Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 03- Retro Strategies

As discussed in the previous posts, Saturn Retrograde, is a window of opportunity which sees regression of Saturn's effects upon us. So, for Sun Ruled people, or those with Saturn obstacles in their horoscope, this period is ideal for progression, breakthrough, forward movement, initiative etc. For Saturn ruled people, those with Benefic Saturn in their birthcharts, this period is one of mandatory hibernation, regression, heaviness, stillness, retrospection, research etc. 
Being Saturn ruled myslef, I have begun the process of voluntary slowdown, review, initiating archival heaviness, i.e, initiating the archival/ review process of Saturn Retro, 2013. And this initiative on my part has given me some breathing space.
Because, like a submarine having to descend 10 miles and reach rock bottom in 2.5 months, its better if we sink gradually, few feet everyday, rather than sudden descent and total collapse. Similarly for Sun ruled, Saturn opposed people, they should begin by initiating breakthrough, rupture, action, in small doses everyday, so that at the end of 2 months when Saturn Retro velocity is at maximum, they can obtain maximum benefits. Since Saturn is a SLOW planet, hence strategies to utilise the energies of Saturn Retrograde is better done in a gradual/ daily installment level. And then the effects would be LASTING!
In this Saturn Retro period, Saturnine people like myself have no option but to guide, assist, serve, help Sun ruled/ Saturn opposed people, and help them achieve/ reach their rightful Ruler ship. So that, once Saturn Retro period is over, we can reap the benefits of our mandatory sacrifice, and benefit from the benefits of their ruler ship. As a part of this strategy, for today I'm desisting from arguing with my wife. Let her have her say today, let her rule, Sun ruled shakti.