Monday, October 8, 2012

Karmic Debts 01: Karmic Strategies..

All of us are born with past life karma. Residues of a former incarnation that we are deemed to CLEAR in this life. KNOWING this fact,ACCEPTING this fact is half the battle. Everyone doesn't have the wisdom to understand this. It is a privilege. Wisdom is an uncommon occurrence. Often it comes after undergoing lot of trial and tribulation. For me, my past life Karma is broadly expressed in the form of Rahu in the 3rd house of my astro chart, debilitated in the sign of Saggitarius, in Moola nakshtra. This finds me coming across Karmic mountains, mountains of mammoth obstacles/ crisis and obstruction, time to time. Understanding the Karmic perspective to this repeating phenomenon helps me address in the proper manner. Whenever I face mammoth/ colossal/ mountainous obstacles and catastrophe, I try to remember and keep in mind THAT I'm merely bearing the Dark harvests of my own past misdeeds. I definitely must have caused untold chaos to others to be facing the same in this life. I have tried to adopt strategies and techniques which keep in mind this overall Karmic picture: 1. Since chaos is my birthright, I have adopted Vastu/ astrology/ healing/ counseling as my career. One way or other chaos WILL come my way, so better take a profession where you're helping others in their own chaos. An opportunity to earn some blessings. An opportunity to payback some of the Karmic Debts incurred in prior lives. Manta a times when I try to follow hardcore architecture with NO components of healing/ Vaastu, progressive suggestions, I often find terrible catastrophe plaguing that particular project. That's why, often if a hard core, Non- Vastu, "no nonsense" architectural/ interior project comes my way, I STRICTLY collaborate, team up with a fellow member/ friend of my own profession to see the project see the light of day. 2. I engage in astrology, astro counseling free/ pro Bono, engage a LOT of time in social service, helping others. This helps me reduce the wrath of the past Karma incurred in previous incarnations.