Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 40- Resurrections/ ghosts

Day 46, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 4th April, Thursday. As repeated n times before, Saturn Retrograde is a time of initiative, freshness, movement, progress for Sun ruled people. And a time for repeat, REWIND, recurrence, review, retrospection, RESURRECTION for Saturn ruled people.

And I experienced this very resurrection/ rewind of Saturn Retro today, first hand. A very close couple friend of mine XY, had broken about seven months back. With whom I had spent an unimaginably vast time in the JNU campus. X had gone back home to pursue a career there, and Y had continued to stay on in Delhi, and work here. Life takes people in different directions, and often they naturally grow apart. So I had adjusted to them as going separate ways and as separate entities, leading their own lives. But, Saturn Retrograde IS a time of repeat/ resurrection. So a three year long case, actually from Saturn retro 2010, ripened and necessitated that both X and Y, now gather together to attend the legal formalities, together, hand in hand! Not as X and Y, but as XY!!  So it was a awkward/ strange gathering, between two people,   gathered together by the legal necessity of District Courts,  Saket. A ghostly, virtual simulation, resurrection of past ByGone days, in the strange backdrop of the vast chambers of Saket Court. Neither expected the other one to be there, only I knew. A magnitude of great acuteness. But the situation was further complicated, as the combined verdict/ opinion of XY, involved the fate of  another, person, Z, in the case!! Strange! So imagine me, trying to collaborate X and Y, to become XY, for the REPRIEVE of Z, who was a complete stranger to me!! Talk about Serpentine Trails. ADD to this,  the entry of a WILY court clerk, who was trying to mediate between X, Y, and Z. and urging me, egging me to mediate the case!! BUT The bizarreness gets deeper: all this courtroom drama is happening in 6th week of Saturn Retro 2013. In Saturn retro 2009, 5th week we got caught for drunken driving ,and  in 6th week, this exact same courtroom drama was happening in Bandra court!! Down to the exact detail of a Lawyer  S.P. Dubey, who kept repeating, that things had to happen according to PRaacesss (process). And today court clerk kept repeating about “mercy/ forgiveness/ god’s justice (read: mediation, monetary settelement and commission). Bizzare! The same DRAMA of  6th week Retro, 2009, happening all over, REPEATING, in 6th week, Saturn 2013. It was an UN-imaginable Saturnine/ serpentine repeat/ resurrection at Saket courts today.

Finally, by the grace of Lord Shanidev, things became dissolved, and X, Y, Z, wily clerk and myself, collaborated to come together for a conducive decision/ resolution. Later I, X and Y, suddenly became like old days of yore, went to lunch at Select Citywalk Mall. Went around roaming, like the past Seven years, like no one had gone any separate ways. Round and around , like those endless Serpentine trails of endless yesteryears! Finally I went to Hauz rani and got a ticket for goin back home. As I sat down with the agent fixing dates (I had to reach April end to Guwahati for some legal stuff), suddenly struck me that I’d be shiftin between Delhi and Gwhy in peak Max velocity fo Saturn retro, 2013. LIKE I had shifted between Mumbai and Delhi on peak Max velocity of Saturn retro, 2013. The similarity/ repetition/ recurrence of the conclusive part of 2.5 months of rising Retro was being FIXED beforehand!! Bizarre!!
Later we went to JNU campus, and spent time meandering thru its vast campus, like the BYGONE days of yesteryears. Amazingly resurrected by the force of Saturn retrograde. Rewind, repetition, recurrence. I was quiet, cause being aware of this made thousands of memories flash by, pass by in a span of couple of hours. Mind boggling. Serpentine and loaded. Come evening, X and Y, awoke from the transient illusion of resurrection, and  went their separate ways. And I headed homewards, heavy and saturated. Dying to sit on the net and purge out, churn out, the serpentine, time-warp, repetition, experience of today.
Finally, I’m done now. Feel so relieved!!