Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 35- North West Peepal tree

Day 37, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 27th Mar, Wednesday. As repeated n times before, Saturn Retrograde is a time of progress, and breakthrough for Sun ruled people. And regression,  retrospection, pullback for Saturn ruled people.

This Sunday, I got a random call from Chandrashekhar, who was colony president of our former Vasant Kunj residence Sec A, pocket B and C. The road was being widened and he need some architectural inputs regarding the position of the new gate, parking etc. so, me and my friend reached the place yesterday, Tuesday, the 26th Mar. the whole place was in a mess, PWD construction, widening road connecting Mahipalpur to MG road. I had had a heavy meal before and was drowsy and burnt out in the hot Delhi Sun. the colony president was disussing details with my friend, and my eyes set upon the truck near the gate. On it was inscribed the name of my wifes friend who helped us find our former house. Parked right in front of her own house at the entrance. Coicnicidence layered, one upon the otjher, in case my drowsy eyes miss it. Later I went to the field adjoining our former house. Rubble, construction material strewn across the field. And in the centre, the Peepal tree, that I used to regularly worship, while there.

The first house we moved, there was a lot of plumbing problems. And I roamed around the area,parying to the Peepal tree, tio bring us to this house next to it.I promised I would pray to it everyday, if it blessed us to move close to it, to a far better house. But the odds were impossible, cause it was two week sof our moving and to MOVE again was an impossible task. Let alone, a new deal be made with the new landlady, whom we had overlooked once, even taking back our deposit money. But every evening I used to walk from our former house to this new field and pray to the peepal tree. Finally one thing led to another, in an unimaginable serpentine series of coincidences, but which finally found us shifting into this new house next to the peepal tree. I began praying to it every day from our balcony and pourwaterat its roots in gratitude. The WEIRDEST coincidence was our former place was C -452 and new place C-1452. within the Same colony with completely identical address. A single “1” between 452 and 1452, was the changing factor. So much that when I had to shift gas again, and the official papers were unavailable, I just pointed out to the gas agency about the “mistake’of the missing/misplaced “1”between C 452 and C 1452, as a technical mistake and all our formalities were completely fulfilled. I pursued this missing “1” mistake for other official documents also. Everything completed without the slightest hassle. STRANGE!!

Later, our maid from home used to regularly water the peepal tree, observing me. But soon on the pretext of going to the field to offer water to the tree, she started wandering all over the place. So for safety’s sake I told her not go to the tree unaccompanied. But the maid being her restless self used to go down to it, nonetheless. It was like trying to stop a restless wind. Soon, I began observing small yet gently chilling coincidences following her ritualistic offering of water to the peepal tree. Like for instance, rainfall was inevitable on a day, that she slipped by and managed to water the tree. Later, I had gone home for a long time, leaving my wife with the maid behind. When I returned from home,I found the maid completely changed. Somedays, she would sit watching Tv in the dark.If I called out to her, she would be lost in her own world. Small but Chilling incidents, not unlike the movies I watched on TV regularly. Almost as if she was possessed In that large house.  Finally we shifted out of the place. And thanked the peepal tree for protection it had provided during our stay there. Some days of floating heaven.

So when I vsisted it now, I prayed to the North western Peepal tree again in gratitude, for seeing us through a difficult and tempestuous time. And like last year Saturn Retro, 2012, when we had moved into the house for our stay, this Saturn Retro 2013, sees me moving back to the place following a random phone call out of the blue. And offering a tribute to the magical Peepal tree at the NW of our house. Seeking the blessings of the Pitras.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 34- Love on Demand

Day 36, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 25th Mar, Monday. As repeated n times before, Saturn Retrograde is a time of progress, initiative, leadership for Sun ruled people. And regression, retrospection, contemplation, following leads for Saturn ruled people.

As I said before, gentle reader, during this Saturn retro, I write what You want. Like how in Francis ford Coppolas epic Dracula, Prince Drakul says to Mina Harker on a London street,( in a thick Romanian accent)…....”I am your servant”! My topics take the colour of your feedbacks/ expectations. At least while Saturn Retro lasts. So when you call me up, like my friend ‘Egghead’ did today, I end up writing somewhat personalized, customised posts. Like this post custom designed for friend “egghead’..

36 days of Rising/increasing Saturn over, and 1 month, 5 days left. Day by day, Saturn’s retrograde velocity (relative to earth) increases. Sun ruled people, moving forwards faster. Almost in fast forward motion. Us, Saturn ruled are falling backwards. Going backwards faster in tandem to Saturn’s increasing Retro velocity. Hurtling deeper into the swamp. The backwaters. Residues. Dream echoes. Long gone ghosts resurrected. From LONG crossed over pasts. Memories of love and death. Things left unsaid. Stuff  left undone. Itching regrets lurking in our hearts, groins and tailbones. Karma/ mojo left incomplete. Dreams trampled in life’s forward march. In the rush to forge ahead. Arjuna is tired, and lays down his bow. The battle is postponed, on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. After all, it’s Saturn retrograde. Today my friend GRB,  was reading his poetry to me. Dedicated to his beloved, now gone-baby-gone. GRB’s eyes have the expression of a retired ninja. The last person you’d expected to compose poetry. Such is the sheer power of increasin’ Retro velocity. It’s ability to move even the most grounded, Saturnine souls. Backward in time. Today’s list on my winamp: “80’s Love”. Tunes, stuck somewhere between the throat and the brain. Stuck somewhere in time. This is Saturn retrograde. Time for the Saturn ruled to resurrect their ghosts. To bring to life, the ghosts between their eyes. Collect the dead mist in plastic bowls. For the forgotten flavours/ of childhood breakfasts.  Have you noticed my style today, gentle reader. It’s made to order. A “eggehead” crush/blend of information and emotion. Instead of Architecture, I should have studied poetry design. Under Marquez. I could have my own channel/ stream… Love on demand!

Once when a crush of mine got engaged to be married, I made truce. By an informal present/ gift, of a dead crow. I found lying between two fragrant bushes. Later, I escaped home at night. Walking around with my accomplice, my mad friend. Looking at our beloveds houses. Wondering what they dreamed. Behind, their cosy, dark walls. Could we, implant dreams of our love thoughts into their minds? By our night wishes. My friend Egghead had a dream once. All his lost tennis balls. Returning to him, in a magical drain out of nowhere. Once eggheads wife told me a great dream she had. I listened in great attention. I noted it in a red book with feathers of unknown birds. Later as her dream memory faded, her dream became mine. By the Lost echoes, finally I got promoted to Dream Stealer. I hope, at least ONE reader, attempts to write a line of bad poetry after this post. Who will get impressed, you ask? The answer is, dear reader, ghosts. Yes, they love such stuff. Living or dead. Ghosts around us. Still undecided, as to what to do. Where to go. Whom to possess. Whom to console.
Phil Collins hums beside me: One More Night. Where’s all the juice gone now? I could have written a great love novel. But here I am. Jaded Forrester reaching nowhere fast. Reaching out to you, gente reader. I’m your phone call away for.. Love on demand! At least, while Saturn Retro lasts… ;)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 33- Passion and Inertia

Day 36, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 25th Mar, Monday. As repeated n times before, Saturn Retrograde is a time of progress, development, breakthrough for Sun ruled people. And regression, repetition, contemplation, for Saturn ruled people.

