Friday, April 12, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 43- Violet Bloomings

Day 51, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 9th April, Tuesday. As repeated thousand times before, Saturn Retrograde is a time of initiative, energy, and progress for Sun ruled people. And a time for repeat, REWIND, recurrence, review, retrospection, RESURRECTION for Saturn ruled people.

We have now entered the 8th week of Saturn Retro, 2013. As explained in earlier posts, this time is unfolding like period is a mirror image, identical inverse, of Saturn Retro, 2009. Then, i was in YELLOW, stage 3, of the colour wheel, on the threshold of breakthrough. And now, this year, Im in the diagonally, diametrically opposite VIOLET, stage 7, of inertia, lethargy, extraordinary repetition, and Gravitas. The 8th week, Retro 2009, saw me pushing on, against all odds. Like an overdriven military soldier, despite everything, who simply pushes on. Like Napoleon, who pushed on despite the mud swamps of Waterloo. Like the Mughal soldiers, in their attempted invasion of the North East India, who pushed on despite the malaria, humidity, sickness and mosquitoes. Like the clueless american soldiers who pushed on despite the tropical chaos of Vietnam. Like my favourite movie Werner Herzogs' "Aguiree: The Wrath of God", where a blind, despotic Spaniard ruler, who pushes on, despite all his soldiers perishing, in the treacherous serpentine trails of the Amazon river. The sweet consequences of "WILL TO POWER". Perfectly alright for a Sun ruled person, but definitely forbidden for a Saturnine dude.

In contrast, this year, the 8th week, Retro 2013, finds me surrendering, taking a backdraft, delaying processes and projects considerably. Allowing myself to be completely overcome to inertia, lethargy, and the meandering contours of the current Serpentine Trails. Sleepless and trudging along like a zombie. Allowing myself to connect with the far forgotten past. Suddenly, I'm in touch with Baby Mini on Facebook, my earliest recognised memory of a human being, other than my parents, and my Khasi nanny,"Kong Mai". She was into child psychology, in my growing up years in Kharguli, Gwhy. And I remember her, with her vast arrays of books, puzzles, storybooks, pictures. A primordial childhood memory. Violet bloomings..

 Later I went to Kahn Market for light fittings, saw the above Violet chandeleir. Later had pasta  and at night fell ill..
after this, there was power cut, and I fell ill so Im uploading the incomplete post