, in contrast to the grey one we give in the East), but Ketu idol had No queue. On the way, on handicapped guy smiled at me from his vehicle, and i had opportunity to offer him some of my personal favorite Jim Jam biscuits. By the time I reached, and bathed and breakfast it was hardly 11am on Saturday morning. But the end of a long, elaborate, energy healing odyssey facilitated by the divine grace of Cosmic energy and blessings of Mother Kali.

BY THE TIME I update this post, the news was out: (Click link): news/world/2015/04/25/-7.5 magnitude earthquake, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake had begun in Kathmandu, then Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, Delhi, Dwarka, and so forth!! What I felt was my own solitary experience of knocking shaking for me has unfolded into a journey which was synced with the 7.5 magntiude earthquake sweeping across the nation. After my intense conversation with Dipankar, for the past 24 hrs, I was set off on a unraveling  journey. One which synced with with the mysterious energies of Ketu who governs earthquakes and volcanoes..Like some animals and birds, for once i was in sync with planet earth...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Log 09: Transformation through obstacles

Today, on facebook, my Energy healing guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar uploaded a post  Understanding Life 22-04-2015 on the journey of Energy clearing and healing. Amongst many other aspects of this journey, he talks about obstacles, detriments as a key and integral partr of the process of evolution. His favourite dialogue to me is "You can't expect to progress/ evolve sitting in the comfort of an a/c room. Tapas has to be there". His post came up at a time when I was thinking about a lot of things around, which were causing me strain and stress, as I'm going through my annual cathartic, cleansing period of Saturn Retrograde. And his post has urged me to share my personal thoughts and experiences of detriments and obstacles in their role of my personal evolution.

Each one of us is born with pending karmic issues and debts that we are poised to resolved and repay in our current life existence. These pending debts can be indicated by interpreting the various planetary positions in our astrological birthchart. Energy Clearing helps us to work upon and finally Transform our personal energy. Energy Clearing gives us an window of opportunity for honoring this karmic debts, and then on, progressing on our personal evolution. In fact, more frequent the jolts, shocks, and detriments, it's far better! Why?? Let me illustrate...

Energy Transformation process: Blessings in Disguise
In my astrological birth chart, beyond the impact of all other planets I have got a very debilitated and challenging Ketu position in my chart. This Ketu position directly indicates, the hurt, and damage that I have caused in a previous incarnation. And say, 10,000 units of jolts, shocks and upheavals are owed to me by the universe, as just desserts for my own past misdeeds. I can repay it in 10 installments of 1000 units, 100 installments of 100 units, or 1000 installments of 10 units. Personally, being of frail nerves and a sensitive constitution, I would personally always choose the last option.. 1000 installments of 10 units. Much more regular frequency of occurrence, but of much less reduced shocking magnitude. IN FACT, given a choice, I would choose 2000 installments of 5 units each, or even 3000 instalments of 3.3 units. If given a Choice!! BUT that exact choice HAS been given to me! 
Since, I have begun the process of energy Clearing under the guidance of Dipankar, many times I've often complained to him about that the frequency of knocking, shaking, rattling increasing! But, what I have forgotten is THAT, because of their very INCREASE of frequency, their individual impact/ voltage/ shock value has considerably gone down. They come, rattle me, tattle me, shock me, but they SOON pass. In case of personall emotions, I've being hurt MORE times, but people are strangely becoming lesser and lesser in importance. In case of health, I am having increased frequencies of afflictions around the areas (especially throat area) as Dipankar had predicted four months back, but strangely they soon pass. And also windows of opportunity ARE being magically created for me to service other people who are are suffering in those areas. And earn karmic blessings. Many people are actually going out their way, causing me needless hurt, and taking on my long legacy of rotten, festering karmas (ugh! the stink)...

Beyond the narrow confines of my Ego, my half wit  intelligence, my pathetic expectations, my brain blocked perceptions, the blessings of Divine mother has blessed me with a Energy Clearing plan, that I am being able to handle, and cope, and perceive...
Gratitude! Gratitude!.... and even more Gratitude!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Log 08: Eclipse + Full Moon, 4th April

Dear friends, I have already posted in detail about the astrological significance about today's full Moon + Eclipse, (Chaitra Navaratra Purnima with Chandra Grahan) on this post: Click link: Retro-2015-09climax-of-supernova-phase. Today, here I want share my insights about the energy dimensions of this event, after some inputs from my energy healing guide, Dipankar Roy Karmakar. Because of the high intensity of this phase, there can be high energy fluctuations faced by many standing at life's crossroads. More so for those, who are poised to step into the next level of insight and understanding. Especially, within the period of 72 hrs, after today's  Eclipse, they might experience unusual events after the eclipse. In case of such experiences, the indication is simple. They have to connect with their Ishta devta, guiding angel, or connect to a spiritual source, do Grounding/ Balancing mantras, or seek counsel of a energy guide.
These unusual events should be responded with gratitude and understanding. And acknowledgement, that their only purpose of appearance, is for the person experiencing them, to move into the next level of growth, insight, and understanding. Cheers! Love and Light to All!

