Monday, February 25, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 13- Twilight Saga of Retro

25th Feb,Monday, Day 8 of Annual saturn Retro, 2013. Exactly one week over of Rising Saturn Retro. In the ABOVE DETAILED GRAPH have put down the deatiled 'schedule' of Phase-1: 1st GEAR of Rising Retro. Below are Details of Prologue Phase and 1st Gear Phase of Saturn Retro. The beginning, commencement of the long 4.5 month long odyssey... 


4 Feb, Monday, TWILIGHT: Two weeks before official Saturn Retro commences, as saturn slows down considerably in it's forward motion relative to Earth, the first 'Twilight' effects of retrograde commence. Depending on which house, saturn is currently transiting in your horoscope, the effects can be felt. Also note that, Saturn aspects the 3rd, 7th (directly opposite), and 10th sign from the sign which it's poistioned. So in summation FOUR house are affected by Saturn: the House/sign it's transiting, the 3rd sign/ house, the 7th sign/ house (directly opposite), the 10th sign/ house. The topics and subjects governed by these Four houses/ signs can be seen to REVERSE in some way for Saturn ruled people. And Progress in some way for Sun ruled people.  

11 Feb, Monday, BREAKING DAWN: The first cognizable effects of imminent Saturn Retrograde can be DISTINCTLY felt ONE WEEK BEFORE actual/ official retrograde begins. Anywhere between 11 Feb Monday- 18 Feb Monday, everyone undergoes a distinct, PREVIEW of WHAT's to come ahead. The first signs of announcement of incoming retrograde season. I experienced volatile eruption, uprooting, turbulence, during this period.

18 Feb, Monday, OFFICIAL BEGINNING OF SATURN RETRO: The buildup of the prior two weeks now fully blossom, begin manifesting from the First day through the entire week. Like, I explained: Its like a Rocket is taking off! For Both Sun and Saturn groups experience, between 18th Feb Monday- 24th Feb Sunday,  the first actual influence/ effects of the change. In form of high pressure, gravity, churning, inner wrestling. Sun ruled people are LIKE the rocket ship who's trying to TAKE OFF overcoming sheer gravitational pulldown. A great moment of individual overcoming on all levels. For them its ASCENT/EMERGENCE/ WILL TO POWER despite all resistance. And Saturn ruled people is like a Submarine sinking down due to high pounding G-Force from above. Like a mountain descending upon them. For Saturnines, it's SELF SURRENDERING to HIGH GRavity and resultant DESCENT/IMMERSION/ sinking Down into Depths.

25th Feb Monday, CROSSOVER: This one week from 25th Feb - 4 Mar is most IMPORTANT as it Seals/ Confirms the Process of entire Saturn Retrograde! This phase sums up the process/ activity of the prior phases of Rising Retro. This is when we Crossover from Intent into Confirmation. We align ourselves with the shift/flow of the astrolgical current. For Sun ruled people, one should exercise as much Individual WillPpower as possible. Remember phil Collins song: AGAINST ALL ODDS. flex your muscles, your inner conviction , force, individuality, the stampof your personae. If you can cross this phase, symbolizing the YOUR PERSONAL ROCKET CROSSING the atmospheric resistance and Highest pullback gravity. This is when you CROSSOVER from a Earth/Gravity bound object into a Stellar object. PUSH ON! DON'T RELENT.  For Saturn ruled people also a very CRUCIAL WEEK. DO NOT resist the force of Gravity making you descent into the Depths.No voluntary dramatic action,no sudden flashes of rebellion. Just ALLOW yourself to Descend. Hang On, be still, Let GO. DONT PUSH BACK. RELENT This week is when you CROSSOVER from being a Surface Object to becoming a Dweller of the Depths. aperfect crossover into essential hibernation, regression Mode of Saturn Retrograde.

Personally from yesterday, 24th Feb, sunday I could feel distinctly the sheer conflict between Individual will and Garvity coming to logger heads. My conscious intelligence was telling me something and my instinctive/inertial/ gut feeling saying the opposite. But today, evening while writing this Post, I can understand the crucial importance of the Crossover phase. The stamp of registration for the long retro saturney/odyssey ahead. Not easy at all, but, all we can do is TRY!!!!!