Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 07- Reviewing older Falls

Day 3. Since yesterday I've been here to visit my friend who got operated on Monday. Yesterday was here whole day at Sukhdev Vihar at his place. And night, went back to compile the comprehensive Annual Saturn Retro graph with detailed color coding. Today morning re-edited it before coming here. Feel like I'm moving backwards in Time! Today drowning in endless movies, especially John Carter of Mars. Concept is like Avataar and Last Sction Hero. Heroes belonging in a more exciting Realm somehow trapped in our lesser exciting mundane reality by circumstance. You can feel heaviness, gravity, after watching such movies. What Edgar Allan Poe calls the 'Lifting Of the veil' in his tale, House of Usher. The after effects, return to reality after the effects of colorful delusion has worn off! Bleak, empty, desolate, desert of the real. Perfect realm to be dwelling in this 3rd day of Annual Saturn Retro, 2013. I recall Saturn Retro 2009 when during Retro peak I accompanied my wife on her office trip to Paris. EVEN after my late guru, Astro T.N. Sarma had expired merely a few days earlier. I said YES, when I should have said NO. THE CLASSIC SATURN RETRO FATAL ERROR! Hundreds of websites on Saturn Retro say this over and over again, Just google it. I was in the Louvre museum on Wednesday, in the highest/ MOST ACUTE PHASE, I.e, Ultra Retro 2009. AND WHEN Saturn Directional later it was ONE LONG DOWNGOING journey for me! A long, deep, eternal Down-FALL. The word 'Fall' repeatedly thrust in my face thru two works: The Fall, a novel by Albert Camus, and The Fall by Tarsem Singh, an unimaginably Retrograde movie, by the maker of the Epically movie 'The Cell' starring Jennifer Lopez.
Informally, here and now I have begun the process of REVIEW/ REDEMPTION/ REGRESSION by talking/ reviewing about Retro 2009, the Paris Trip during Ultra Retro. Right now while I'm writing this out on my friends Tablet, movie Constantine stg Keanu Reeves is playing in front of me. A tale of demons, angels, heaven, hell. From this point onwards I'll merely narrate, without much formulation and explanation. Commence full force with the process of  REVIEW/ REDEMPTION/ REGRESSION. Identify former Saturn Retro seasons. And where I went wrong and what I had to undergo when later Saturn went Directional. Today, a client/ friend of my mine called up. She's the owner of one of the biggest Art Galleries in Delhi. But I was obviously lukewarm, blank, spaced, and NOT my usual peppy, energetic, enthusiastic self. At the end of our conversation, she was almost laughing at me. Here I am, trying to REVERSE the mistakes of prior Retro Seasons. And I think later from prior births also, heh, heh. After all, Nadi astrology did 'predict' my former life sins as a Kshatriyas warrior and my birth Nkashatra is Krittika, the first Solar constellation! Retrograde is the ONLY zone of purgation, purification, of former Solar mistakes. Regressing if only to clear out JUNK.