Yesterday my friend GRB came down. We were sitting and remembering about our Bombay hostel days, at B, and C roads, Church gate, Marine Drive. Whenever, GRB and I get together, it inevitably leads to some rewind, recollection of our Church gate hostel days. His student days of Sydenham college, and staying in GCH Hostel, C- road and mine studying in J.J. College of Architecture and residence in J. S. Hall hostel at B- road. Those hostel days, I as totally Sun ruled. Rajasic, driven, excited, super passionate, always seeking the adrenalin rush, the BUZZ! Always on the move, seeking actualization! Whereas, GRB was rolling along, inertial, free flowing, meandering, chilled out. Totally a laidback Saturnine creature. However, nature/ universe/ the planets have their own ways of getting you connected with your inner nature. Especially, when you are doing the opposite, in such a pig headed way. And GRB’s nemesis came in form of his final year board exams. When, the entire year had gone by in wastage, and he had NOT attended a single class, the entire YEAR! And had merely a month to finish a mammoth, one year long, 11 subjects wide, course to complete, with demonic subjects like accountancy etc. He found an tuition teacher, Anjali Dalve who was so astonished/ aghast at his situation, and yet took him on, as an sheer experiment. Listening to his military styled, regimental preparation for his boards was like listening to the preparations of someone going to WAR! Sieze the day! And once more into the Fray. The raging blood of the battlefield. Nietzsche’s “Will To POWER”. I exist because I overcome, I conquer. I Challenge!!  I prevail. I conquer!! And finally, my friend GRB, did pass out, with 55% in his graduation. One of his fellow hostel mates, who had studied the whole year throughout, and scored just 5% above him, was SO aghast at this, he cried. But such is the blood-rush of the Sun. It Thrives on CHALLENGE!! The Razors EDGE!!

In contrast, my hostel life was full of drama, zest, excitement, rush, adrenalin. I was a full on SOLAR creature. Always in chaos and battle. Always on the Edge of things! Always! Manic depressive! Sometimes extremely HIGH, and at others, in a extreme LOW! But finally in semester 8, it all crashed into a big pileup. With double ATKT, I was six months behind, and had to go through the Thesis of final year alone. I had 3 or four friends who were with me. And the solitary, mind numbing, hum drum, inertia, the Saturnine heaviness inertia, finally overcame me. And it is only by sheer inertia, that I overcame the mountain of my thesis. My perseverance, stamina, mechanical, mindless physicality. And forever after, whenever I have faced some serious Karmic obstacle after that, I remember those architecture Thesis days. And bring persistence, mechanical, mindless repetition to the table. Only that has somehow seen me through. Mechanically wearing it down. The colossal Karmic Mountains. Through persistent mindless INERTIA!!

Later, my school friend NP called from U.S. She’s been a active participator in my astro programmes for the past almost Five years. Always claiming to be a “non-believer” but always seeing every suggestion, solution, sincerely and super-conscientiously to its thorough end. Gradually, she has flowered into her Full-on Solar blossoming these past few years. I discussed the parallel hostel stories of GRB and me. GRB striving and thriving through sheer ADRENALIN/ WAR Mode. And myself through zombified, mechanical, persistent INERTIA. Few years back I used to call her buffalo/ elephant for her persistent, Saturnine zeal. But now, NP had become full-on Solar. A Lioness, craving the thrill of the Hunt, the Adrenalin rush, the ZEST, the electricity pumping through the veins. And myself, craving the security, laidback, INERTIA, the serpentine, meandering pathways of unfolding. Especially in these Saturn Retro times. When Sun people become EXTRA/ULTRA Solar. And Saturnines like us super sluggish, buffalo-ish. In our childhood, people like NP, GRB and I were forcefully fit into something else. By society, friends, circumstance. And now, it’s only in mid-life, that we find our true natures, true tracks of becoming. Into our inherent, underlying, INNER Sun- Saturn natures. It took a lot of battering, and a lot of time. But at least we found it. And can be our own damned actual selves..
Thanks Surya-dev for GRB, NP. And Jai Shanidev for myself!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 32- Repeating Patterns

Day 35- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 24th Mar, Sunday  **REPEATING PATTERNS**
As repeated thousand times before, Saturn Retrograde is a time of progress, linear development, breakthrough for Sun ruled people. And a time for regression, repetition, repeating events/ patterns for Saturn ruled people.

On 9th March, the day before Shivratri, in daytime had done Pradosh Vrat. Later evening to dispose of two semi spoiled cabbages I walked far serarching for cows in the unlikeliest ultra-urban south Delhi neighborhood. And after a long serpentine , rambling walk, landed up
in Dakshinpuri, and finally found a great number of resting cows in a field in front of abandoned, rundown Virat cinema. That was that.

Yesterday a friend's friend, film-maker Souveek landed up to discuss plans for some collaborative endeavours in the future. We had tried to meet up many times before, but either of us was tied up, and the meeting never happened. Yesterday, finally after work related topics, one thing led to other, and we ended up talkng about Karma, karmic debts etc. A guide had told Souveek to do at least 2 hrs of social service in a month. In a manner that didnt involve his professional skill-set. And yesterday Saturday morning in Hindustan Times weekend supplement, he had read a feature on DNIP palliative care. That helped cancer patients in all manners. And one of the services they provided was volunteers, who visited patients who had no access to family members, well wishers, etc. Someone to talk to, someone to make them feel, they mattered. I thought, since i do a lot of astro counselling/ vastu pro bono, WHY NOT, reach out to cancer patients. They suffer the MOST! Souveek fcalled up, followed up, and after a long winding serpentine trail, we landed up in front of Virat cinema, Dakshinpuri. somehow, I had had no food the entire day , and was feeling groggy and starved. Later, after stuffing some tea, bhajias, etc I looked around... it was the EXACT same field where I had come at night to do my Gau- Daan (Cow-feeding), exactly two Saturdays back. A series of "random", erratic, tangential events, an awry, long winding, serpentine trail had landed me up at the EXACT same spot!! We waited for a long time, and I tried to explain to Suveek the sheer coincidence of this. Later, the person from DNIP came, and we followed him to a nearby cancer patients house. I tried to give some Vaastu tips, in her sleeping directions etc. Gaytri ji's daughter stayed far away and only sometiomes could the daughter visit the ailing mother. Gave her a mantra to chant, whenver she couldnt make it to visit her mom. But one strange thing, the patient Gayatri ji looked so bright,and at peace. her daughters were married off. "Even if I pass away, my daughters ares settled". Maybe that gave her the inner peace, so evident on her face.

Like, my favourite character Swamp Thing is advised, by the Parliament of Trees: "In the Tree of Life, coincidence is the Pattern of the Bark..". Agree, especially for us Saturn ruled people, during Saturn Retrograde. As we rgress round and round in our serpentine trails...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 31- Dark Unravelings

Day 33- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 22nd Mar, Friday  **DARK UNRAVELLINGS**
As repeated thousand times before, annual Saturn Retrograde is a time of progress, development, quantum leaps for Sun ruled people. And a time for regression, unravellings, for Saturn ruled people.
During my youthful days as an animator in FX Factory, when I was designing a ghastly, grotesque, texture for a 3D monster, one of my friends asked me: "what is your fascination with horror?". This question has perplexed me throughout the years. And, I have tried to
guess a wide spectrum of replies to that question. But today, as I cross the 33rd day of annual Saturn Retro of 4.5 months, I seem to have finally found the answer... Horror is redemptive, purgative. It enables us, especially the Saturn ruled ones, to puke our guts out off the toxic residues of Karma. To inflict horror/ fear upon someone is the quickest way to earn black Karma. And to experience horror oneself, is the quickest way to PURGE/ CLEANSE ourselves of pending Karma. Clear our black karma. Purgation is the main AIM of the Dark unravelings that we experience during saturn retro. These dark unravellings make us question our value systems, revamp our ego structure. And it's these very Dark unravellings, that I have been personally experiencing these past few Retro days..

I was watching the new film "Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster, Part-2". What a tale of serpentine treachery and betrayal. A royal clan coming to it's dark undoing. Suddenly it dawned on me, that, my friend with whom I was watching, was from a similar royal lineage, experiencing his own un-becoming, darkness, decay. Suddenly reel life became real life. And I was witness to it. The movie seemed to reflect the darkness, treachery, unreliability I have been experiencing on all fronts around. Especially these past few days. Perfect Saturn retro season.

Then meeting my journo friend and her pal. At their dark "House of usher" mentioned in post 27. Whether it was the houses ambience, or my own gloomy disposition, suddenly there was a floodtide of dark unravellings. A spontaneous combustion of dark tales. Urban myths. My
favourite icon actor having 60 ailments in his body, kept alive, pumping, happy for the camera by thousand daily medicines. Another one of my hollywood favourite under the grasp of a secret clan who chose even his his wives, girlfriends for him. His powerful, famous
personae was just a mask to hide his underlying dependency. A famous school built on vast acres of graveyeard land. A refugee den for the rich and the spoilt. Breeding future leaders shaped, structured on the worst value systems of greed, avarice, treachery, betrayal. the harbringers of kali-yuga. A hawan/yagya (sacred fire) was organised EVERYDAY in its vast campus, to keep demonic energy at bay. And a hundred other stories. And endless others.