Personal Updates
5th April, Sunday: Yesterday evening, just after the eclipse ended, as astrologically predicted, there was a flow of release, instant relief from the long  build up of weeks and weeks. A friend suddenly called me up, both me and my wife went over to meet his mum, and we had a impromptu  evening with great food, laughter, and warmth. Abruptly released form the vice grip of Solar shackles, I went haywire like a standup comic on steroids. We had a fantastic evening.
Morning, as was predicted by my energy healing guide about 72 hrs after the Eclipse (check above paragraph), the shaking, energy buzzing commenced full on. When energy has to shake us, it can come in any form. Morning began with me feeling extremely dizzy, and a strange sore, aching around my throat area. After many, many rounds of grounding mantra, I felt considerably relieved, from the bodily shaking/ rattling that is a hallmark of energy Clearing. Then, the energy chose to be manifested in a proliferation of useless household arguments in a relay sequence. Later,  I had to go far to get mutton for guests coming today, and lot of it was stale, old, which normally the vendor gives me quality amenities. After a lot of knocking/ shaking from home minister (read wife) I had to go all the way with the accompaniment of our ground floor man Friday, and replace it with fresh stock from the vendor. After that, a series of phone calls came, which left me a bit askew, off balance, and rocky. After a few rounds of grounding mantras, here I am, updating this post. Since morning, the knocking, shaking, disorientation has been constant, be it for internal/ external reasons, be it within/ without. Exactly as he my guide had predicted. But because of this forewarning, I could somehow glide through it, and NOT react, which would have escalated the turbulence. Did my grounding mantras, and exercises, to feel a bit more orientated. As I repeat endlessly over all my three blogs, challenging planetary transits are windows of opportunities to clear our own pending karmic issues. So, first round of 24 hrs, drawing to a close, two more to go. Clearance ahoy!

6th April, Monday: Yesterday evening, ended with wife's friends coming for dinner, so it was a hectic social evening full of fun and amusement. Morning, tingling sensations in the throat area persisted, and the day went by in clearing stuff, rather slow. Later, in the evening, I joined our landlord for an hour of chanting Buddhist Lotus sutra ( he is a senior leader of Daimuku Chanting). I was surprised at the issues and emotions oozing out of all my pores. A collage of buried emotions related to self identity, self recognition, social recognition and a hopscotch of various random emotional scenes were randomly replayed before my mind. All accompanied by tingling around throat area. Whole day it was tingling (EFFECT), before actually I sat down for one hour of reciting chants (CAUSE). In the Quantum world of Energy healing, many a times, Effects appear BEFORE the Causes are undertaken. Glad I'm being able to utilize this 72 hrs for clearing/ cleansing.

7th April, Tuesday: Today I'm suddenly up and updating this post at 7a.m., right out of bed. From yesterday evening people around me, suddenly and randomly began intensely discussing things and issues very close to my heart. And that created quite a trepidation, turbulence, shaking, rocking within. I had not stepped out of home/ office yesterday entire day, yet this energy shaking found me full on, directly delivered at home, through phone calls, and conversations. And later the topics of those conversations continued in dreams, that I saw after sleeping at night. As my energy guide Dipankar had predicted, when the window of prevailing energies are in such a cathartic/ clearing transition, even simple topics of discussion, random speech has so much power to move us and shake us. As he had remedially suggested, I have three strings of beads, of my personal healing stones, on me, and I'm doing regular grounding/ balancing mantras. I didn't step out of home the entire day, choosing to focus around pending stuff inside the compound. YET, the energy of these cleansing forces are making their presence felt. From the concrete to the most subtle level.
As I completed the above paragraph, it began raining/ drizzling outside. Yesterday, Dipankar had told me one of the ways I could experience healing, cooling during this intense energy phase, was by standing beneath rain, but maybe the fourth or fifth rain, because the first few merely bring all the air pollutants down. Just now, I stood out on our terrace, arms extended feeling the gentle drops of the drizzle upon me, what a relaxing experience. As I looked to the sreet below, through the foliage of the trees, I saw a woman's figure almost sliding/ floating by, in a inhuman speed. Later, as the foliage cleared, I saw that it was a student riding down the slope of our street on incredible speed on her bicycle. As it was early morning, school time, zero traffic, this sudden drizzle, which mad her ride down our gentle slope at such a dizzy speed. From my position, the street angled at 45 degrees in perspective, so the girl's figure looked like a woman/ shakti/ Devi descending to Earth in a tremendous speed. Now the drizzle has vanished as abruptly as it has begun. Let's see what the rest of the day.. unfolds!!!

