Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 37- Bewitching Music

Day 43, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 1st April, April Fools Day, Monday. As repeated n times before, Saturn Retrograde is a time of linear progress for Sun ruled people. And recurrence, repetition, a time for going round and around in circles for Saturn ruled people.

Saturn Retro is a time for circular/ spiraling motions, recurrences, repeating shadows of former times. In Saturn Retro 2009, I was idiotically behaving like a completely Sun ruled person. An action whose bitter fruits I have borne for a long time. But what I noticed was that initial solar mistake was SO MANDATORY/ necessary  for me to understand the full scope, of repeating cyclicity of Saturn Retrograde.  And that, for many years that Solar period of  Saturn retro 2009,  has constantly yielded its cyclic, symmetric shadow, reverberations, echoes / shadow events in preceding Saturn Retro seasons. For  years to come.
In Retro 2009, the 5th week of Saturn retro was a blazing solar, rocket motion for me. That was the week, when I suddenly went berserk and stormed to Mumbai to renew my lost certificates. Sudden rupture, will to power, SIEZING a long pending issue by its horns! Rushing ahead headlong into the storm. Into a war mission of getting my entire semester certificates re-issued from scratch from Mumbai university, a daunting mountainous task. A Herculean task.  Yet I rose to the challenge like the archetypal Greek hero. And this sheer, overwhelming passionate, heroic, adrenalin rush lasted throughout the entire 5th week of  Saturn Retro, 2009. This year, Saturn Retro 2013, the 5th week has been the EXACT diametric opposite of 5th week, retro 2009.  Of equivalent and opposite magnitude. This year, Retro 2013, in this  5th week of retro, I am falling backwards into a diametric opposite direction: into inexplicable stagnation, nebulosity, haziness, ambiguity. Into serpentine jourensy of dark unraveling. Regression and cyclicity. Sinking into the swamp of far backwaters. Since last few days, I’m just listening to three songs from the 80’s: The Beautiful Ones by Prince (from the movie Purple Rain), Your mistake by Johnny Hates Jazz, and Listen by Tears For Fears. Hazy, cloudy,  Neptunian, hypnotic, ultraviolet, ethereal songs (check in youtube), hearing over and over in a repetitive loop. In the 5th week of Saturn Retro 2009, I was going ahead in a straight line, a sheer forward moving Solar arrow.  And this year, in this 5th week of Saturn Retro 2013, I am going round and around in endless spirals of circular loops. Endless saturnine loops, of round and around.

Just to show that Saturn /Lord Shanidev takes notice of my elaborate research, suddenly/ serendipitously my friend Lueit calls up. And mails me and wife a song he has just recorded today.We play it on winamp, both versions of the song in a endless, unending loop. A loop that takes me backwards in time. To my childhood memories of small towns. Ambling, endless walks at late nights. Stopping, restin awhile, in Neptunian vaguness, serpentine trails. By-lanes of mystery/ romance. Objects of affection/ desire sleeping behind night walls. Tottering, shambling along drunkenly, in night roads.  In the hypnotic, idle, tensile, late night energies of small towns of Assam. Nostalgic dreams of towns, yet unvisited. But still carrying genetic reidues/parts of them, within. 1970’s psychedelic artist working late night, under the warm yellow glow of a 40w bulb. A pulp horror magazine lying on the corner: Bismoi, Rahasya, Xihoron. Bottles of rum, wayward whiskey. A wayward witch/ crone hobbling gently across the road outside. Love/ horror/ chills/ drunken ness/ horniness/ poetry/ art. The friendly neighbourhood witch/ crone smiles in loving familiarity. Meanwhile the bearded artist works late into the night. Capturing hidden / galactic dimensions onto paper. Welcome to the psychedelic trip of 70’s Assam Gothic magic. The by-lanes of forever magic….
Cheers to my friend Lueit Parasar for sending me such Bewitching music at this midnight hour. Check songs below..
and to add some spice, am adding my old song. One which i composed, sung, programmed, recorded unmixed in 1hr, so pls dont complain..