Burgeoining under the weight of darkness, I turned to my favourite comic series, Alan Moore's revolutionary 'Saga Of The Swamp Thing', which altered comics history forever. In issue # 47, burgeoining under the weight of American Darkness, the Swamp thing seeks counsel
from the Parliament of Trees. this is what they have to say about evil: cyclicity. neccesity. Check pic below:
 And, in the final conclusive issue no. 50, the conclusion to the long sprawling American Gothic storyline, The Swamp thing meets the Great Darkness, the Primordial Shadow. the infinite blackness from which light creation emerged. The Swamp Shing discusses about the validity of evil..

And in the final frame, the Swamp things muses: "Perhaps Evil is the Humus formed by Virtue's Decay. Perhaps, it's from that dark, sinister, Loam.. that virtue grows strongest..".  To think my friend DAVID KACHARI gifted this comic when I was in class 10, in 1990. Cheers!! Like my fav film-maker David Lynch says "More darkness we experience, more light/ joy can we contain.." At least hopefully, for us Saturnines, once Saturn turnsdirectional. Cheers Alan Moore! visionary/ seer.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 30- Symmetric Inversion

Day 32- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 21th Mar, Thursday
Todays going to be a great/ heavy/ overloaded post. A topic which I was wanting to talk about since MANY years of saturn retro study/ research. But never could do so before getting the hang of powerpoint graphs/ tools. The simplest tools is oft the means to liberation for me. Also, I want to thank my friend MMadhuka who boosted, urged me to write/ continue the blog because he was waiting to read it. In Assamese he said an old saying "jopona loi baat sai thoka". In early assam, the village used to have a bamboo gate 'jopona", often people would look expectantly at it for arrival of guests, excitement, something new. So hence this article..

As explained 1000 times/ posts/ articles before, Saturn Retrograde is a time of Progression for the Sun ruled people and regression for Saturn ruled people. See the graph BELOW, the Solar/ Sun ruled  graph is the symmetrical INVERSE of the Saturn ruled graph. That's easily understood. BUT to what degree?? To what magnitude. NOW, that's the fascinating part....

In my research and observation I have found that sometimes on a daily basis the INVERSION occurs. Meaning? Check the above graph: say on Day 2, for a Sun ruled person, an event B occurs. Then on the lower graph, for the Saturn person, the EXACT INVERSE event B" occurs. Sun B- Saturn B". And this corresponding symmetrical inversion between Sun- Saturn, whenever it occurs, is FASCINATING!!
Often it occurs between Sun ruled and saturn ruled people BUT also it can occur in events, things, commodities. The MOST fascinating personal discovery of mine is THAT: for me, this symmetric corresponding inversion has occured between my own life events. I.e, in 2008 and 2009, I was behaving completely like the SUN ruled person. and the after effects of which I bore the brunt of  for many years. When I compared my journals of 2009, with Saturn Retro 2012, I found that ALMOST every Day of Saturn Retro in 2009, was the inverse of it's corresponding Saturn Retro Day of 2012. Almost EVERY day! To be any coincidence!!
Say for example on day 23, retro 2009, Saw me arriving at the Airport from somewhere. THEN, on day 23, retro 2012, saw me going to the airport to pick someone up. And this two events: the airport flight/ thingy is an uncommon event for me. Say on Day 24, Retro 2009, one friend Priya had ditched me, for some scheduled Vaastu appointment. creating disappointment. Then on 24, retro 2012, SAW that same Priya land up in Delhi, after a gap of 1 year, on that SAME  24th  day of retro, and somehow end giving relief, joy, transcendence. This COINCIDENCE is hallmarked by its sheer "coincidence", and Not mundane inversions between regular events. My journals of 2011 and 2012 have DAY-to-DAY accounts of this Inversion on a daily, and sometimes even on a half daily, quarterly basis. YES, to THAT degree. SO MUCH for free will! Especially, us Saturn ruled ruled people are marionnetes, dancing to invisible threads during Saturn retrograde!!
But I've seen that this unbelievable grid/ on the dot/ on the graph determinism/ predictability lasts ONLY my observations/ comparisons within and during Saturn Retrograde. Once Saturn turns directional, no more such predictability, usual, normal course follows.. Thankfully!!!!

Saturn Retro 2013, 29- Sun Saturn

Day 29, Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 18th Mar, Monday
After the previous post, I had quite some encouraging feedback. Asking me to write fiction along horror, suspense, psycho, lines. But problem is, I can't write fiction. Whenever, I attempt fiction, (and I've been constantly trying since 2008),  it rapidly crashes. BUT, ever since, i took the advice of friends and begun writing about my own experiences, observations. Especially in a casual, flimsy  "Yo" style! That's when some content comes ACROSS to you, gentle reader. And the occasional effective blood curdling chill, like the previous post. But, completely unplanned. Call it chance/ providence. Call it the will of the universe. Or call it, what I call it... Shanidev. Hence, today also, like most other days, I'm just RANDOMLY typing. If Shanidev WANTS/ Desires.. Some event, something, will come up. Which will get written about. By me.. the spaced out... chronicler/ narrator.  ;)

Todays, now, Wednesday night. Feel so drained since yesterday. sleepless, counselling some friends , first evening over the phone. And since it WAS a fellow saturnine friend,it was long drawn. Very long drawn. exhausting. who can blame him, saturn ruled are like this durin Retro times. And later at late night, at home, another old Saturn ruled friend came over. And it was a major, elaborate, epical yalk. till about 2:30 am. Somehow, I struggled to keep awake. But his topic was so intense. I was dozing off, but somehow kept alive. Meanwhile I was SEVERELY falling behind blogging. many days and topic behind. PERFECT SATURN Retro! Slept SO late. So much to be written. But forgot all of it. Something about Sun-Saturn split during saturn Retrograde. Sun's all about position, hierarchy, structure, organisation, order. And vedic Saturn's abot movement, momentum, inertia and motion. Hence during saturn retro, sun people: super-organisation, definition. classification. And saturn ruled: vacillation, stagnation, calcification, brooding, sleepless, zombie-fication. Like a Neptunian half-becoming. Neither here nor there. Man nor beast. an in-between zombie. Sun people are DISCRETE? QUANTUM. for long period, nothing much, but Suddenly, the wind-fall. The storm. The Goods! But with saturn ruled, it's one long winding, analogous Karmic process. Like the slow growth of a plant. Or a body that gathers slow momentum. Saturn Retro is a overally solar period. Hence good for Sun ruled, sour for Saturn ruled.

During Saturn Retro, we Saturn ruled people, get in touch with our darkest crevices. The inner folds of mind and emotion. I am getting drowned in meaningless insecurities. Ocean waves of apprehensions, regrets, insecurities. Like the pantheon of emotions clouding ones mind during a gloomy, sombre dusk. We Saturn ruled get to feel so called "saturnine" emotions ONLY when Saturn is regressed/ retrograde. It's the Sun which feels sombre/ gloomy/ heavy for us. Ghosts at NOON. Ironic but true. All classic literature says: as BRIGHt as the Sun. Darke, negative, malefic Saturn. What opinionated, medieval, conservative, tunnel headed bigotry!! Your malefic planets ARE the source of darkness/ sorrow. Be it Sun , Mercury, Mars, whatever. And NOT Saturn, as always universally blamed! Jai Shanidev!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 28- Exchange Programmes

Day 28- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 17th Mar, Sunday
As we conclude the fourth week of Annual saturn retro on this 28th day, 17th march, Sunday, I see Sun ruled people around me slowly emerge into the forefront/ centre/ stormfront. In my private astro facebook group, a friend was narrating his trip to Cambridge. Basking in the historical Sun. In the legacy of great minds, creators of modern civilisation. In the cradle of Greatness. the centre of the earth, as far I was considered. how spectacularly, solar! And Saturn ruled dudes like myself relapse into the background/ backwaters/ backyard. Am actually falling behind, schedule, time, here. Todays Day 28th, and my arcticle/ post 27. I'm Behind by one day. Relapsing into the scheduled backwaters, scheduled regression of Saturn retrograde.

