Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 41- HEAVIEST Post EVER!!

Day 48, Annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, 6th April, Saturday. As repeated n times before, Saturn Retrograde is a time of initiative, freshness, movement, progress for Sun ruled people. And a time for repeat, REWIND, recurrence, review, retrospection, RESURRECTION for Saturn ruled people. THIS is GOING to be my HEAVIEST/ OVERLOADED Post over!! DON’T READ if you are in a Light/ casual Mood!!

In two earlier posts, I had already narrated how Saturn Retro 2013 has been a symmetrical inverse of  Saturn retro 2009. But later, yesterday, after browsing deeply through my journals I found that it was Not only in Retro 2009 that I had erroneously/ forcefully followed the Solar/ sun ruled path , but also in 2006, 2007, and 2008!! So for FOUR consecutive years, I have created havoc by following the Solar/ sun ruled path during the annual 4.5 months of Saturn Retrograde. NO WONDER, then, the effects and consequences of this gross violation, the fruits of which I had to bear throughout the rest of the year, remaining 8.5 months, when Saturn progresses directional!! NO WONDER! It’s only from Retro 2010, that I have slowly begun reversing this damage/ error! Through extra/ additional heavy compensation during Retro 2010, 2011, and 2012, that I have slowly moved towards equalising this severely disrupted equilibrium. Even last year, 2012,  was Not a complete Retro, as I forcefully INITIATED a second house change/ shift in Vasant Kunj, JUST one month after having shifting into a new one!

Check the graph above. I found it in a dilapidated notebook, while checking my journals from Retro 2009. The MAIN journal was missing!! But still, one fragment colored note was there. This cycle I had compiled in ACAD and poste to my blog then. Randomly at friend MV Rajeshs place, I had found an Ouspenky book, which entailed the Discontinuity of Vibrations! A colour path unfolding the SOLAR will to power. And which I had unknowingly and completely tallied  with my then, Solar path of Retro 2009. Let me entail the stages of this Solar cycle, balancing forces of Sun and Saturn.
STAGE 1: RED: Things begin with Sudden Rupture. A will to Power against the Gravity of ground Zero. The motto is: I EXERT (my will) , therefore I EXIST. EGO/ consciousness/ will force. FULL SUN.
STAGE 2: ORANGE: After the initial Eruption, but which ONLY comes after the rupture of fighting, conflict, often EGO clashes. You follow up/ full force/ full on. Blindly ascending! MOVE Forward.
STAGE 3: YELLOW: the maximum force has to be Exerted NOW. After initiation, build up, Crescendo, you have to linger until finally takes a TURN. Breaking the threshold.
STAGE 4: GREEN: You have DONE it. You have reached a HIGHER GROUND ++. Far ABOVE you’re your original, morbid, mundane Ground Zero of mechanical existence. LIVE it!
STAGE 5: BLUE: Things begin to simmer now. You’re relaxed. Higher ground, Stage 4,  having achieved, its  time to chill. Let go. Re-lax. LAX is the word. Chilled out, Taking it EASY.
STAGE 6: INDIGO: Now without the effort, upkeep, maintenance, things now begin to rapidly descend/fall. This is Free Fall. Exact opposite of Ascent/ Orange!!
STAGE 7: VIOLET: How much can you freefall, freely?  Your gravity, your destiny, inertia, ennui, your “lot”, steps in now. Dragging you back into China town/  your same old hometown/ home ground
STAGE 0: GRAY: The ground reality. Existence. Mechanical. Aoutomation. The grind. The Daily Grind. Where you keep on plodding. Round and around in Earthbound circles. Like a sheep/ cow/ cattle. Until the NEXT rupture comes..!
This is the FATE of all in-between/ hybrid people. Only when you POLARISE yourself completely into a SUN or SATURNINE person, you can actually evolve/transcend. Otherwise, you continue in the same old LOOP. Without change. And this IS a SOLAR CYCLE/ WILL to POWER, but which I unknowingly and immaculately followed in Retro 2009. Stage 1/ Red  was in the 5th week of Retro, when I suddenly aroused into action, and reached Mumbai out of the blue, like a madman, for lost/ pending certificates. Taking a LONG pending issue, like a bull by the horns. STAGE 2: ORANGE : when I rushed HEADLONG into the Mountainous/ Herculean task of re-issuing the marksheets. Dealing with college, University, administration, cops, advocates, everything. STAGE 3: YELLOW  was when it was finally being completed, concluded, and I sub-branched into another tangent: friend Monindro’s ACAD training/ military zen programme to make a complete man out of me. STAGE 4: GREEN represents marksheets work complte, and wife landing up in Mumbai, ACAD in progress. Wife also came to meet us in Mumbai. we were roaming our old haunts of college/Mumbai/ hostel days. Floating on HIGHER Ground!! A higher ground ABOVE the gravity/ of my mundane Daily existence of Void/ Non event/exile in Delhi. But since the entire four stages were founded on the sheer SOLAR/ SUN ruled energy of Rising retrograde, once retrograde reduced, I could feel it’s Distinctly sinking effects and couldn’t sustain the..”will to power”. The classic fate of a saturnine acting like a sun. Or vice versa.

NOW, the interesting part is that, that in Retro 2009, the unfolding events that began from 5th week, completely represented the  Stages, 1.RED-2.ORANGE-3.YELLOW of the above Colour cycle. And this year the unfolding events of 5th week of Retro 2013, have mirrored the exact inverse of Retro 209, i.e, the corresponding opposite cycle, i.e, Stages: 5. BLUE-6. INDIGO-7. VIOLET of the above colour Cycle.  Check Graph below. It’s so awesome!!

What boggles my minds is that, the octagonal colour cycle was the product/ thought/ assimilation of ONE Entire Season of Retrograde, i.e, retro 2009. And today, this goliathan, heavy, overloaded double graphed, feature is material/ matter for just ONE POST!! As HEAVY as it GETS!! This 6th week of retro 2013, is the perfect 7.VIOLET STAGE, with its characteristic Serpentine/ Heavy/ BYlaned/ Tangential tailed, Ultra Layered qualities. Mirroring the  diametrically/ diagonally opposite 3. YELLOW STAGE during 6th week of Retro 2009, where things became so driven/ full on/ energetic beyond conception. In Retro 2009, 6th week, I was 3.YELLOW Stage, like a Wasp/ bumble bee. And today, 6th week, retro 2013, I’m a huge lumbering anaconda, a blue whale, massive, cumbersome, giant, burgeoning, teetering leviathan, the perfect representative of 7.VIOLET stage.

As heavy as it gets, before we finally reach the realm/ domain/ of Gray/ Stage Zero/ Ground Zero/ rock bottom!! Whew! This post took me almost full one and a half days to compile, compose and write out. Lord Shanidev, let me reach GROUND ZERO/ Stage 0/ of Saturn retro soon. I just want to crash!!!
Jai Shanidev!!