Friday, April 12, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 44- Repetition and Reversal

Day 54, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 10th April, Thursday. As repeated, thousand times before, Saturn Retrograde is a time of initiative, progress, new directions for Sun ruled people. And a time for repeat, REWIND, recurrence, retrospection, for Saturn ruled people. For Saturn ruled people it’s time to TRAVEL backwards in Time!!

The past few days, I’ve been down with heat, fever, stomach trouble, running stomach, etc. Hence couldn’t update any posts. As shared in the previous posts, this year, Retro 2013, has been a mirror inverse of Saturn Retro 2009. Often on a weekly level, and even on a daily level. Check the colour wheel below..

In Retro 2009, from the 52nd day- 55th day, (roughly the 8th week), after approximately a week of STAGE 3. YELLOW, I had finally entered STAGE 4. Green/ a state of suspended animation/ a false Higher Realm, a virtual, UN-REAL Oasis, a Temporary heaven, before Saturnine Gravity finally had its way. A false and artificial heaven. Before the inertial drag of Saturn, finally reached crept upon me. And this year from 53rd day- 55th day, (roughly the 8th week), after approximately a week of STAGE 7. VIOLET, I have  entered STAGE 0. Grey/ a state of depressing, morbid, horror, a nightmarish dystopia of a Dis-real Lower Hell. A transitory and daemonic purgatory, after which, hopefully Saturnine forces finally have their effects. Remarkable, is that, what I’m going through in this 8th week of Saturn Retro, 2013, currently, is the exact inverse/ reverse of  what I was going through in that 8th week of Saturn Retro, 2009. Exact Inverse. Down to the exact day and date. Eight week of Retro 2009, I was moving through a temporary heaven of transitory angels. Eight week of Retro 2013, I’m moving through a temporary HELL of fleeting daemons. Eight week of Retro 2009, I had overextended my stay in a temporary heaven of clouds. Eight week of Retro 2013, sudden overextended stay in a Transit through HELL.  

RESIDUAL IMPACT of Saturn Retrograde
What I have observed is that events as far back in 2009, have so much influence in effects throughtout the preceding years, up and until now, this year Retro 2013. In this line, isn’t it possible, that Past life actions/ deeds also similarly cast their shadows upon our current lives. With this much effectiveness and magnitude. Exerting their deadlock, vice grip stranglehold upon our current lives/ incarnations. And the effects of which we choose to overlook. The deadly residual impact of long, bygone events. Unless we choose to acknowledge them and finally remove their effects. And Saturn Retrograde is the ideal mechanism for any possibility of transcending this Karmic vice grip. For Solar/ sun ruled, to make their quantum leap, breakthrough into the future. And for the For Saturn ruled, to make their amends, regress into the pending EQUATIONS from/ of the past!! Move backwards in time, and remove the effective stranglehold of the past, by voluntarily unlocking them, layer by layer. Repeat/Rewind as much possible, if only to make causes for, later moving forward.

53rd night REVERSAL
53rd night of Retro 2009, 21st Feb,’09, till 1 am, late night, suspended in an unimaginable haven. And today,  53rd night of Retro 2013, 11th Feb,’09, till 1 am, late night, drowning in an unimaginable hellfire. The connecting clue is “sudden/ coincidental” appearance of  wife’s earlier colleague from Mumbai, the same place where I was dwelling in an unimaginable haven in 53rd night of Retro 2009. In Retro, 2009, 53rd night, I was in Centre/inside of Mumbai, peering out, from Where after evening partying at CafĂ© Mondegar, at Colaba, we had gathered together at my fiends Tino’s place at Peddar Road,  South Mumbai, in a surreal gathering and the night saw me ranting on and on about Rahu Ketu fundas!! High Funda Havens!! And in Retro 2013, 53rd night, I am in extreme periphery, far off tangent, after a ghastly day, and horrifying evening, yet suddenly peering into the CORE/ inside of Mumbai, suddenly hypnotized by an engaging, intense, overloaded, visceral conversation with Karthik, wife’s former colleague, about his retrospections in his past two year struggling stay in Mumbai. And how the entire city had decayed, rental/  real estate prices going overboard. Dark Underbellies. Chilling coincidence is that on the former/ 52nd night of Retro 2009, in Mumbai, BandraWest, we had met up with wife’s colleague from the same organization Anil, who had shared his completely OPPOSITE/ and diametrically opposite views on his past two years stay in Mumbai! THE SAME EVENT was REPEATING, in a completely INVERTED/ reversed version! Same pattern repeating and finally reversing itself out, Four years hence!! FOUR year Grid?? Four year cycle? Four year validity? Statistically it does make sense, cause for FOUR years, I was in SOLAR behaviour during annual Saturn Retro, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009!!