Yesterday I had gone for a official meeting for an office renovation. Though I have completely changed over to Vaastu now fulltime, but fate/ destiny still finds me in circumstances where I get the gravitational pullbacks, from my former catastrophic career of architecture/ interiors. Especially during high gravitas of saturn retro. NOW, I never get involved in any project without at least 25% vastu considerations. SO, i complied by visiting, and trying to push my Vastu services, instead. But, alas, they already had some family known, traditional, Jupiteran, bearded guy for a zillion years. And, just wanted some interior advice for their renovation. Relenting not to the similar tempation of years 2008, 2009, 2010, namely biting more than one can chew, I completely palm off their "deal" to my other fellow colleagues and set off.

Dropped in at my family friends place who were soon to shift from their current residence. After a cup of tea, and hearing to long, detailed, narrations of awry happenings, odd feelings, odd sounds in their place, I had a look around at their place. The next building adjacent to their wall was a completely dilaptated, abandoned ruin. Odd, lookin' the high value of the estate value of their prime South Delhi location. And the feeling I had was not imcomparable to the Usher house from my ever favourite, endlessly quoted story "The Fall Of The House Of Usher" of my beloved Edgar Allan Poe. Moving to their back terrace, i saw a vast tree, reach out leavy, thorny, wild braches, like  tentacular, organism with many hands raechin' out and "embracing" the ruined house. Not ulnike some old/ dead lovers in forver embrace. My dear family friends, the spaced out career girls, had obviously, not inkling of the same, except the occasional desire to sleep all day through. For days and endless days.  I prayed, meditated to the saturnine "atmosphere", (for the lack of a better sounding politically correct word, ;) ) to instead "take residence"/"temporary accomodation" in me, especially, in these Saturn Retro times. So that the Solar kids would thrive now, minus the gloomy "atmosphere". And the "gloomy atmosphere" would also thrive better without these  zesty, partying, rocking Solar kids. Much better would be instead, my gloomy, saturnine lethargic mood. Especially in these rising saturn retro times. And Lo! just a humble prayer harbouring on the edge of neurosis, I felt considerably heavier, and the Kids, obviously lighter and brighter.
I returned with a copy of Milton's "Paradise Lost". Had a bath, refreshed, all set to go for Delhi Jazz fest. But somehow, all the plans, bungled up, and I remained, staying at home. Went for a walk and quiet dinner out with wife. Landed, in a neighborhood restaurant. Cosy, nondescript, yet with fresh, tasty, simple, food. Chillin out in the Warm, cosy, serpentine, shade/ succour of the backwaters. In contrast to the 'happening' forefronts. Especially, specifically for one so Saturnine as myself. In these saturn retro times..

Friday, March 15, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 27- Chewing the CUD

Day 26- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 15th Mar, Friday
I actually began this post yesterday, but because of the obviousness sluggishness of Saturn Retro, am again continuing it today. Yesterday, was talking with my friend AAA, the brilliant cancer surgeon, now gone on his own trip. Since a year I have been constantly reminding, reprimanding him about his neglected responsibilities as a doctor in service of humanity. I mean, his talent, skill helps him to relieve the pain, heal the wounds of fellow human beings. Just imagine the blessings/ Good Karma he can earn IN a SINGLE day in duty and
service of humankind. And MORE SO, since he is completely in intention of serving mankind/ fellow human beings in their moments of suffering. So I went on and on, in these last few months. But today, he came astonishingly bright, motivated and charged up. seems that, amongst the many hospitals he visited, one famous govt hospital was pulling a LOT of weight, showing too much attitude. And in his anger, I saw the old zeal of my friend. His PASSION rekindled, to serve humanity. Further the cause of medical research. Focus on his key
strengths. His Saturnine hangover was getting removed in this increasingly Solar times.

Later i was reflecting upon my own self. All these seven years in Delhi, I had never entered a structured grid. Meandering between random freelance engagements. Which, at the end of the day, doesn't ammount/ accrude to any finacial stability. And the effects of which I have borne these past seven years in Delhi. Mulling over past journals, accounts, I saw that I had BEGUN my journey in New delhi, after marriage, IN SATURN RETROGRADE, 2005- 2006! The most important, transition point in life, shifting base, everything happening DURING the entire two months stretch of pure, unadulterated, solar..Rising retrograde!! No wonder, ever since, I have always travelled between Delhi and my hometown Guwahati. Neither settling permanently and completely in either.

Also looking back at 2012, we shifted house during Saturn Retrograde. Well, first house we shifted was narrowly before the beginning of saturn retrograde. Anyways, the first house shifting was completely conducted by the initiative, know how of wifes friend and her mum, highly Sun ruled people, who have their own properties in Vasant Kunj, and lived in the same pocket, and had a complete understanding of vasant Kunj, it's unique water issues etc. The  first house didnt have good finshing, etc. But it had abundant water supply and a large, wide kitchen. And, we just had managed to shift in, coincidentally, mere 2-3 days, before Saturn retro, and I, the most Saturnine dude should have quietly stayed put. Sitting on my  belly, chewing my cud, like the typical buffalo in the mud. But no, "Gaand me Kira"
(translates to: restless, itching in ones ass), was too high. I was discontent that the finishing of our new house was a bit shoddy to suit our interior designer profile. Vanity, thy name is man. And, i forcefully resurrected an earlier bypassed deal with an previous landlady.  And in pure Rising Retrograde of March' 12, completely on MY initiative, we shifted to the second house , within the span of A SINGLE month. A major energy/ endeavour during the rising force of
Saturn Retrograde. No wonder that when saturn finally turned directional, for various reasons, we had to shift out this house, YET AGAIN! So much for my revolutionary outburst, SOLAR/ WILL TO POWER initiative during Saturn Retrograde!! Haha!! In fact, looking back, most of my important landmark INITIATIVES/ events have all happened during the highly solar period of Saturn Retrograde.  And the effects of which I bore till endless years. Hence, this time, I'm going SUPER-regressive, and trying my best to resist the  many sweet, golden
temptations of revolutionary eruptions/ rupture sent mine way. For us, Saturn ruled, NOW, is the time to lay low, Hibernate, chill! Just be! Listen quietly and to chew the cud!! 

And chewing the cud, i am, by my regular updates/ confessions/ regressions/ reviews.. almost daily.. on this Saturnine blog. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 26- Feedbacks from YOU

Day 25- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 14th Mar, Thursday. What's this blog without interaction, feedback from you gentle reader. Nothing! Just a one directional monologue. So it is with much satisfaction that i put forward some inetractions that happened with you, my fellow travellers in astrology. Firstly, I was talking with friend NKP, who finally came to a realisation that indeed, she is Saturn ruled. And that this period is a opprtunity to purge/ clean herself of LOT of negative poending Karma, by following this blog, direction. All around the year I see her besetted with various, HEAVY problems, but this year, at least there is this long window to shed/ subtract a LOT of her Saturnine issues. Like my own self, till quite recently she has been going in the opposite direction during Saturn Retrograde, hence the obvious effects, when Saturn later turns directional for next 8.5 months. But thi yearshe's on track, running alongside with me..  :)

Later I met my young supertalented musician friend "Ra". He has got such an amazing crewativity, force, maturity, etc, etc. But because of Saturnine effects has suffered from a lot of physical, emotional, and personal ailments. I took him to the forest and refreshed him about Sun- saturn energiesd during Saturn Retro. Talking to him felt like guiding a young Luke Skywalker, or a underconfident Peter Parker, unaware of his destiny to become a Jedi, a mutant superhero. Soi much talent, yet so much lacking in self confidence. I smiled to myself. He was exactly opposite of myself in college days. I thought of myself to the 'Moon'. and hence crashlanded down into the gutter. I remember the film, Moon In THe Gutter, a film by Roman Polanski. And this young musician "Ra", supertalented, but unaware of his own potential/ self worth. And i trying to reverse things. reverse the Karmic cycles. GOING BACKWARDS IN TIME TO TEACH/ GUIDE A YOUNGER VERSION OF MY OWN SELF TO DO THE RIGHT THING. How sci-fi, awesome it felt, at the end of a crazy, heavy, depressing day. When i did Nadi astrology, it said i was a valiant/ strong Kshatriya warrior in my past life, mis-using my powers to no end. and in this life, hence trying to recompense, repay back the pending Karmic debts. especially during saturn Retrograde. Cheers Ra! Cheers NKP! Learn from my follies, my endless years of Saturnine mistakes.. and NKP, do the RIGHT thing. And "RA" do your OWN thing! Cheers!

