Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 39- Perfect Reversals

Day 45, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 3rd April, Wednesday. As repeated n times before, Saturn Retrograde is a time of initiative, formation structure, and organizational progress for Sun ruled people. And a time for deconstruction, review, philosophy for Saturn ruled people.

All around me Sun ruled people are moving into a structuralist mode, creating order and organization, bringing things into shape. Whilst Saturn ruled people are moving into ellpictical, tangents, diversions, tangents, odd tails. So strange that I’m using these terms, because once they were alternate titles for my Ketu blog. Everything I did previously is seamlessly getting absorbed into this blog narration of Annual  Saturn retrograde!! After all, like astrologer Upadhyay once told me, Rahu and Ketu, are merely the Head and Tail of the vast serpent called Saturn. Even all my research and terminology related to Neptune is dissolving and  merging into this Saturn retrograde funda. The Neptunian property of haziness, cloudiness, dissolving borders are what we Saturn ruled OFFICIALY experience during Saturn retrograde. SO MANY of my previous Retro posts are nothing but pure Neptunian description and experience. Even the term “Serpentine Trails”, once a Header for my Ketu blog, has become an adjective perfectly descriptive of the meandering, serpentine trails, experiences of Saturn retrograde.

In a previous post, I had described how in the 5th week of Retro 2009, I was behaving like a Sun ruled person, and moving like a rocket, Forward with sheer progressive, breaktrough. And how this 5th week of  Retro 2013, I’m in a DIAMETRICALLY opposite/inverse state. Of breakdown, crashdown, regression and in REVERSE gear. Check the graph below...
At the end of the 5th week, Retro 2009, saw me enroll into my friend Monidros “Training Programme”. Under which I had to submit to a disciplined, structured, commando type training. One that involved Autocad training, housework, cooking, chores. A zen like, martial arts type, training which would make a complete (Raymonds) “MAN” out of me. This year, the end of the 5th week, Retro 2013, finds me SPECIFICALLY moving out of structure/ order/ format/ schedule!! The book I’ve coincidentally resumed reading, Herman Hesse’s “Glass Bead Game”/ Magister Ludi, finds the protagonist, Knecht resigning from his highly defined position of great authority in the Castalian structure/ order/ hierarchy. From a position of structured/ defined authority, Knecht  moves out, into the role of a tangential wanderer. Though, the Castalian President, Master Alexander tries to convince him to stay on in his exalted role as Magister Ludi, Knecht, shuns it and moves on. Saying NO to Great Opportunity/ Power. The perfect Saturnine lesson during Saturn retrograde. And the opposite is true for Sun ruled people: saying YES to great opportunity.
So when I compare my underlying mental state to my journals of Retro 2009, I find a Stark contrast. Whereas in 5th week Retro 2009, I was outwardly in structure, purpose, with great objective, inwardly I was in a nightmarish bog. Playing the role of Hercules, on the path of WILL-to-POWER, was becoming too much. And like an overheated engine which crashes with seizure, on the 45th night, Retro 2009, we were caught for drunken driving by cops, while returning from Toto’s pub/ bar at Bandra west. We were there on the road till about 4 a.m. And, the serpentine journey that followed, is a classic Saturnine fallout! Remarkable, is also the diametric opposite inversion/reversal between the 44th day of retro 2009 and retro 2013. The 44th day of Retro 2009, I can term as: OLD wine in NEW bottle. Even though in the past week, I had reached Bombay, interacting with my college, Bombay university, cops, advocates for the whole re-issue of my missing certificates, and progressing ahead with a Herculean task, the 44th day found me back to home ground, of  cooking, cleaning, domestic chores, etc. Back to void/ exile. Hence OLD wine in NEW bottle. The 44th day of Retro 2013, in contrast, I can term as: NEW wine in OLD bottle. Even though in the past week, I had mostly stayed at home, or engaged is most mundane tasks of helping friends shifting home, lifting luggage, mundane chores, and 44th day did find me staying back at home for some stuff. And while I was at it, I began generally painting for wife’s clients new home. And a new form of Vastu painting emerged, something I can explore,  a whole new former unexplored horizon. NEW wine in OLD bottle.
Also, today, 45th day, Retro 2013, has some connection/ yet diametric opposition to 45th day of  Retro 2009. On 13th feb, Friday, 45th day of  Retro 2009, I finished all my final certificate works at Mumbai University with the sudden appearance of Balasaheb Kharat, our ex- hostel watchman, now Chief security officer of kalian university campus. His ascendancy in the official ranks has been TREMENDOUS since his days as a temporary watchman at our J.S. Hall hostel, B road, Churchgate. Laterafter his help, we sat at his place, meeting his family, and he relegated me his stories of struggle, eduction, night classes. I was overwhelmingly impressed. Today, 3rd April, 45th day of Retro 2013, I was supposed to go with wife regarding framing of the painting I had done yesterday, but stayed back, on the sudden arrival of Amit Naik, my old friend from FX Factory/ animation days at Mumbai. On both these 45th days of Retro, 2009/2013, the sudden appearance of helpful/ loving Marathi friend from Maharashtra (vedic; saurashtra) is remarkable. In 2009, obvious, coz in Kalina campus, Mumbai university, but nevertheless, unexpected. But in 2013, today, NOT so obvious. My friend from Mumbai, on an official tour cruising across Delhi.
Such is the diametrical opposite/ inverse connection between specific individual days between Saturn retro 2009 and 2013..!!
Now its night of 45th day, Saturn retro 2013. On the night of 45th day, Saturn retro 2009, while returning from Toto’s pub, Bandra, we got caught by cops for drunken driving. And today 45th night of Retro 2013, at home drunk, sloshed, skipping dinner. Some kind of inertial, eventual breakthroughs. But in a sluggish manner. In fact lot of minds meeting together, my friend Chiranjib arrived from gwhy, meeting filmmaker friend Souveek. Then, at late night, some possible collabartions. Whereas, 45th night, retro 2009, was a kind of  BREAKDOWN, 45th night, retro 2013, is one of BREAKTHRU/ BUILD-UP! It’s like a language/ sentence REVERSING itself. Between the Solar path of Retro 2009 and the saturnine path of Retro 2013!
Also note that, on 45th day, Saturn retro 2009, the FUTURE (cops being strict about drunken driving in Urban areas) announced itself. Whereas, the Reverse, on 45th day, Saturn retro 2013, the past, (an incident happening in JNU in retro 2010, having legal implications), announced itself by my friend C__ arriving from guwahati. In 45th day, Saturn retro 2009, FUTURE manisfest itself in the present. And nn 45th day, Saturn retro 2013, a long PAST legacy from retro 2010 manifested itself in this current/ present time. Reversals/ Inversions!! Jai Shanidev!!