Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 42- such MISTAKES!!

Day 49, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 6th April, Sunday. As repeated a thousand times before, Saturn Retrograde is a time of initiative, freshness, movement, progress for Sun ruled people. And a time for repeat, REWIND, recurrence, review, retrospection, RESURRECTION for Saturn ruled people. For Saturn ruled people it’s time to TRAVEL backwards in Time!!

After the previous overloaded, heavy post,  I dug deep into piles of junk and found all the misplaced journals of Saturn retrograde. I stayed late into the night, sleepless, poring over detailed journals, especially lat years, Saturn Retro 2012. I was aghast, horrified to find out what I discovered!! After SO many YEARS of Gyaan/knowledge, I still REPEATED a horrifying mistake during Saturn retro, 2012!! Though I had dealt with the beginning 2.5 months of rising retro quite well, towards the end my “Buddhi” (wisdom) became completely “bhrast” (corrupted). I, once again like 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, completely behaved like a total SOLAR person, and worst, during the most ACUTE phase of three weeks of  Saturn Ultra Retro!! Last year, the three week period of Saturn Ultra Retro, was from 20th May, Sunday (103rd day of Retro) approx. to 10th Jun, Sunday (124th day of Retro). Exact three weeks!! And, how did I behave those three weeks??

From Day 100th of Retro, 2012, namely 17th May, Thursday, I had first inkling/ signs of approaching Ultra Retro Crashdown of three weeks, as my wife called to say that her friends father who had been suffering long since from kidney problems had passed away. That same friend who had helped us find our first house in Vasant Kunj, during Saturn Retro 2012. I have always treated the three week Ultra Retro period ’09, of Saturn Retro 2009, namely 13th April, Monday, ’09 to  3rd May, Sunday, ’09 as the CLASSIC example of what NOT TO DO for a Saturn ruled person.  And have written endlessly about it, ever since. But what horror, to find me repeating the EXACT same mistake, last year in the 3 week period of Ultra Saturn retro, namely 20th May- 10th Jun, 2012. Blinded after knowing, researching, everything!! So utterly blinded!! Bikrit, Bhrast, Vrast buddhi!! Unbelievably horrific!! Repeating the same mistake!! After going 2/3rd the way, in the end, collapsing into stupidity, blindness, and Crashdown. Into the SAME old Hole/ Trap!! An this year, 2013, the three weeks of Ultra retro, ARE the first three weeks of June!! Approx from 1st Jun- 21st Jun. Will I REPEAT the SAME “old” mistakes of past years, over AGAIN?? Suddenly the SAFE/ historical/ archival past has become.. a possible, immediate, CATSTROPHIC future!!!

 I want to share the unimaginable mistakes of last year, three weeks of Ultra Retro, 2012, so that I may (?) avoid (?) the same this year. In Ultra Retro, 2012, I was with friend Egghead in an unimaginable rupture of activity of film making, film watching, comic book writing, scripting, anti-gravity, a collective WORKSHOP of YOUNG blood focused on ME!! And my friend Egghead, is the most conservative soul, he is the most PARANOID, and skeptical/ wisest soul, but during THAT time, was in an unbelievable Trance, in an unimaginable Rapture of fundas, ambition, global projects, futuristic endeavours, transcendental objectives. Codeword: “Shining” dreams!! Sadly, he too, is Saturnine like me. And what about me? In three weks of  Saturn’s Ultra Retro 2012, I , myself was in an irrevocable Rapture of madness. What about my techncicolour, drunken, obsessed, dreams of ULTRA colour. MORE colourful than the Paris Trip during ultra retro, 2009, MORE colourful than the Louvre Museum on 29th April, Wednesday, 2009, an unimaginable SOLAR/ SUN incarnate peak of Saturn’s Ultra Retro period of three weeks. And what unbelievable/ incredible/ awesome dreams they were!! The only problem WAS,  it was during the Ultra Retro period of 3 weeks of Saturn Retro, 2012, the highest PULLED BACK Stage of the Saturnine BOW!! Finally, when our “collective Trance’ crashed, it crashed DEEP into the MUD! Deepest underground!! “ALAS” is a good word to use for our MISTAKES of that period!
And, once Saturn’s Ultra Retro 2012, vanished on 10th Jun, Sunday, 2012 night, rather, 11th Jun, Monday morning, '12, it was a LONG, serpentine, downward Fall, forever!! An unbelievable downfall, mirroring the exact Downgoing, downfall of returning of Paris Trip, Ultra Retro, 2009 reaching on a Sunday afternoon,  HOT Delhi, summer, on 3rd May, Sunday evening or rather 4th May, Monday morning, 2009!! On 12th jun, 2012, i got a call from wife, our SE toilet ceiling of our Vasant Junk place, had CRASHED! Into the toilet!! Monstorous CRASHDOWN!!

The song I’m dedicating to this post, and which, I’m listening to in an endless LOOP is  “Your Mistake” or “Mistake” by Johnny Hates Jazz, an incredible song. Check out, youtube!

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