Friday, April 19, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 50- Reversals of 60th day

I would have continued my comparison of this Retro year 213, with previous years, especially the symmetrical inverse of Retro 2009, but my friend Nandini called up to ask whether I was losing it. Getting stuck in the same loop, over and over again. Hence petrified by that thought, I am somewhat apprehensive to continue in that line of repetition. Even though, as a Saturn ruled, it was somewhat neccesary to persist in repetition, loop, regression UNTIL Saturn reaches it’s maximum Retro velocity, 10 days from now. So that, the month of May, I can relax a bit. ESPECIALLY, with this current Basant Navaratri going on, so close to the maximmum retro velocity of Saturn, this last NINE DAYS has been a ULTRA HIGH Solar Phase. Wherein Sun ruled people must be going Super hormonal. Must be like, being on Steroids, huh? Especially from 11th April- 19th April. A period of FULL Shakti/ Rajas/ electricity. Thankfully, today’s Ram Navami, the culminating day of this high solar drama. Thankfully, the electrical storm effected upon all Saturnines like me, for the past Nine days, like a shower, a vast barrage of photon/ ions falling on an thin atmospheric blanket, of a dark planet, will now, hopefully decline.
Nandini, calling me up yesternight, between Asthami- Navami transit of Basant Navratra, with 97%+ Anuall Saturn Retro Velocity, felt like a Red siren blaring in the silence of the night air, asking for the wheels of Sheer repetition, to come down to a halt. And signs, signs, external, peripheral, signposts, cues, is what the Saturnine journey is ALL about. And only now, evening, 61st day, I realize that we had/ were passing through SUCH a high solar phase!! No wonder, the debacle at Tara’s wedding, after Lionel richies performance. Like Icarus, I had ACTUALLY flown CLOSE to the SUN!! No wonder!!

But anyways, retro Velocity of Saturn reaches Maximmum in another ten days, so bear with me, gentle reader, especially Nandini, as I persist in this voluntary madness/ repetition/ loop/ whirlpool for another few days. Hang on to the madness of Saturn Retrograde, for just a few more days!!

In the above graph I give the symmetrical inversion between 59th and 60th day of Saturn Retro, years 2009 and 2013. The inversion holds. But what freaks me out is that the EXRA solar factor of the current Basant Navratra, this year, 2013, has been accounted into, or perfectly fits into it’s inverse in Retro 2009! Does it mean, that it’s all designed?
Especially the “symmetrical inverse coincidence” of 60th evening…:
60th evening, Retro 2013, yester night, friend “N”, Nandini, called out of the blue at late night, to ask whether I was alright, losing it, repeating myself, over and over again, these last few posts. On 60th evening, 2009, late night, I landed up at friend “N”, Nupurs place at 7 bungalows, Mumbai, after along hiatus, since our college days at Mumbai. Amongst other things, we saw our Manori picnic video, blowing my mind, looking at my antics, realizing that I WAS, once in a past, such a crazy dude. This year, 60th evening, Retro 2013, friend “N”, Nandini called up to make me realize, that yes, I AM, in my current present, a completely, crazy, bizarre dude! Lady “N”, 60th evening, Retro 2009 and 2013. Both the Lady “N”,s have a complete mind of their own. Most individual, female characters, I’ve ever known. So much, for your impulsive/ random call, Nandini. You ARE/ WERE part of the Symmetric design!! The symmetric inverse of Nupur, of 60th evening, 2009.
Thankfully, I will be doing such remarkable “coincidence” identical/ inverse repetitions, at the most,only for 10 more days!! (until Saturn reaches its annual Max Retro velocity of 2013). After that, Heisenberg’s uncertainity principle, or randomness fully take over!! Whew for that!

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