Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 56- Retrograde Journey

71st  day, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 29th April, Monday. Just crossed days 4 and 5 of 7 days of 100 %, Max, (4’ 33”), Saturn Retro velocity of 2013!! Writing from Guwahati, hometown. First time, I’ve reached home during 100% Max Retro. This Retrograde has seen SO much landscape/ time change, its not funny. My friends’ Bublee and Subhash, also had their baby daughter, while I was travelling. Bublee SMSd to say, her water broke, even as i reached railway platform and set out. Disconnected from all networks. This journey was a travel through time/ space.  
Feeling So groggy, after two days of winding journey. Saturday, 27th April was FULL Rupture as I realized that next days ticket was at morning 9:30 am, and not evening 9:30 pm, like I had presupposed. Suddenly my wife went into spasmodic overdrive, as there was a lot of things to be completed. The sudden rupture, completely corroborated to the +100.4 %  Spike in retro Velocity!! The whole day went by, in a maddening blur. Displacement, chaotic upheaval was the order of the day. Suddenly I felt like being uprooted, from ground earth. Sunday, 28th April, as I woke groggily and later reached platform of New Delhi station, m friend Bublee SMSd from London, that her water broke, and she was rushed to hospital. I would be disconnected in my travels and miss her birth event. I sat in the berth, facing backwards, as the journey homewards felt like a Rewind/ Re-lapse/ Regress! I sat, watching landscapes, geography, move backwards. I wrote down some notes hastily and haphazardly in my looong journey. I shall try to put down some of them, even though, now I’m home and DOG tired/ exasperated after this long OVER- extended journey of about 34 hours!

On the journey, met a veteran old jyotish/ astrologer from Fancy bazaar, travelling homewards. Whose clients were old “purana papis” (English equivalent of “old reptiles”) of Assam. The backwater alligators of political hierarchy, the swamp creatures, seasoned anacondas. He was a veteran player, sitting in hardcore Fancy Bazaar, hard core, but yet, relatively unknown. I recalled my days in 2005 and earlier. I used to spend a lot of time , in Fancy bazaar, in friend Prasantas gemstone shop. My beginnings of astrology. Later, when I married and transferred Delhi, DURING Retrograde, I had left a lot of incomplete inner baggage, in the backwaters of Fancy Bazaar. Now which manifested themselves at 100.4+ % Retro Max, 2013.

5 days of the Seven days Plateau of 100 % Max Retro, was over. Yet,  two more days, remaining. Even, though I had had UNDERGONE so much change, so much rupture in the last two days. Sitting cramped in 3AC, in my bunker. In an overextended, over delayed journey. Having so much time at hand, and having such an overactive imagination. Throughout the entire journey, I was brooding and Resurrecting Old nightmares and fears. Endlessly and relentlessly drowning in timeless apprehensions and anxieties. I was undergoing an un-becoming, a true regression. A relapse into the older order of things. I would like recollect my favourite analogy of Retrograde, especially from retro 2009. Wherein, in Aliens -2, Ripley returns to the planet of Alien horrors to face the seed of her nightmares. Thus during peak/ Max 100.4% +, my homecoming journey FELT more of a journey into my own Karmic demons, than anything else!!

But despite having reached hometown, for another two days, I had yet to sit still. To complete/ conclude, the ritualistic process of Saturn Retrograde. In 2012, I had reached few days prior to 100% Max Retro began, and began partying, at Peak/Max Retro. Disrupting the ritualistic process of contraction/ compression, highly necessary for all Saturn ruled like myself. Especially, during 100 % Max Saturn Retro!!

It’s 2 am, on the laptop clock, which I borrowed from my sister and am sleepily typing. Lying flat on my belly, many times, falling asleep, but somehow pursuing the visceral, stubborn, elasticity of Saturn Retro THRU its final peak of 100% + conclusion! Through this time warp!

27th April
4’ 34”= 100.36 %
+ 0.36 %
Krishna-2= 86.6 %
100.3 % + 86.6 % = 187%
28th April
4’ 33”=  100 %
- 0.36 %
Krishna-3= 80%
100 % + 80% = 180 %
29th April
4’ 34”= 100.36 %
+ 0.36 %
Krishna-4= 73.3 %
100.3 % + 73.3 %= 174 %
30th April
4’ 33”= 100 %
- 0.36 %
Krishna-5= 66.6 %
100 % + 66.6 % = 167%
1st May
4’ 33”= 100 %
0 %
Krishna-6= 60 %
100 % + 60 % = 160 %
2nd May
4’ 32”=  99.6 %
- 0.4 %
Krishna-7= 53.3 %
99.6 % + 53.3 % = 153 %

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