Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 46- Crushing Gravity

Day 55, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 13th April, Saturday. As repeated in the last six posts, this year Retro 2013, has been a Exact Mirror Inverse/ Symmetric Reverse/ Diametric Opposite of Retro 2009. Week for week. Sometimes even, day for day.

As explained in the earlier posts, in Retro 2009, the 8th week, or more precisely, the 52nd day to 55th day was STAGE 4/ Green, in the Colour wheel. A period of suspended animation, a false and Virtual Higher Realm. An UN-REAL Oasis. A Temporary heaven. Conversely, now, in Retro 2013, in the 8th week, or more precisely,52nd day to 55th day was STAGE 0/ Grey, in the Colour wheel. A period of overwhelming gravity, subterranean, broiling chamber, a sojourn through the underworld, a DIS-REAL nightmare. Hopefully, if my theory, calculations are okay, from today, 55th day, it ends.

These past four days, from Wednesday,  10th April onwards, I could experience the energies of  STAGE 0/ Grey/ ground Reality. A zone where we have to fulfil our mundane Karmic liabilities and obligations. Sordid, morbid, reality. The depressing heaviness/ gloom of Grey. Of mechanical cyclic repetition. You feel obviously heavier, burdened. A deadly LOAD upon your shoulders without apparent cause.  A period of sheer redemption. A period of high gravitational force. Of compression, and contraction. And which saw, old diseases, and nightmares brought to life. A period of extremely high Solar energies. However, a great time for Sun ruled people, because of this period’s CORE energies. Especially for those Sun ruled people in Quest of finding themselves, FINDING Truths, in quest of their inner Essence. In fact, from the activities of my Karmic Evolution group, I  could see a lot of Solar bloomings. Sun ruled people on the path of actualizations/ realizations. Some, discovering their inner soul/ intuitions. So much solar activity!!

From my Saturnine viewpoint, I’m losing myself now, in haziness and compression/ fire/ furnace of these CORE energies. Saturnine Loha/Iron is melting!! Burnt by the sheer HEAT of this powerful phase. I think the STAGE 0/ Grey represents the primordial pits, in Earth, when the planet was a molten Liquid surface, the energies at  the lowest, Muladhara Chakra/ Root Chakra! The Furnace of Creation!! The molten metal workshop of Brahma, the creator!! Too much Heat!! Burnin up!! One thing is, that I these past 2.5 months of rising retro, the energy begins with High Force but Low Mass, but as Retrograde progresses, the energy slowly transmutes into that of Low Force but High Mass. Like a giant, MASS-ive, Cosmic Vicecrip, crushing us in it’s serpentine Anaconda Crush!! Contracting, twisting, Boa-constrictor Crush!! “I’ve got a Crush on you”!! Crushing inwards our inner spaces/ breathing spaces!! Ugh!

POSTSCRIPT: There was a lot of storm/ wind. Finally, I sat on the terrace. Later the first drops of rain fell at 10:22 a.m. The briefest sprinkle, but at least, the auspicious sign of Varuna. Some pressure in the air got released. Signs/ signpost/ milepost of relief!!