Saturn Retro 2013, 25- Inner Spaces..

Day 24- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 13th Mar, Wednesday  ***INNERSPACES***
As I promised, dear gentle reader, 24 days into Annual Saturn Retrograde, we've now crossed  the distinct borderline dividing the subconscious/ CONSCIOUS. For those of you, Sun ruled people, it's a gradual transition from indeterminate, chaos into a pattern of slowly emerging logic, order, reasoning in the unfolding of your daily events. Gradually, there seems a hidden, deeper, underlying order, emerging from the apparent/ surface chaos of things/ events. CLARITY is slowly emerging. about issues, things, events, things. Slowly you shallbegin to see more and more clearly. Powerful convictions/ Emotions, an individuality, that you buried DEEP WITHIN YOUR HEART is slowly emerging. The Emergence of Your TRUE inner soul. I dedicate to YOU Solar people, my ever favourite Michael Jackson song... BREAK OF DAWN! DO kindly listen to THIS song DURING THIS period! Access it from youtube.

For us, Saturn ruled dudes/mamas, the journey becomes increasingly serpentine, philosophical,and inward. A journey through a complex swampland of swampy mires and bogs. Our paths are becoming increasingly random, erratic, chaotic. We are passing through a swamp, wasteland, of our own complex inner emotions. Parts of our own SUBCONSCIOUS which are indefinite, incongruous abstract, and indeterminant. We shall obviously find it increasingly difficult to map the erratic movements in this period. But only one DOMINANT characteristic prevails: a movement of in-folding, regression towards the inner, defunct, decayed, corrupt areas of one's inner being. Made visible, in harsh, blunt, solar light. The blind spots within ones personal, private sides, suddenly exposed  cruelly. To what objective, we know not, for it's a mere painful awareness of them , that is occuring. Not the neccesary correction, follow up and repair. But a mere Erratic  expose'. But for us, Saturnines, only one question: if NOT NOW, then WHEN?? Things are at least happening ACCORDING to the purgative, redemptive schedule/process/programme of Saturn Retrograde.

For Saturn ruled people, each few days serpentine unfolding is at an odd/ tangent/ deviation from the earlier previous few days. An exact antithesis of a straight line. A word from Deconstruction theory comes to mind.. "Dissemination". Dissemination is the opposite of semination/ seeding. Dissemination is a seeding that bears NO fruit! It's only valid function is to DISSIPATE pending Karma.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 24- Karmic processes

Day 23, Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 12th Mar, Tuesday. Obviously being Saturn ruled, the heaviness of Saturn Retrograde has commenced. Delayed plans, regression, remembrance, dissemination a.k.a. scatterring, dispersion as I had projected. Am a friends place, in electricity gone gloom of evening. I thought it appropriate to write on occasion of this gloomy, forbearing dusk. Today morning, I commenced donations to Mars, not feeling a bit lighter.

Day 24, 13th Mar, Wednesday, 2013. Yesterday and today have gone by in such volatile eruption. State of gravity feels compounded many times over. Was reading other peoples articles on Saturn Retrograde. Liked this one: click link: , this one seemed to lay it's finger on what I was currently experiencing. The power of the Law of Karma. It's force, and strength. I quote..

"This means that all the karma accrued over many lifetimes has reached such a volatile state that it must be dealt with once and for all.  This is to relieve the incredible tension that is keeping us from functioning in a stable and safe manner. There is a specific task to be completed, which we have no choice about. Fated events will occur to lead us in the right direction. We may not always like where this energy takes us, but we have to surrender to the higher power. If we resist, things can get most unpleasant.." At the moment of writing this post, my friend R_ from Goa, called to ask about a topic that was fully expressive of the above pargraph. A lot of us Saturn ruled creatures ARE feeling the heat of this purifying, karmic process. Just an hour ago, I was feeling so inexorably down, but after reading the above website/ passage, and synchronous phone call from my friend R_, I could understand the designs of Karmic workings. About the aspects of planets. I will further process the information I gathered from the above website in my usual Sun- Saturn format:
 For Sun Ruled people: Quote: "..The aim of this whole Saturn Retrograde 2013 exercise is stand on our own two feet as individual souls. We must define our mission in this life and reform ourselves so that we can complete the mission. The are two things that must be done to achieve this. First, we have to working out our responsibilities. Who and what are we responsible for and to what degree? Then, we have to commit to fulfill our obligations. Second, we must determine if other people or things in our lives are weighing us down. Are they really our responsibility? Are they expecting us to care for them but they are not supporting us? Do we need them to do what we came here to do? If they are sucking our energy and distracting us from our karmic mission, then Saturn retrograde demands we cut them loose...".

For Saturn ruled people:Quote"..The wisdom and reforming power of Saturn and Pluto are focused on the Moon. So we are going to feel this Saturn retrograde at a very personal and emotional level. The karmic issues will revolve around our home, family, and our most intimate of relationships. Moon conjunct Jupiter will amplify our emotional sensitivity and make it near-impossible to control or hide our emotional reactions to any events. The Moon is on the major fixed star Aldebaran. This brings into the spotlight how we depend on our loved ones for emotional and physical satisfaction. The relentless, soul-evolving power of Saturn sextile Pluto will bring to the surface our inner-most “subconscious urges and emotional needs“. We will be forced to face the reality of the situation. We will have to ask how responsible and realistic we have been when having our most fundamental primal urges satisfied by another soul. And after we see ourselves in this light we may feel insecure, alone, and afraid. The karmic issues for Saturn Retrograde 2013 may also apply to the physical home. Are we taking good care of our family, our parents, our children? Some change in direction is needed in love relationships and with money. Events which force this change may be unpleasant. It all comes back to how responsible we have been in managing our obligations..." Good insight Jamie!!
The above mentioned Pluto aspects give a tremendous edge to Saturn Retrograde. Pluto is considered as Rudra in Vedic astrology. An extremely burning, hot, severe, terrifying planet. Indicating Karmic redemption and retribution etc. No wonder, two days back my friend H_ having a Pluto ascendant was telling us to perform Rudra Abhishek Puja. How intutive. When your mind/ souls ready, all the signs, guidelines, manifest/ appear themselves. Main thing for Saturn ruled people IS: time for purification by burning fire. So that, later, when Saturn turns Directional, we may be free of pending Karma, and GET ON with the business of our lives. But right now, we have no option but to face this  Rudra form of Saturn Retrograde!! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 23- Aint Anybody Fooling Nobody

Day 22- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 11th Mar, Monday.
The current position of Planets in Aquarius, a sign totally ruled by Saturn is making this Saturn Retro energies, somewhat confusing. Currently the Sun, and his commander-in-chief, Mars, is sitting debilitated in Aquarius. Moreover Venus and retrograde Mercury is also sitting there. FOUR planets in chaos, sitting in Aquarius (Saturn's sign) opposing Leo (sun's sign)!! Mercury is the prince planet having great relations with both Sun and Saturn. Mercury is like the wily, shrewd, Narada muni, with a sitar in his hand chanting "narayan, narayan" as shown in all the mythological serials. Since Mercury is the common connecting network of communication between Sun and Saturn and is currently in retrograde, hence the entire Sun- saturn polarisation of saturn retrograde is becoming even more chaotic,
hodge-podge, jar-var, kheli-meli! Sun in Aquarius is considered the darkest point for the Sun, coz' Aquarius (Kumbh) is ruled by Saturn. And, in this darkest hour, Lord Shiva, the Dark Lord signfying the blackness, Mahakal himself is worshipped: Shivratri! Next week onwards this mix up is getting over, cos Sun and Mars is moving into Pisces, a sign ruled by Jupiter. Ending the long brewing topsy turvy of past one month. Four planets sitting in Saturnine Aquarius- opposing Solar Leo, creating an unneccesary conflict, chaos. IMPORTANT: 10th Mar Sunday, 11th Mar Monday, 12th Mar Tuesday, sees the MOON ALSO CROSSING Aquarius. THIS FIFTH planet Moon, in Aquarius for these three days ADDS to the complication, skewyness, odd deviant energies of the current state. THIS IS A VERY KARMIC PERIOD,  Just after Shanid Pradosh and Shivaratri. Sun ruled people have to fight much harder and Saturn ruled people have to be excessively Laid-back, these three days!!