4:11 pm: Just watched the movie Vanilla Sky on TV. Suddenly realised that I've seen three movies since yesterday, in all of which the barrier between dreams and reality dissolve. Or rather nightmares and reality! In Scenic Route, two friends get stuck on a deserted highway on a road trip. After days of being stranded in the worst possible challenges, they somehow make it back to civilisation. After reunion, recovery, the hero wakes up from a nightmare and talks to his friend. In the conversation, we realise, they are still stuck in the desert, recovery was just a dream. In  Vanilla Sky, Tom Cruise is a multimillion dollar playboy whose life is hunky dory until he meets a catastrophic accident. after that, all the scenes you can't make out whether he's dreaming, in anightmare, or in reality. That is until the Final scene! In Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) the remake of the most famous horror series, the scenarios is shown very surrealy, and hauntingly. In most scenes, we dont know whether the characters are experiencing in reality or fallen asleep, and the monster Freddy has got to them. In each of these three movies, the barriers between reality/ nightmare and dream are seamlessly dissolved.
The relevance to this current After Eclipse 72 hrs phase, is the current energy is activating our pending issues, repetitive conflict patterns stored in our aura. And, they are being resurrected, reanimated from their suppressed state, so that we can experience them on the conscious level, real dimension, before transcending them. That is the mandatory experience of the Energy Clearing process of Knocking, shaking, and nightmarish rattling. Morning after the past 7am update there were many telephonic conversation which continued to rattle and shake me to my core. I updated the events to my energy healing guide Dipankar, who said the effects of the After Eclipse 72 hrs phase would continue till tonight. And, will gradually begin to dissipate from tomorrow. As I endlessly repeat over and over, challenging planetary transits are windows of opportunities to clear our own pending karmic issues. They are periods of catharsis/ Energy Clearing, which enable us to Clear our messes, and move on ahead, and evolve! It's 4:40 pm, now. Let's see what MORE unfolds.. In this period of catharsis and cleansing...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Log 07: Responding to the Energy of Planetary Transits

This post is in continuation from my post Retro 2015-09: Super flux week, 28 Mar-4 Apr where I was exploring the astrological planetary transits of the period of 28th Mar to 4 April. But this continuation of that astrological post into here, in my Energy Clearing blog, is because only due to the processes of Energy orientation, Energy clearing, under my guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar, that I could deeply tap into the energies of this retrograde planetary transit. With the use of appropriate energy crystals, and purification methods, one is enabled to tap and utilize the forces of prevailing planetary transits, as per the particular nature of their energy characteristic in relevance/ relation to us!!

In my astrological  post, I have written in detail about this particular period as a phase of intensified Shakti, pitta energies, and how Sun, Mars, Ketu, ruled people could use it for progressive breakthroughs. And how Saturn ruled people could us it's energies to regress back into areas of unresolved pending issues. However, a well grounded individual is more ready to appropriately utilize the intensified energies of such planetary transits. Under training from a qualified energy healer/ light worker, one can orient oneself so that one can reorient themselves sensitively to the particular nature of such changing planetary transits. Energy orientation, and Grounding/ balancing work help us to respond to them much more efficiently and optimally.
And one can actually begin to understand and physically experience the various astrological planetary transits in the skies above! Cheers to Energy Clearing!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Log 06: Method of Energy Reorientation

Dear friends, currently, I'm writing a series of posts about my ongoing Saturn retrograde in my second house of Scorpio in my Jupiter and Saturn blog under (click):  topic category/ label: SaturnRetro 2015. As I keep on repeating, in astrology, negative planetary transits are windows for us to clear our pending karmic debts and issues, Only by clearing which we can progress ahead and evolve. And there are a number of astrological remedies which help us keep the effects of such a phase, manageable. Many such healing, crystal remedies also similarly exist in the practice of energy healing. However, under the guidance of my energy healing guide, Dipankar Roy Karmakar, this Saturn retrograde,  I have had the opportunity to experience a unique method of astrological healing which i would like to share with you. The method is called Energy Reorientation.

Dipankar often repeats this on our healing journey.. "One can't do healing work in an a/c room. One has to experience rattling/ shaking in order to grow/ evolve". I can completely correlate this with my own astrological perspective. Because, only when we fulfill the karmic obligations of our negative planets, can we progress and move ahead. The healing method of Energy Reorientation helps us cope with the challenges of our negative planetary transits. In such a way, that we can handle it on a humanely manageable way. And yet, which makes a lot of sense from the karmic perspective.

Energy Reorientation helps to redistribute/ reorient the energy cleansing process. Like for example, the current Saturn retrograde transit in my second house of Scorpio, brings challenges with all issues connected with the second house. The second house indicates close relations, friends, kith and kin. hence, this transit indicates turbulence from close relations, people I'm close with. However with the method of Energy Reorientation, instead of one whopper of a betrayal/ let down, there is a manifestation of a series of continual minor let downs and disappointments. Which makes it much more manageable, cope able and recoverable on a human level. The obligatory/ mandatory karmic debt is fulfilled, yet I also land up in one piece, at the end of the process.
Secondly like Dipankar divined/ predicted 4 months back itself, this current Saturn transit through Scorpio, indicates physical issues around my throat Chakra area. For the past three weeks I have experienced a series of throat infections, shoulder and neck sprain, which have been coming off and on. If it was ONE single affliction, instead of the spread out, installments of issues around my throat Chakra area, ... WHAM and knock out! But with this spread out, or karmic energy redistribution, I have had an window for a more manageable repayment plan for my pending karmic entanglements. Cheers to energy healing method of Energy Reorientation! Gratitude!