Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 11- Retro and The Outer Planets

In my earlier post: Saturn Retro 2013: 09- Monstrous Scale of Saturn Retro , I had written about discovering the wide, undiscovered, underlying influence of Saturn Retro upon most of my  thoughts and perceptions. Today I want to continue unraveling this Saturnine/ Saturn Retro influence regarding another area. The Outer Planets of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. In between, I had dedicated a LOT of effort describing these western Outer Planets. Some of the changed names of this blog was : Outer planets, Neptune Logs etc. I had especially focused on Neptune, and focused on my being a Neptune archetype. And wrote many pieces under "Neptune Logs"(check topic category: Log 05- Log 09).  Some Outer Planet links still remain, in  Page header "Notable Links & Mentions" above. But now, in retrospective, I feel, my true understanding of outer planets can be expressed  only after taking the Saturn Retro factor into the equation. Since, I'd got a lot of information from Howard Sasportas magnificent book: (click link): Uranus, Neptune, Pluto: The Gods of Change ), today, I'm re-interpreting Sasportas perspectives on the Outer Planets from the viewpoint of Saturn Retrograde. IT WAS exhausting doing this, but then, it's Saturn Retrograde, a time for massive research/reflection for me.  Read below...

1. Uranus and Saturn: In Greek mythology Cronus symbolizing castrates Uranus. Classicaly, Uranus represents new actions and directions and Saturn represents resistance, stagnation, slowness. During Saturn Retrograde, Saturn regresses back to the old myth of  rivalry/ opposition with Uranus. Inhibiting, resisting every new form of change. Hence during Saturn Retrograde, Saturn and Uranus Clash creating chaos. Old and New meet, conflict, fight, creating disruptive, explosive, and problematic results. But once Saturn becomes directional, Saturn and Uranus becomes friends and NEW BRIDGES are created between conventional attitudes and original, new, untried approaches. We can keep the best of the Old but, but gradually, gently, make room for new ideas, beliefs, goal, objectives, people and interests.  For Sun ruled people, this doesnt apply and in fact Saturn Retro's a great time for implement new ideas, new things! Jai Shanidev! Jai Indra (Uranus)!

2. Neptune and Saturn: Astrologically,  Neptune leans towards mystical, spiritual things, imagination, dreams, visions. and saturn stands for concreteness, practicality and common sense. During Saturn Retrograde, Saturn and Neptune come into great conflict and Saturnine subjects influence great struggle with social rules, orders, familial expectations. Our private, uncomfortable feelings, insecurities, weaknesses are brought into focus. Our egos take a battering and parts of ourselves, we repress or deny, emerge to the surface. Ideal time for regression! But once Saturn becomes directional, Saturn and Neptune becomes friends and the process begins, where we can, begin to translate creative expression into some sort of creative expression. New skills, techniques can be acquired, to overcome blocks. The scale of grand dreams are scaled down to human levels, becoming manageable endevours, achievable projects. The gap between extreme imagination/ fantasy and restrictive material reality is BRIDGED. And manageable, executable, acceptable projects commence! Gradually, inner thought gets outer expression and validity.  For Sun ruled people, this doesnt apply and, Saturn Retro's the ideal time to bridge the GAP between fantasy and reality. And BEGIN manageable projects!! Jai Shanidev! Jai Varun (Neptune)!

3. Pluto and Saturn: Vedically,  Pluto has been conferred the title of Raudra. And Raudra, the terrible avatar of Shiva's enraged form symbolizes revolutions, upheavals, breakdowns, Scorpionic emotions, visceral raw layers. During Saturn Retrograde, Saturnine and Plutonine tendencies come into great conflict!!Saturnine subjects masks, support structures, are ripped away and Saturnine's raw, vulnerable sides are exposed. The subjects inadequacies and lackings are acutely exposed. False ego structures are simply broken down, and defenses collapse! Buried, and suppressed emotions explode to the surface, and havoc ensues. Pure Catharsis of pending inner Karma! But once Saturn becomes directional, Saturn and Pluto becomes harmonious and one can focus on more broader, objective realities. There is a reunion with the public sphere in some manner. One can overlook ones personal, narrow, idiosyncrasies and conjoin the broader, greater existing structure of public, material domain. One naturally flows into a wider, larger, socio-economic structure. For Sun ruled people, the exact Opposite, and Saturn Retro's the ideal time to come out of your private wounds, vulnerabilities, complexes and join a larger existing structure of public, material, administrative domain. Emerge! Jai Shanidev! Jai  Raudra (Pluto)!