Sun ruled people, everybody is always impressed with the hard work, thoroughness, PASSION, dedication, sincerity you bring to the table. But you ain't fooling me, in prior times, you were laidback, lazy, inertial, lethargic, servile. So payback now, with extra duracell fighting power and agressiveness!!  
Saturn ruled people, everybody says that we're laidback, chilled out, lazy, inertial, lethargic, servile. But we shouldn't fool ourselves, in prior times, we were overzealous, domineering, egocentric, Martian, agressive, hot blooded, proud creatures. So we HAVE to payback now, with extra service, docility, regression, back seat, and regression!

SUCH is The KARMIC LAW! Aint Anybody foolin' Nobody!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 22- Value of Regression

Yesterday was the first day that I didn't post, since Saturn Retro began. Because of obvious Saturn retro effects. Being entangled, and mired in issues and dramas. But IT IS a part of the purgative, redemptive process for Saturn ruled people. Necessary regression, going backwards instead of mindlessly moving forwards despite everything. The latter strategy is ideal for Sun ruled. Many of whom are moving ahead despite heavy obstacles. No one said progress is easy! But in the end progress is WORTH IT! Understand THIS fact my dear fellow enquirers. Once and for ALL! Yesterday was quite a day indeed. But I had voluntarily done something stupid. By changing colour, deity of this blog. And ALL hell broke loose. It's only at LATE night when I returned/ RGERESSED to my earlier deity Pitra/ Brahma/ Brihaspati, that things returned to a sembelance of normaility. This IS a time for volunatry mistakes, stupid errors FOR ME, being heavily Saturn ruled. Just imagine so much CONSEQUENCE in changing blog DEITY and colour. I shudder to think about the magnitude of consequences that I'm still bearing for the major projects that I undertook with valor and GRANDEUR. Blog mistake took few hours to correct. But those actions take YEARS to undo!!! My Late astrot GURU, T.N. Sarma, who taught me IN DEPTH about Saturn Retro, often cited the example of Napoleon, who was massively Saturn ruled. Before the perilious battle of Waterloo, Lord Saturn showed him a Day 20- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 9th Mar, Saturday. 
dream, NOT to pursue ahead with his INVASION strategy. But he ignored it, and his armies were mired in mud, muck in Waterloo. END of his great reign/ empire. ALL Saturn ruled people have their pwn Waterloos to narrate. But the scale is of essence here. The attitude/ approach. Yesterday I was with a friend, a young musician, highly SUN ruled. Helped him out in his technical stuff, in all the best way I could. He was making so much progress during these last few days of Saturn Retrograde, it was very amazing and validating for me. BUT I took the back seat, being the charioteer, the back seat passenger, in his Chariot of Fire! I checked my google analytics, hits to this blog have massively dropped in the last two days. Even tho, from EGO point it's sickening, but from RETRO point, its scheduled! So okay! who am I to complain.. about the VALUE of REGRESSION.. (my guess is, without the fun/attractive illustrations and hi-funda theory, this post will be more or less unread/ missed.) But guess I have to do, what I have to do.. in this Rising Saturn retrograde.. Cheers!.. gloomily, lazily, brrodingly, yours saturnine writer! Have a gud weekend!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 21- Karmic Redemption of Gravitas

Day 18- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 7th Mar, Thursday.
Rising Retro phase of Annual saturn Retro 2013, has commenced from this Monday, 4 March. A great time for Sun ruled people. During these two months: March, April of Rising Retro, with Saturnuine energies on the regress, it's time for them to BLOOM, make HAY while the SUN
SHINES!! These next two months March and April, 2013..! All around me I see Sun ruled/ Solar people suddenly becoming lighter, brighter, clearer. This IS their time to maximize the Solar abundance. Charge their solar cells,maximise, optimize, the abundant solar energies! And for Saturnines, a time for regression, hibernation, review.  I have already taken the resolution to Serve, assist all solar/ Sun ruled people  throughout the entire Rising Retro months of March and April. This way, BOTH sides benefit fruitfully and amicably.
In my own experience, it's NOT always easy to determine and discern whether someone belongs to Saturn group or Sun group BUT ONE LITMUS TEST always proves out. Direct physical evidence, emotional experience during ONSET of saturn Retrograde. ESPECIALLY NOW, if you can RELATE to my desert of reality funda, gravitas, sinking, crashdown
descriptions given below, THEN most likely whoever you are, this season you are transmutig into a Saturn rued creature. You have come of that age, when Saturn is being finally activated in your horoscope, i.e, youre 38+ years of age, and you are an interesting mutation, this Saturn Retro 2013. And being heavily Saturn ruled myself, from today itself, my post has become so weighted, heavy, winding, serpentine, archival, and redemptive. My earlier posts were so illustrative, cartoonish,comical, but now with the onset of Saturn Retro gravitas, this is inevitable. But from this article onwards, I will try to follow the format.. overview, summary "Head", like this paragraph. Followed by long, comprehensive tails. I had planned this format for my earlier 'Rahu Ketu 'blog, now become 'Outer Planets'. But seems like, everything was under the scope and requirement of Saturn Retro. ALL MY blogging endeavours, etc was but a sub-set of preparation for descriptions for Saturn Retrograde!! Amazing..

I was going through my deatiled journals of 2009, so much written about the fall. The crashdown. The feeling of heaviness/ gravitas. the Greek word 'Gravitas'. Pertaining to Gravity. A flying object, now becomes grounded. a flying aircraft, now grounded, into the hangar. Time for repair, renovation and rehabilitation. In Retro 2009, a classic example, on the very end of Saturn Retro season, I had this SAME feeling as today. Horrifying crashdown into the desert reality. TODAY, my wifes laptops Hard Disk has actually crashed!! We're right now in the long arduous process of caling customer carecell,taking phone advice, memory test , etc. Very physical manifestation of saturn Retro. But whereas in 2009, this Crashdown happened ON the onset of Saturnine energies, this year it's happening on the onset of SOLAR
energies, i.e, a withdrawl of saturnine energies. this year, my crashdown/ suffering is happening on the RIGHT side of Saturn Retrograde. A scheduled failure. a scheduled catastrophe. A scheduled, annual, fixed time of purgation and redemption. My Pitra Karma is
to shed myself completely of my Solar residue. To shed, expunge, purge the tremendous solar influence in my birthchart. The damaging effects of 12th house Sun. And embrace the Saturnine energies completely. Dissolve, become one with benefic saturn. To purge the
residues of past life solar excess. The sins incurred by a previous solar incarnation. This was amazingly testified by Naadi palm leaf readings in Kerala, South India. Awesome, it was!! So Saturn Retrograde IS the period of my purging, my Karmic redemption. My surrendering to gravitas. completely and utterly. Voluntary crashdown. Crashdown into reality. From this date only, crashdown into the desert of reality.

