Thursday, February 21, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013: 09- Monstrous Scale of Saturn Retro

Day 4, Saturn Retro 2013, Thursday, 21st Feb. And my 4th continuing daily visit of my friend operated on very Day 1 of Saturn Retro, on Monday. From day 1 of  this Retro, I've continuously been visiting him, almost staying the whole day. Sitting in silence, watching TV on mute, as its ENT operation he went thru. Quiet, sullen, a daily routine has emerged out of nowhere, completely in sync with Retro Saturn 2013. Time seems so elongated when you're with patients. And I've accompanied quite a number of them in my lifetime. Been in hospital uncountable number of times. And the same silent, quiet, healing space. A time when time stretches. You listen to the sound of your breathing. And the quiet tap, tapping on the touch screen tablet. A virtual programmed noise, not mechanical. For Sun ruled people, NOW must be the heart of the action, battle at the FORE-front. While we Saturnines are pushed back into the far backwaters, backyards of  super-slowness. At least this year I'm beginning in complete SYNC with Saturn Retro. Last three days seem like a complete REPEAT/RE- TAKE of the same scene. Me sitting in the silence of my friends home at Sukhdev Bihar. Watching TV in mute. Sitting in utter and complete silence. Time seems to have completely Frozen. And in this frozen STILNESS, I find time to DISCOVER/COMPREHEND  something that has constantly been chewing me at the back of my mind, and NOW I find the comprehension to finally put it Down in Words. Comprehension regarding the VAST scope of Saturn Retrograde in/on/upon my life. Especially in my blogging, writing process...

ALL MY PREVIOUS uncountable, different Blog Titles and name changes which were to describe One and the other things, I find now, to have been completely influenced, DEPICTIVE of Saturn Retrograde!!  My first blog ever: 'At the Fringes, edges, margins', and whatever I was attempting to write in that, WAS all about dynamics, phenomenology, inherent in Saturn Retrograde. Then later uncountable terms, trying to describe my Ketu blog:  Crawls Pace, At Crawling pace, Serpent Tails, Erratic Tails, Long tails. Then the other blogs, groups titles: Frozen Time, Architecture of Frozen Time, Pending Karma, Fringes, Edges, Margins, Serpentine Trails, Spirals, Backwaters, Far backwaters. Then the creation of my 'Neptune' blog and the terms of its description: diffused boundaries, blurry edges, slippery margins, hazy nebulous diffusion,  it was all terms and underlying descriptions of ... Saturn Retrograde! Aloha!! Makes me wonder about the importance, underlying significance of Saturn Retrograde upon/ ON my life. On my perceptions, on my thoughts. Saturn Retrograde feels like H.P. Lovecrafts Ch'thulhu monsters. Primitive alien race underlying our very human history. Us, we, the human race were mere broiler chicken like feeds, per animals raised by them. TODAY, Saturn Retrograde feels like that. The Sheer underlying  monstrous Scale of it!!!