Anyways, on 53rd night of Retro 2009, at 1 am, the cab my friend Monindro ordered, arrived, and we began our inevitable transit from imaginary Haven into actual reality. And hence, now at 1: 10 am, I too am going to sign off from this post, God knows, when I’ll upload it.But ceremoniously, I will let go, now. At this exact CONJECTURE/ chrono- facture in time! Good night! For now!

POST SCRIPT: I’m writing this now, next morning. Yesterday after “signing off” and shutting the computer, just as I was  about to sleep, suddenly my friend Ravi Deka called from Goa. Seems like he had had a transcendental dream about one of his former lovers, in great detail. Bizarre, paranormal, half state dream. He is the perfect Rahu guy/ ultraviolet dude, sensitive to auras, instincts, smells, phenomenon, UFO theories, futuristic, healer, shaman, explorer, historian, visionary, ultraverse kind of spaced out dude. But has NEVEr in our lifetime of knowing each other has called so late about any such bizarre dreams. Especially about this former lover, with whom he was disconnected for more than a decade.  And suddenly, he was in a throe of  a pure Rahu Ketu, paranormal dream. And called me at that exact 53rd night of Retro 2013, post 1am. WHEREAS,  on 53rd night of Retro 2009, post 1am, I descended from fleeting/ unreal/TRANSITORY Rahu Ketu fundas into the ACTUAL/ Real/ Underlying Reality of gravitas/ heaviness, on 53rd night of Retro 2013, post 1am, in the exact inverse: FROM the TRANSITORY reality of gravitas/ heaviness I suddenly ascended in a rupture into the ACTUAL/ Real/ Underlying Reality of Rahu Ketu fundas. When my friend was asking me about the significance of the dream, I simply told him, once I write about in my Saturn retro post you’ll understand it’s placein the scheme of things. In relation to Adim, the subjective observer/ chronciler, of Saturn Retrograde. The sentence, the precise time, the conjecture, where Ravi Deka’s dream comes into, in this post of Saturn Retro, revelas itself it’s actuality, FOR, it’s the exact inverse/ reverse of the phenomenon OF 53rd night, retro 2009. On 53rd evening, Retro 2009, I was suspended in temporary floating dream, AND post 1am, brought down to ground reality. The inverse grammatical sentence/ event construction is : .. “On 53rd evening, 2013, I was drowning/ burning in temporary burning reality, hellish gravity, AND, post 1am, waken up, lifted above into a higher Karmic reality! And, Ravi being Rahu dude, and I being Ketu dude, have experienced the phenomenon again in two inverted forms forms. Ravi, the Rahu dude, a highly MIND oriented being, living in his artificial construct, a simulated version of reality, perfect in all it’s earthly manifestations, but suddenly, THIS visceral, underlying bitter Karmic truth, exploding in his own Virtual Reality/ Mindspace, in a manner he cannot choose to ignore. The UNDERLYING reality is FAR more STRANGER and TRUE than the greatest Virtual reality! Ravi baba! Now sentence inversion/ reversing for Ketu dude, myself:  Adim, the Ketu dude, a lowly viscerally oriented being, living in his nightmarish construct, a accelerated version of dis-reality, nightmarish in all it’s earthly manifestations, but suddenly, THIS sublime, overwhelming, spiritual Karmic flower, blossoming/ manifesting in his own Visceral Reality/ Crawlspace, in a manner he cannot choose to ignore. The OVERALL Karmic reality is FAR more STRANGER and TRUE than the greatest Nightmarish existence! Adim Baba! Wow!!
Later, Ravi and I discussed about Mothman Prophecies, the paranormal film, stg, Richrad Gere, an incredible movie about patterns, cyclicity, repetition, prediction, very amazing, watch it, If you have come this far in this post!! And after a long, rapturous conversation with ravi I concluded the following facts:

Saturn is the serpent of time, cyclicity, Karma, cycles. Rahu is the head of the serpent, and Ketu it’s tail. Rahu sees visions of the future/ premonitions which are but events of a entire historic cycle. Ketu sees historical patterns, retrospections, repetitions which are cycle of events, and hence shaping the FUTURE as we observe/ understand them. Both same/ yet both different!! Bizarre! Signing off now!!