In 2009, whence, when I returned from Paris, the crashdown happened. That was when Saturn finally turned directional and this time, it has begun from pure Saturn retrograde. What Poe calls, the lifting of the Veil, in his story The House of Usher. Makes me understand that when Saturn IS directional and functional how much protection he provides me, how much shelter from the harsh deserts of the real! Now that Lord saturn has gone Retrograde in respect to us, and his influences have  regressed/ withdrawn, how much barren, harsh, my underlying Karmic reality is. I understand how barren/ withered my underlying Karmic reality is WITHOUT the blessings, protective shield of Lord Saturn. Without the umbrella of Lord Saturn I get hammered by the full proto thrust of my 12th house malefic Sun. Solar hammering with its metaphorical Ultra Violet radiation significant of Rahu. It's NO COINCIDENCE that in my horoscope, Sun- Saturn are in direct opposition. WITHDRAWAL/ REGRESSION of one leads to the PROGRESSION of the other. And since, Rahu IS in constant anticlockwise movement
throughout, it's Saturn Retrograde that creates a prolific ABUNDANCE/ SPIKE of Rahu energies. Just imagine the Earth without the benevolence and protective energies of our watery, cloudy, atmospheric envelop. HAMMERED and COMBUSTED by Solar energy, and hardcore Ultraviolet radiation. Life on Earth as we know would be wiped out, and the biodiverse ecosystem, burn away into a barren, baked, rocky desert. Yes, this is the exact symbolism of the Desert of Reality. Everyone talks so prolifically about Saturn as a negative planet, malefic, cruel, lord BUT look at me WITHOUT the protection, support Saturn's benevolent, dusky, shaded energy. 
And not to forget my regular offerings to Brihaspati/ Brahma/ Pitra which is helping me to keeping these turbulent Saturn Retrotimes at few notches above madness. And enabling me to .. just about breathe.. ~~~~~

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 20- The Gita from Saturn viewpoint

Day 16- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 5th Mar, Tuesday. Today returning from a meeting, I landed up at my friend Vibha's place. It was her birthday. She had been gifted a copy of The Bhagavat Gita last night. Coincidentally, yesternight I had been browsing for images of Pitamah Bhishma, to put on my blogs Pitra logo. Today, i was tired, dehydrated, sleepless. I was giving fundas, "bhaasan" to Vibha and her hubby Rahul. About Sun/ Saturn, Retrograde etc. Told them, during next two months of Rising Retro, Sun people have to pursue Shakti, forge with Will Power and forge onwards, on the road to progress. Will To Power. And, Saturn people have to lay back, chill a while like a spaced out Lord Shiva, or the reclining Lord Vishnu on Sheshnaag. Floating on the tranquil oceans of time/space. A time for contemplation and surrender, philosophical, enquiry. Later, I began randomly browsing through The Gita. I had always earlier ignored, overlooked it. But I remembered that the the greatest devotee of Lord Krishna was Shanidev. His excessive devotion to Lord krishna landed
him in getting a curse from his own wife. So today, reading The Gita from the Saturn Retrograde viewpoint made a LOT of sense. In terms of Saturnine regression/ retrograde. I now Re-read and reinterpret it from the Saturnine viewpoint...

TEXT 4.21: "Abandoning all attachment to the results of his activities.. he performs No fruitive action, although engaged in all kinds of undertakings..". During Saturn Retro, Saturnine people should do things, detachedly, mechanically. Detach all activities from ones EGO/ identity. They should perform Akarma: Actions WITHOUT fruitive
actions. The attitude,feeling, is one of self-surrender. " is as though, he were not doing anything...".

TEXT 4.24: "A person is sure to attain the spiritual kingdom, because of his conribution to spiritual activities..". During Saturn Retro, Saturnine people should act like in a yajna, or undertake activities/ sacrifices simply meant for the satisfaction of Shanidev. More the
acitivities are performed in Saturnine consciousness, or dedicated in name of Shanidev, more the atmosphere becomes spiritualized by complete absorption. Thats what I told my friends last few days, that THIS entire Retrograde blogging endeavour has ONE objective: the
pleasure, staisfaction of Shanidev.

TEXT 4.28: " Having accepted strict vows.. enlightened by sacrifices.. performing austerities.. practicing Yoga of Mysticism.. studying Vedas.." The purport paragraph below this verse entails in detail, the different paths of Yogi, the different yajans/ yogas, processes ON the path of transcendental knowledge. Details of the caturmasya vow. When, from July to October, the candidate does not eat certain foods, does not eat twice in a day, does not shave for four months, does not leave home. Such sacrifice of comforts of life is called tapomaya- yajna. Others, who engage themselves in studies of Vedic literature, Upnaishads, Vedanta Sutras, Sankhya philosophy. Yet others who take
pilgrimages. I was surprised to find, a whole SYLLABUS/or PROGRAMME  for Saturnines seeking to follow Saturn Retrograde for the next two months. Some kind of abstinence, austerity in ones own terms.

And this blogging process is my participating in this very endeavour.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 19- Crossover Drama ends?

Day 15, Annual Saturn Retro, 2013, 4th Mar, Monday.Asusual, despite the hammering, came up with some painfully tedious yet satisfying visual drama. Above.
PROLOGUE: Basically, from 10 Feb itself,a week before actual Saturn Retro began the effects started. Everyone is still in their annual inertia, but the instinctive awareness of Saturn Retrograde rises within. Especially for those aware dudes/babes. Sun people FEEL distinctly something approaching, but are FORCED backwards, still being rooted in Blue saturnine inertia. Saturn people distinctly feel the SLOWDOWN but yet are forced FORWARDS by Solar energy inside them. PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS RESISTIVE TOWARDS CHANGE. INERTIA!!

CROSSOVER WEEK: Hammer Time!! Collision Time! Sun people Collide with Saturnine Inertia. Saturnine people struggle with burning solar combustion within. WRONG STUFF IN WRONG PEOPLE!! Confusion, struggle, and a "bit" of Chaos. Ha! But once Sun-Saturn energies collide, IRRESISTIBLE FORCE meet IMMOVABLE OBJECT. But finally, the energy is transferred. Though, not always in the most pleasant way! ;)! Finally Gravitas Is transferred to Saturnines, much needed for their LOONg Regression. And POWER/ENERGY is shifted to solar people for thier much needed Two Months of Action/Progress ahead..

TWO MONTHS of RISING RETRO: Once the collision/energy transfer of Crossover week is concluded. Saturnine people has got enough of Gravitas and began their Ritual regression. And, Sun ruled, have gained their much needed IMPETUS/IMPACT and continue to SOAR ahead/ progress. Acquire as much territory possible for the next two months. 

So after a "bit" of collision drama, both Sun ruled and saturn ruled commence on their respective courses for the next two months.. For myself, todays hopefully the last of this conflicting energies.Early morning walk for the FOURTH time, Car servicing. Transacting between nefarious driver and wily mechanic. Caught between the hammer and the anvil. Close people around me burning in characteristic chaos of the crosover phase! standing in heat, late night, drowsy, endless cofee. By evenin I collpased! Whew!!~~~~~~

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 18- The Great Morning Walks..

Day 16, Annual Saturn Retro, 2013, 3rd Mar, Sunday. Today was the 3rd and hopefully final day of my great Morning walks attempted during Rising Retro phase. See, the above diagram, see my great "progress". Morning walks in our neighbouring Jahapanah forest have become the heralding event of this Annual saturn Retro, 2013. Check my earlier post: which on 10 Feb, Sunday, 10 days before retro actually began, the effects of the Rising Retro announced itself!! And this weekend, both yesterday, Saturday morning, and today Sunday morning was Day 2 and 3 of my great morning walks at Jahapanah Forest, near our home. Each day i became more tired, exasperated instead of the usual opposite. Today especially after yesternights late party, going to the morning walk was like entering a death camp, torture routine. Noteworthy, that first half of the day ruled by Sun/mercury, both my malefics. And second half, especially after dusk ruled by Saturn, my great benefic. I didnt plan it, but the Grand flopshow, of the Great Morning walks heralding saturn Retro phase, has expressed pure, pure REGRESSION/ REGRESS of this 3 week phase, for us Saturnines. The Opposite of progress!! 
Todays the last day of Crossover week, described in earlier posts ( 24 Feb Sun- 4 Mar, Mon). And after the 'sweet' morning walk, i spent my noon sleeping at home, something which i Loathe!! These three morning walks have perfectly and graphically described/ inscribed the arc of saturn Retrograde/ regression. The effects of which began from 10 Feb, Sunday itself, as saturn began massively slowing down in its forward motion relative to Earth. And today, the (hopefully) last and worst Morning walk was today. The last day of crossover week, an acute period of saturn retro effects. If it wasn't for "coincidental" event of these horrible morning walks, I could have missed the exact/ accurate graph happening in my own life! Jai Sahnidev
Later, we went to  friends place and saw a old 80's classic 'Footloose. He had made puri/bhaji for us. we call it 'Luchi/bhaji' a compulsory food to be served for all guests at 80's Assamese homes. Suddenly, I regressed back in time, to that time in our growing years. And whole day spent in ruminating about times, crossed, generations traveresed, vast length of time cycles. a catstrophic event on 4th Feb, 1993. Just now, crossed exactly twenty years from that unfortunate juncture.

