Monday, February 18, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 06- Day 1

The previous post described my state well into the morning, the first breaking dawn, of the first day, 18th Feb, of Annual Saturn Retro, 2013. Later, sleepless, i groggily set out for Hospital, where my friend was having an ENT operation. On the way, i had to speed post an important Legal document back home. First, the post office computers were down, and I would have to wait hours to send 'speed post'. Second post office I went, didnt have speed post service. Finally excasperated I went to the hospital, and after he was taken in for operation, I found a courier nearby and finally send the "speed post". Dude, no speed for me, especially on the very first day of Saturn Retrograde, I shoulda' known. Check out my fav : I Should Have Known Better- Jim Diamond. Number of 'I-I-I-I-I"'s he repeats in the chorus truly feels like a retrograde repetition. I drove Bublee G mad with his song in her last Gwhy visit, by simply repeating it over and over again.!
Rambling around, came to NFC market and crawled into Gallery Espace. Thought of meeting the owner whom I had met before thru my friend whom they had curated. But nope, NOT on this first day of saturn retrograde! Just saw Kalam Patua's funny, iconic works. Traditional, formal, Bengal style but depicting funniest, sarcastic ironies of life: woman delicately hammering husband with a broom. Sleazy, sexy audience gathered to exhibit themselves on a art show "Group Show". Ha ha, I was laughing to myself on the refreshing works. Thank God, i was alone on a noon, in this solitary art gallery. Enjoying myself, gratifying, no sexy body to display, no high cerebral bullshit to exhibit. Nobody to impress, but devour some gratifying art. Kalam Patua's work had hit the nail on the head! laughing to myself, I quietly slipped out. Very, very, refreshing on this brain fried, dehydrated Saturn retrograde day.
 Anyways, whole day nodding off to sleep in  waiting chairs of Holy Family Hospital. Trying to read Bertrand Russel's Autobography; Middle Years, 1914- 1944. What a timing to do so!! Eating junk food, bread sandwiches of the Hospi canteen. Dehydrated, sleepless, drowsy, conked, heavy. First overloaded day of saturn Retrograde had commenced. Evening, battery conked off, was disconnected from planet earth. Returned back home thru extremely congested traffic.
Had some corn khichidi made by wife earlier at noon. Found it so comforting, as in comfort food, in the harsh gravity of retrograde. Retro encourages us to take solace in plainness, simplicity. Wotta day! Completelyzombified out! Need sleep!!