Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 38- Lueits song: Bylanes

Day 44, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 2nd  April, Tuesday. As repeated n times before, Saturn Retrograde is a time of linear progress for Sun ruled people. And a time for going round and around in circles for Saturn ruled people.

As narrated in the previous post, my friend Lueit mailed me his song which I christened “Bylanes”. Since yesterday, have been listening to it over and over, in a endless loop.  This song is the perfect ANTHEM SONG for Saturn Retrograde. It’s circular, spyralling experience. Going endlessly round and around.  In the  SAME old town. Eternal cyclicity. Ennui. Exile. Inertia. Stagnation. A slow life in a small town.  The Neptunian half becomings. Brooding heaviness at dusk. Endless saturnine loops of round and around.. Nietzsches concept of eternal return.  

The serendipitous arrival of Lueit’s song, Bylanes, song has expanded a whole new DIMENSION to  Saturn Retrograde. Suddenly all my endless years of exile/void in Delhi has a voice. A song. A elaborate comprehensive form of expression.  I have haphazardly tried to put together some random photographs of ennui/ exile across the years. Suddenly exile has a voice. Listening to this song, round and round, has opened a doorway into the vast residual memories. Of eternal EXILE these past 7 years in Delhi. In fact, even further. Exile moments of Void across my ENTIRE life. This ONE song speaks of it. Vast expanses of non-events, Neptunian haze, un-becomings, half becomings. A vast and giant continent. A vast desert of exile. A zone of non-territory/ Cosmic backwaters. The BACKSTAGE behind the Universe. Behind the Universal drama, the great universal melodrama/performance. Where Lord Vishnu lazes of cosmic sheshnaag, sleeping across infinity. Welcome to the backwaters of the universe. The domain of Dhumavati, The Void!