But groggy from my 'sweet' morning walk, luchi bhaji lunch, Sunday noon sleep, and images of 'Footloose', I'm virtually, THERE in Feb-Mar, 1993..
On youtube, now, Amy Grant's Hit song from 80's I Will Remember You.. playing.... hmmm/???

Friday, March 1, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 17- Reviewing 2008, 2009

Day 14- Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 1st Mar, Friday. After a barrage of theoretical posts filled with colourful diagrams, today will be rather literary personal post. Where I take the existing period highly ideal for retrogression/ regression to travel backwards in time and retrospect/ review about saturn retro 2009 and 2008. And begin this post category "Saturn Retro Reviews".

In Saturn Retro, 2008, I teamed with one of my wife's friends Shreya  and a furniture company Wood Age, in Lajpat nagar, to form a big company / collaborative  in order to approach Medicty group for designing some very high ened villas. Larger/ grander/ bigger than life. But all it led to was myself and Shreya doing a toy shop in DT-Mega mall in Gurgaon, behind Bistrol hotel. The project itself was full of hitches. but MOSTLY once saturn turned directional, the whole endeavour flopped and I became less useful than a used tissue. I had
begun my grandest career move during the prime of saturn retrograde. that same season my dearest and favourite relative, fellow occult traveller Runima mami expired and yet I couldnt make time to return to hometown guwhati to pay my last homage and tribute. that regret will forever remain with me. So much was I proccupied with the grand developments, societal approvals of my sudden career breakthru that I couldnt make time for a short visit. But once saturn became directional, it all FIZZLED out completely and began my long second rounds of exiles. When i should have been retrospective, ruminative, I was abundantly progressive, futuristic. and hence beared the harvests of a malefic sowing for years to come. YES, for the annual cycle of saturn retrograde harvests effects that REACH far beyond, LAST far beyond the annual cycle, or the simple span of a year. The SEEDS SOWN DURING SATURN RETROGRADE HAS FAR REACHING EFFECTS. For both Sun and Saturn ruled people in their own opposite ways!!

Saturn Retro 2009, is a season, with whose residues, and effects , I'm STILL grappling with, till this date! first that year Annual Saturn Retro commenced from the very new year 1st of Jan, 2009! And I remember making off on a sudden flash to Mumbai to collect renew my lost architecture marksheets, graduation certificates from our college sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai. That itself was okay, cos I was travelling "backwards in time" returning to collect something, a residue from my former past. BUT later, my classmate/ friend Monindro gave me an offer of a 1 month long training program under him, to learn AutoCad, and brush up my working skills, etc. I accepted it. said 'Yes' when i should have said 'NO'. I ROSE to the challenge, the offer, Wherein, i should have just hung loose, and done something whimsical. I became a 'holy warrior" and 'noble soldier in path of a higher goal/ ideal. My inspiring directive that year/season was Nietzsches 'WILL TO POWER'. And I was following that holy, burning warrior Funda, full on!! Pushing on!! A completely Solar Path DURING Saturn Retrograde. And for that entire season, somehow, i remained COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS to the schedule of saturn retrograde. BUT CHILLINGLY COINCIDENTAL WAS  that my fall began from the VERY EXACT POINT, exact date from when Saturn's Retro velocity after having reached maximum,had begun it's decreasd/ descent!! The decreasing Phase of Falling retro!! I completely followed the solar path unconsciously, by simmering down , 1 month during Falling Retro. Perfectly behaving like a solar Person. To the Dot!! Later when Ultra Retro, the most deadly triply intensified Solar tail commenced, on the first day, my long astro guru since five years T.N. Sarma expired. And yet, my wife had plans for us to go to Paris (me to accompany heron her office trip to Paris). And, in the peak of ULTRA RETRO, the most intensified Solar phase of Saturn Retro, I had gone off to Paris!! BOTH YEARS IN 2008 & 2009, SOMEONE CLOSE AND VITALLY TO MY OCCULT/ RELIGIOUS JOURNEY HAD DIED, AND YET I'D GONE OFF IN FALSE GLORY!! Later when 'Vanishing Point' of Saturn Retro occured on the very return flight from Paris. From the exact stop-over flight from Dubai. Something distinctly felt sinking. And once, we landed back into Delhi's prime heat, the downward journey that followed, the hangover that unfolded, was unimaginable. I tried to capture the crux of this 'Fall',the exact emotion of the Desert of Reality, on film titled 'After Paris'. The film has only five minutes of Paris and the entire joureny is about, well, .. After paris! The perfect testimony to void, hollowness, vaccum everything. A film
that i havent been able to finish till date!! The hangover, fallout, residue of 2009, has followed me till THIS date, haunted me to this date.

So, this Saturn Retrograde, 2013, when saturn is retrograde in my VERY ASCENDANT SIGN of Libra, hence, in the highly appropiate phase of 1st gear/ THRUST, of Rising Retrogade, I'm plummeting BACKWARDS! And using it for maximum archival activity. Churning out detailed accounts of former years, long crossed over mistakes, graphs, theories, refelctions, ruminations .NO momentum for me this time. rather as much as POSITION vector. ONLY observation, thought, review, retrospection, archive, etc. though, i am Saturnine guy, but because of my prior energies, sometimes completely behave like a completely SOLAR DUDE! And hence suffer the obvious effcts and consequences! Whole day, today, ahs gone by in vague stupidities, delays, stagnations, strangleholds, and stumbles. at least I will now try to put up some old photos from 2008/ 2009, below..

Saturn Retro 2013, 16- Retro Dynamics

Day 12, Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013, 1st March, Friday. I'm getting acutely bored now of repeating myself: Saturn Retrograde is a time for Sun ruled peopled to move/ hurl forwards and Saturn ruled people to fall backwards! Check the above diagram: Crossover Week ( 24 Feb Sunday- 4 Mar monday) described in previous posts. For Solar/Sun ruled people, this crossover week's  the Hurling of the javelin, full thrust forward at full strength . Despite all obstcales. You ARE a  javelin thrower, right now at an Olympic event. So just do it, give your best for all its worth. For Saturnine/ Saturn ruled people:  fall back, retreat, pull backwards in time. You WILL/ SHOULD move backwards in time.

As for myself, being HIGHLY Saturn ruled, and faithful archiver of this detailed blog, in this past week i met, connected with old friends from the past. But mostly i landed up in 1981/ 1982!! How? My father had gone for a six month training stint to Russia in 1981-82, and me and mom shifted to my aunt/ Jethai's place in ASEB colony, Narengi. These last few days, relics from those days landed up in my hand. An Old issue of Mad that my cousin bro Rup da, had lying around. In Vandana cinema theatre they had shown 'The Satanic Rites of Dracula', the posters of which haunted my 9-10 yr old brain, ever since. A local  film show at Oil India Club that showed Breakfast At Tiffany's a movie that i was too young to understand, but remembered the music still. All these RELICS from my childhood, 1981-82, suddenly appeared, landed up in my hand. I had downloaded Breakfast At Tiffany's in 2008 itself, but now found it, hidden in a sub folder of my machine. The issue of Eggs rated Mad, landed up in my hand through my painter cum bookseller friend, co-painter, Kareem Khan. And the movie, 'The satanic Rites of Dracula' from an old DVD collection given by my cousin Shivam in 2007 itself. For me, the Saturnine arrow HAS/ IS travelling backwards. In contrast to season 2008, and 2009 when I was trying to project forward stupidly like a Sun Ruled dude!
As for now, this year, 2013, I'm successfully Regressing/ back in time....