Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 47- Lionel Richie LIVE!!

On Day 56, 14th April Sunday, I had gone along with my wife for her client Tara Singh’s wedding. Sangeeta was designing Tara’s new place, to move into after marriage, at a breakneck speed. I’m not much of a wedding type of person, but my wife forced me to clean up, dress nice for the occasion. I had taken along friend Gutlu, because didn’t want to be completely out of place. It was quite a grand affair, and we got completely lost in a sea of crowd. Later as we hung around sipping some great wine, champagne and munching some exotic savories, Tara’s father, Anilijit Singh, wife’s former boss, Chairman of the Max hospitals group, came up on stage to greet the guests. Soon he began recalling a tale of meeting Lionel Richie, at an airport, and having requested him to sing at his daughters wedding. And Lionels astonished response. Suddenly, Shazam!! he brought Lionel Richie, on stage!!!!

Suddenly I was completely thunderstruck. More than being brought up by his music, a 80’s fan, I’ve been completely drowning in his music these past few months of Annual Saturn Retrograde, 2013. Out of the blue, on the stage, the co-composer of We Are the World on stage on a wedding was UNIMAGINABLE!! My entire adolescent years had gone by in his songs “Hello”, “Say You Say Me”, “All Night Long”, Penny Lover”, “Dancing on The Ceiling”!! To see him suddenly turn up, unannounced, that too in a formal type wedding!!! After that I went completely BERSERK!!! Rushed to the front row, and completely high on champagne, and after ALL these long constrictive, 56+ 10 days of Saturn Retrograde, suddenly went into complete Rapture/ Rupture!! The 80’s soul inside my body went into complete ERUPTION mode!! Like the black Body, in physics, as described in the former posts, which when, after absorbing all light into its innards, beyond a point of completely saturation, becomes a pure Starburst/ Quasar/ exuding All the colours of the spectrum. Suddenly I was in anti-Gravity! Suspended/ floating in space/ time!! An Unexpected Cosmic thunderbolt/ a sheer electrical Bolt / OUT of the blue sky!! From the lowest to highest Chakra, a conduction of immense electricity! Lord Shanidev constructs the perfect event, which HITS us with full penetrative impact!! I was in complete trance!!

Later, I remembered completely dancing on the ceiling. Went haywire, danced with unknown but friendly Japanese guest,until he finally fled. And while returning home, my wife was full of reprimands about my haywire behaviour!! Finally, reaching home, in a moment of extreme response to her comments, I reached upstairs, finding the terrace door locked, I rushed to the third floor, and tried climbing down a steel net grill adjoining our shaft. But my fingers are Not like Wolverine and I slid down the jaali, into the autrium pit, full 10 ft, slicing and mauling my fingers, scraping my entire ribcage, along the way. Suddenly, after a long horrific fall,  the heel of my wedding shoes, hit a small 5’ ledge, and I remained suspended for a brief while. And in that macro moment, clasped the balcony ridge of our floor, and got saved. Later somehow, clambered up. 

Next morning after a Tetanus shot, cleaning and dressing the wounds, I had a look at the atrium and the steel net jaali, my horrific descent of the previous night! I was lucky to have my fingers intact, and in operation. Albeit, my hide was riddled with a lot of scars and almost mauled fingers. Later, as I accompanied my wife to her site, I lay in a park bench and thought to myself, what was it all about?? Suddenly my old friend Hridoy called from hometown. I explained the miraculous/ crazy events of the former night. A moment of extreme Heaven/ Hell! My friend Hridoy, a renowned rock musician, has been a fellow compatriot on my astro/ Karmic journey for countless ages and years now. And, in this annual retrograde, even though he had followed my post on Saturn Retro, hadn’t given much feedback. I was content to watch pics of his various rock performances, uploaded regularly in Facebook. According to his charts, he was Saturnine, but yet, he was in full Solar performance, this entire past two months of Saturn retro. Something didn’t fit. When I asked about this, Hridoy proceeded to explain: “You have seen my bright, rock star snaps, my various performances, but didn’t ponder to look behind. All the periods of extreme sunburst, were immediately, irrevocably followed by periods of extreme, solitariness, disease, physical trauma, isolation, disconnection form the entire world. Sometimes not even a single phone call. And other times, completely surrounded by crowds, in the Extreme spotlight, centre of things. Such an unimaginable, acute CONTRAST is indigestible for any mortal”. I thought to myself, his narration extreme of Total/ acute contrast was truly nightmarish/ horrifying! In my earliest days, in college, in school, in youth, I totally led a life like this. Days of extreme SOLAR Spotlight/ Combustion/ adrenalin/ Festival/ being at the Heart/ Centre of things. Followed by long periods of extreme darkness, downfall, disease, lethargy, horror, catastrophes. Later, understanding the whole deal, I explained to Hridoy, such CONTRASTS work very well for Sun/ Mars ruled rajasic people. They ACTUALLY thrive on the Challenge/ adrenalin rush/ hormonal fluctuations!! But for Saturn ruled like us, such CONTRASTS can be often, purely nightmarish!! I’ve seen my friend Nandini, our fellow Karmic member, in my schooldays, like a domesticated cattle, while I was in full Sun/ Mercury form, a cross between a Langoor monkey/ Rooster/ Hyena. Gradually I’ve seen her evolve/ blossom  into a FULL On Solar entity, a certified leader, a path breaker, thriving on the Adrenalin rush of challenges. A true solar queen. And these same years have seen me, gradually transform into a Saturnine, tamasic, personae, heavy, earthly, slow, mellow, laidback, lethargic, inertial, like a primordial Saturnine buffalo!! Hence, what my friend Hridoy, in his Nightmare of Contrasts, went through in these entire past two months of Rising/ increasing Saturn retrograde, I experienced in One Singular Day, One singular Night of unimaginable/ impossible  Heaven and Hell. The sheer Heaven/ High of Lionel Richies Live performance at wife’s client Tara’s wedding. And the very next moment, the horrific descent into a pit of Hell, residues of peeled skin, mauled fingers, aching groaning ribs, an Unimaginable Purgatory. Now, two days after, after finding some headspace, finger-heal to write, I’m making some sense of this Rupture/ Rapture of extreme contrast,. If you’re Sun ruled like Nadini, you’ll THRIVE/ FLOURISH only thru such unimaginable Adrenalin rush. But, if you’re Saturn ruled, laidback buffalo like Hridoy and myself, you can often PERISH/ BURN OUT thru such contrast/Rush!!

Seeing Lionel Richie suddenly turn up LIVE! on stage at Tara’s wedding, I should have tried to enjoy it like a gentleman, keeping in mind, these Retrograde Saturn times. But alas, the wine, the champagne, was too high into my bloodstream, and the Adrenalin too juiced up. Shazam! Like Icarus flying into the heart of the Sun, melting his wax wings, I too burnt, fried myself. And like a perfect Fallen Angel, I fell from the sky/ the heavens. Straight into the pits of infernal burning Hell…
Thank Shanidev; this extreme contrast was ONLY there for a mere fleeting day!!