Friday, February 22, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 10- Homage to Masjid Moth Dargah

22nd Feb, Friday, Day 5, Annual Saturn Retro, 2013. I was just check Google analytics. Last few days, visits to each post of this blog has really bloomed. Much more than any previous posts of mine. Seems like I'm doing Something right by this LIVE update of Annual Saturn Retro, 2013. A period when Sun ruled people will blossom, bloom and Saturn ruled, like myself would regress, hibernate, go backwards.

Yesterday my friend Aftab had come over and we had gone to nearby Dargah located in the middle of Syed Jalalludin Chisti to pray. I always cross the Dargah to go to the weekly Tuesday ' Mangalbar Bazaar' across the BRT, at Shekh Sarai. While returning, hauling a bag full of weekly vegetables and munching on some boiled channa, I always take a moment to bow and give a mark of respect towards the Dargah. Sometimes, rarely, I drop in and offer my prayers. While we're hastily shifting to Vasant Kunj last year, I prayed to the Dargah. I said "After a long stay of  SEVEN years, we're being hastily deported out of 'Masjid' Moth' area because of circumstances. Out of your protective terrain. I could never pay proper tribute to you. Alas". Such were my exact words

Six months later AFTER having shifted to Vasant Kunj, through a strange, serpentine turn of events we had to RETURN to our EXACT same place at GK II. And I had to return to my EXACT same Tuesday routine of  procuring vegetables from the Mangalbar market. And exact same routine of  hauling a bagful of groceries from Mangal Bazaar. And while returning homewards, my customary nod, and bow of Tribute, as I crossed the Dargah.  So when my friend Aftab came, a devout follower of Islamic faith, I thought it befitting to visit the Dargah with him. And for the first time in SEVEN years, I offered incense sticks, flowers, offerings to the Dargah. I buried my head UNDER the shroud covering the Kabar and whispered my strange prayers. I always walk past it, EVERY WEEK  for the Last SEVEN YEARS and It's NOW, in the company of Aftab that I manage to cross the 20 feet of DISTANCE/ separation and Cross Over to the INSIDE of the Dargah. And where I could offer the proper prayers.It's in the stillness, pause of breath of Saturn Retrograde, that I managed to do this. In Deconstruction there is a postulate that states: familiar things by being familiar by nature are never examined, and hence never well known.". The perfect case for one's neighbours in the urban megapolis, whom we see everyday, but by virtue of familiarity, ignore or cross over. I am THANKFUL for the slowdown of my usual breathless urban bustle during this Saturn Retro period. And grant me the pace/ space to PAUSE and to pay PENDING tribute and heritage to the ever familair YET overtly important things in my immediate environment. Thanks to slow pace of Sturn Retrograde I could find time to pay homage to Masjid Moth, Syed Jalaluddin Chisti Awliyah Dragah. Jai Shanidev.