Monday, February 18, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 05- Beginning

Sunday, 17th Feb. From tomorrow 18th Feb, Monday, the Annual Saturn Retro 2013, of 4.5 months begin. I could already feel it's acute effects from Friday noon itself,when,  suddenly I found myself engulfed by rupture, eruption, and uproar. But then, of course, what to expect during such a enormously Karmic phase such as Saturn Retrograde. I know that even as I write this today, I'll actually be able to uploade it to my/this blog, much later. I left my USB connect in the other/ office room where the landlords household help comes to sleep. And tomorrow early morning have to go to hospital for a firends surgery. A distinct sensation of heaviness, a brooding gloomy stillness has already begun descending upon my countenance. The effects of saturn retrograde has begun!! Even in my writing style, language, an archival, calcifying, literary heaviness has begun creeping in. I, who worked so hard to develop a simple, lucid, clear cut format of writing, have once more but retrogressed into an archival, historical, overtly- literary style of expression. Going round and around with my serpentine elaborations and narrations. Ugh! The inevitable influences and effects of Annual Saturn retrograde has commenced upon me.
Entering the week/ ten day period, what they astrologically term as 'Station' i.e, a forward moving planet slowly grinding to a halt before commencing with its retrograde motion (obviously relative to earth's orbitral motion). In this case, Station was of Lord saturn or shanidev, the  Lord of heaviness incarnate has come grinding to a halt. Before beginning his retrogressing journey across our earthly heavens, our mortal skies. Even as Saturn's grinding/ halting Station motion began, for me, a wild season of carnivalesque activity suddenly seemed to rapidly fade away to reveal an empty, barren, desolate terrain beneath. It's what my favourite Edgar Allan Poe, describes in his story 'House Of Usher', as, the lifting of the Veil, the return of the Opium user to reality after the effects of intoxication has worn off. A return to dry, drab, mundane, juice-less,  reality. 
Gravity itself has felt like increased all around. Manifolds. A pallor of gloom, an inky black fluid seems to have entered my previously excited bloodstream. Ensnaring it in cold, deathly rigor morgis. Ugh/alas, i cannot help but mimic words and literary style of my favourite author,the master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe. I seem acutely possessed by his literary language. But, in saturn Retrograde all saturn ruled people can do is but.. repeat, repeat, repeat, rewind, over and over again.....

But all around I see the exact reverse happening to the Sun ruled people, They are but moving into action all around. Gearing up for war and action. As I have (obviously) repeated myself many times over, in the previous posts: For Sun ruled people, THIS is the time for ACTION! Especially this 2.5 month of Retro Rise enrgies, i.e, saturn would be MOVING BACKWARDS FASTER  (relative to earth). Ensuring a disruption in the normal balance of Sun and Saturn energies, usually in balance throughout the normal year. Saturn Retrograde is a unusual period of excess, increased Solar/ Sun energies and a debilitation, withdrawal of Saturn energies. Hence the opposite effects in sun and saturn ruled people!!!

You can say that during Saturn Retrograde, Sun ruled people experience IMPETUS and Saturn ruled People experience GRAVITAS. IMPETUS meaning the desire to PROGRESS, Desire to go forward, adrenalin, UP-BEAT, tachycardia, RUSH!! GRAVITAS means the propensity to lethargy, heaviness, stillness, ponderin, brooding, tendency to REGRESS and REPEAT, Down Beat, Bradycardia. a time of hibernation, contemplation.

In this very room, at this late hour, 12;13 am, on the other end, my wife, Sun ruled prepares a crucial architectural presentation for a meeting tomorrow. And, in this end, I, Saturn ruled dude, unravel, a long winding serpentine tail, a winmeandering narration of Saturn Retrograde effects and energies. What a contrast!! What a perfect contrast of diametrically opposite Sun - saturn energies. A contrast characteristic  of this Annual saturn Retrograde period.
1:06 a.m. Since my wife's still working hardon her design presentation, I feel compelled to accompany her by staying awake. Even if it means drowning in the feverish, serpentine narration of H.P. Lovecraft's bizarre tales. Especially, the one I'm reading now: 'Dreams in The Witch House'. Which narrate a mathematician exploring strange geometries that enable one to cross across space. Or is in his own words, I quote:

" Possibly Gilman ought not to have studied so hard. Non-Euclidean calculus and quantum physics are enough to stretch any brain, and when one mixes them with folklore, and tries to trace a strange background of multi-dimensional reality behind the ghoulish hints of the Gothic tales and the wild whispers of the chimney-corner, one can hardly expect to be wholly free from mental tension.."

