Thursday, April 18, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 49- Dark late night

As I was narrating previously (before the last two Dynamite/ stormy posts), this year Saturn Retro 2013, is the Exact mirror inverse/reverse of Saturn retro 2009. Almost day for singular day. Because in Retro 2009, I had completely taken the path of a Sun ruled/ solar person.

On 59th evening, Retro 2009, I had set off with my ex JJ Arch hostel mates, Abhijit, Nakul, MV Rajesh on a pilgrimage trip to Shanisingnapur, Mahrashtra. Taking a brief breather from the restrictive training programme under my friend Monindro, I set off on a streak of anti-gravity, tangential flight. Sudden, outward, Centripetal motion. Whereas, on 59th evening, Retro 2013, I had stayed back home, even though invited by cousin Shivams, and friend Saurabh, to watch their band Bhairav perform at Hauz khas village, after a long hiatus. Suddenly wife have come back tired after almost hand over of her current site. One thing led to the ther, and we ended up discussin my sloshed behaviour at her clients wedding, on Sunday. Seems like, I had behaved like a complte Fool! And having my own antics recounted to me was a hottific expeience! I’m feelling suddenly So heavy, weighed down,weighted down, Centrifugal motion. Into a purgatory, redemptive core. For all Saturn ruled people, saying “YES” when you should be saying “NO”is a major feature during this annual Saturn Retrograde period.

A period to lay low/ lie low. Or the sheer effects of which, the dark residues of which, remain and persist, for years and years. Like, how I am experiencing the exact mirror inverse of Retro 2009, wherein I had completely behaved like a Sun ruled dude. Especially tonight, 59th night of Retro 2013, which is an exact mirror Inverse/ reverse of 59th night of Retro 2009. A night wherein, I was in high tangential anti gravity. In Shirdi or Shanisignapur. In another corner, far, far, removed from my usual purgative/ redemptive existence. Suspended in temporary anti-gravity. Floating in far ethereal layers. And tonight, in it’s exact mirror Inverse/ Reverse, I’m in a diametrically opposite circumstance. Deep into the night, into a bitter purgative, redemptive un-ravelling. Un-becoming. As I type solitarily, by the light of the glowing monitor. The CORE gravity, bitter Root of my existence, pulling at me, dragging me DOWN under, into the underbelly of it’s bitter core. The underbelly of my mortal existence. Into the lurking Karmic domain of mortal existential, nightmare. Dark, ugly Gravitas.  The forever familiar acidic taste of acidic bitterness in my mouth. But, as they say, : As You Sow, Shall you reap!! So what I sowed in former Saturn retro years, is what I’m reaping Now!

In the end, in this 47th post, I would like to post a frame from Issue # 47 of my ever favourite, and in the light of Annual Saturn retro, 2013, somewhat prophetic, “comic book”:  The Saga Of the Swamp Thing, transformed into the hands of Alan Moore, into an unimaginable work. Below, is an excerpt from Issue # 47, “The Summoning”, where the black bird with the indescribable pearl of darkness, in it’s mouth, goes beyond the shores of existence, to recall the Primordial darkness, the Primordial shadow, that existed before the Universe. And my ever favourite frame, reflecting many, many uncountable nights, I have similarly passed.. 

“uncharacteristically disturbed, Dr. Occult sat until dawn..”
Cheers DC comics for creating this prophetic, nightmarish epic way back in 1986!! Jai Shanidev!