The feverish pitch of Lovecraft's tales are perfect material to be read during Saturn Retrograde. As Saturn being my Fourth and Fifth Lord, and located in the Ninth house, is a Yogakaraka planet for me. And the Sun, being the Lord of my 11th, Malefic, is doubly damaging by being in the 12th house. Thus in this period of Retrograde Saturn, a period of acutely amplified Sun energies and debiliated Saturnine energies, it makes obvious sense is to abstain from great logic fundas of reason etc, and instead, make foray into wild, nebulous, murky, swamps of wayward imaginings, neptunean half worlds, and diffused concepts. Hence drowning in the worlds and concepts of H.P. Lovecraft.

1:40 am. I find the parallel/ Contrasting fascinating:- At one end of the room, my wife making a presentation of architecture design. Referring reason, sense,sensibility into the proposed design. with relevance to function, backdrop, culture, everything. Creating FORM, FUNCTION, REASON, ORDER, BALANCE. And at the other end, I'm dabbling, drowning into the strange tale of occult geometry, bizzare architecture of an oddly shaped room, in H.P. Lovecrafts above mentioned tale. Where the mathematician Gilman goes mad in the oblong shaped room where formerly a witch used to reside. Who used the strange, odd, oblong, architectural geometry of the room to access other realms/dimensions. Drowning into a celebration of MADNESS, CHAOS, FANTASTIQUE, ERRATIC, ECCENCTRICITY. Each one doing his/her dharma in this phase. The ultimate Sun- saturn opposition/ contrast between my Sun ruled wife and Saturn ruled myself, during this Dawn of Annual saturn retrograde 2013!!

2:10 am. How will I make it to hospital duty tomorrow morning? Wife still burning the midnight oil. and me, left Lovecraft's mad tale, and hurriedly drowning in electro master musician of 70's-80's, funky, disco, electronic genius of Giorgio Moroder. He's the ultimate conceptor of electronica in a fun, groovy, awesome, disco- pop way. Current track: I wanna rock you. I'm tarvelling in eccentric, meandering pathways. On the desk , a copy of Bertarnd Russels autobiography: "The Middle Years: 1914- 1944", which i borrowed from my cousin. I was reading it earleir, his feelings during world war II, when his beloved England was finally joining the war. Though, a severe patriot, I found him Saturnine, desisting from the patriotic wave of solar sentiments that churned the citizens of the entire country to join the War against Germany. His interesting interaction with D.H Lawrence is almost depictive of Sun- saturn opposition/ contrast characteristic during Saturn Retrograde. D.H.Lawrence writes inflamed with solar energies, to Russel. Lawrence discusses his conception of "blood", a very solar idea. I quote (The first War, page 11) :
" There is another seat of consciousness than the brain and the nerves. there is a blood-consciousness which exists in us independently of the ordianry mental consciousness. One lives, knows and has one's beingin the blood, without any references to nerves and brain. This is one half of life belonging to the darkness. when I take a woman, then the blood-percept is supreme. My blood-knowing is overwhelming. we should realize that we have a blood-being, a blood-consciousness, a blood-soul complete and apart from a mental and nerve consciousness". To this statement Blood/ sun/ solar statement of D.H. Lawrence, a (possibly) Saturnine Bertrand Russel responds: "This seemed to me frankly rubbish, and I rejected it vehemently, though i did not then know that it led straight to Auschwitz". Perfect Solar passion- saturnine skepticism prevalent during Saturn Retro phase. Jai Shanidev!

3:03 AM, I'M DAMNED! Sangeetas still on!! Midnight oil and a dozen!! as for me, supposed to sleep early at 11am for mroning Hospital duty, and now it's only 3!! Drowning in supermelifullous lead guitar of Eric Johnson. Just strectching, dragging  on and on and on.In a unending serpentine trail without reason/ logic. And the first day of 4.5 month long Saturn Retrograde hasn't begun, yet!! First dawn is yet to break, few hours later. Oh Lord! call it a day! This long, winding, exhausting, serpentine, trail~-~-~-~-!!!

18th Feb, Monday morning, 9:37 am, slept at 4am woke at 8:30, wife had international call to discuss her design.Acid high, sleepless, nightmares, now have to go to the hospital for my friends surgery. Welcome to the beginning of Saturn Retrograde, 2013..